Tesla Charges Up Two More Superchargers In Germany


“Two more Superchargers are now open in Germany: Gramschatzer Wald and Lutterberg. Together with the Supercharger in Aichstetten, the whole route from Zurich and Munich to Hannover is now connected.”

Says Tesla Motors of the Supercharger network in Germany.

Here’s a close up look at where those Superchargers are positioned.

Zoomed In View Of Tesla Supercharger Sites In Germany

Zoomed In View Of Tesla Supercharger Sites In Germany

And here’s a list of all of the Superchargers in Europe that are currently open.

Current Supercharger Sites In Europe

Current Supercharger Sites In Europe

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It’s three now! 🙂

So charging is only allowed for 30 minutes and it’s not banned to park there for any other cars. Complete wrong done.
The legal correct signage would be parking ban with an exception for charging or signage, that this is private property of Tesla for customers use only.

Tesla does not own the property where the Superchargers are situated.

Whether to ban or tow other cars is up to the property owners.

Buying the property in convenient locations would make rolling out the Supercharger network much more costly and time consuming.

Sweet, still a hole between Denmark and southern Germany. Please fill ASAP.

Still <> in Sweden, and six in Norway. (Might be because it’s ‘free’ there) The Tesla is an EV that’s ment to be used for local commuting, but it has a big-a$$ battery that allows it to do longer trips. Still, you shouldn’t make many detours to the scenic roads before you have to return to the big routes..
When an EV will do with one charge per month, I will buy one, not before..