Tesla Charges Up 70th US Supercharger – Coast-to-Coast Trip Now Possible


Tesla Supercharger Map

Tesla Supercharger Map

Tesla Motors has just charged up its 69th and 70th US Supercharger sites.



There’s one site here that we see as vital to the coast-to-coast route:

Kingman, Arizona 

  • Kingman Supercharger
  • 789 W Beale St Kingman, AZ 86401
  • Charging Stalls – 6

The other site that just came online is in Syosset, New York

  • Syosset Supercharger
  • 7 Aerial Way Syosset, NY 11791
  • Charging Stalls – 4

We think the Kingman, AZ Supercharger now makes it just barely possible for free coast-to-coast Supercharger travel.

If we were Tesla CEO Elon Musk, we’d want to be the first to accomplish the feat, so we’re thinking Musk needs to hit the road soon.

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I wonder how long it would take two drivers to make the non-stop journey.


In an S85?
75mph for 200 miles legs (2:40) plus 40 minute stops, for a total of 3:20.
200mi / 3:20 is 60mph. That used to be the speed limit. 🙂

In an S60?
75mph for 150 mile legs (2:00) plus 40 minute stops, for a total of 2:40.
150mi / 2:40 = 56mph.

You can use the same formula a LEAF with Chademos and get 40mph.

Of course, you don’t count the added time to recharge at your final destination, so your effective speed is faster for trips of just a few hops. This in (addition to the need to install more perfectly spaced chargers) is why shorter range is bad.

Actually, LEAF is more like 30mph. I was getting 40mph when I was neglecting the final charge time on trips less than several hops. Like I said, the ability to not count the final charge when you reach your destination (and presumably stop for a couple hours!) ups the overall trip speed markedly.

I think one young driver that knows how to cat nap and can get by on 25% of his total time sleeping could do it at the same speed by sleeping while charging 🙂

Google maps says 53hrs of driving, so add in charging time.


So, 53 h for 3,559 miles. (I guess that doesn’t include any stop at gas stations…)

– Model S 85: stop (in average) 40 min every 200 miles.
Detract one (we don’t consider charging before starting and after arriving, therefore there is one charging less than legs):
17.795-1=16.795 x 40 min=11 h 12 min for charging
Total time: about 64 h

– Model S 60: stop (in average) 40 min every 150 miles
23.73-1=22.73 x 40 min=15 h 10 min for charging
Total time: about 68 h

So, about 4 h more with a 60.
That’s because the assumptions (taken from Anderland’s comment – thanks!) imply slower charging (kW) for the 60 (3/4 the charging speed – or power – of the 85).
By the way, Anderland, I like very much you “rule of thumb”.
For this calculation, I thought starting from a calculated time (53 h) rather than considering a base constant speed of 75 mph (excellent anyway) would have yielded a bit more accurate results. Don’t know what you think…

It is possible just with one SC in Pennsylvania? that leg should have more SC though.

Google Maps says it’s only 185 miles between Cleveland & Somerset. And it’s only 246 miles between Somerset & Newark. So if he does a range-charge in Somerset, he should be OK.

Although not a SC, there is a Tesla specific charger in KOP at the mall.

That will be irrelevant soon, the Cranberry Township, PA Supercharger is under construction, right at the junction of I-79 and I-76

That should do it – 246 miles is REALLY pushing it…you’d have to reduce speed to about 60mph in addition to waiting an additional half-hour to completely charge the battery before you made that leg of the trip!

OH, wait, Cranberry is on the other side…they still need an SC between Somerset and Delaware…yeesh.

Me thinks Hagerstown, MD needs to go online at least before the transcontinental trip can be made. Cranberry, PA would also be nice.

I wonder if someone will do it before Elon does?

I wonder where the white Model X is? If it left Space X the day Cheyenne went live, it could be hours away from Detroit as we speak.

I know where it wasn’t.. at the Detroit Auto Show :'(

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Pennsylvania still looks like a stretch, it really could use a couple more sites to fill those gaps in.

Agreed. But then, they could choose an overnight somewhere there with an L2 charge, to be on the safe side.

Regardless, in a couple of week max this will be moot. A marvelous accomplishment for Tesla!

Just a hunch, but I assume Elon will try to do this on Superchargers only.

Most likely, since they are free, and that’s part of the draw…

Just thought of a funny scenario for a movie: Intrepid Model S owner gets the wild
hair to BE THE FIRST to cross the country using exclusively the Supercharger network –
Enter Elon Musk who promised the world he would pack his family in one of his cars and
do the same.( Note: Y’know, I don’t ever remember him stating that he would BE THE FIRST
to do so – with his family. I just remember he said he would do so this winte )r…But it’s still a fun storyline……
So here is this guy, alone with water bottles and pee cans – he’s taking cat naps at charging
stations and drinking Starbucks and downing Red Bulls – Musk sees him and the race begins! There could be funny scenes with Musk in a black ski mask creeping up to
unplug the guy’s car – It would be a scream! Musk thinks he’s got the race won, and
suddenly, with finish line in sight, remembers he’s left one of his kids in a restroom
back in Philly!…. lol

Cannonball run

No “Golden Charger” celebration? Cute PR photo-op lost.

Perhaps they still have one planned.

what do you mean golden?

I would probably dot the next few along Albuquerque Oklahoma St Louis so there is a less colonic route between LA and NY.
Looks like 7 or 8 could bridge that gap. And maybe in low traffic sites they could get away with a smaller cheaper station with 2 bays and lesser power hookup. Maybe 80kW shared between two bays and a deal with existing parking location where you may not have to pay for the land. A willing partner. Maybe even a business where they have serious power already and you could get away with no transformer installations at all.
Who goes to Albuquerque anyway other than witsec 🙂

In a pinch you could get away with 40kW so a charge takes 1½ hours. Better than nothing.