Tesla Charges Up 2 More Superchargers in Europe


Tesla Supercharger Count

Tesla Supercharger Count

“Europe, start planning your Summer road trips!”

“Our Superchargers in Vienna, Austria and Irxleben, Germany have just gone live.”

States Tesla Motors.

For those keeping track, Tesla now has 16 operational Superchargers in Europe, plus 89 in the U.S. and even 2 in China.ย  The grand tally now stands at 107 open Superchargers.

At least 5 more Superchargers are “under construction” in the US and 2 in Europe.

Add in those “coming soon” Superchargers in Canada and we begin to see that Tesla’s efforts to get Superchargers in operation encompass expand well beyond the US.

List of Superchargers in Europe

List of Superchargers in Europe

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Too few. Not placed on main routes.

Oh, they are just getting started.

And with the range of Model S, you don’t need many. (Of course you need the 85KWH Model S though.)

Depends on the country.

In Germany, where 90mph is average on the highway, and 100mph standard cruising speed for cars in that segment, many sc will be needed.

Or to put it another way, without many sc, german drivers will not consider an s.

48 Model S registered in April in Germany, 18 in France. The numbers speak for themself.

Yes, a few who see that the s is a viable alternative to bmws and mercs.

But they were also promised many sc by Musk.
I would guess many of those sales would not have been made without that promise.

At least you live up to your name SurpriseCat ๐Ÿ˜‰

You misspelled the name ๐Ÿ™ (S)he is ‘Suprise Cat’. , not Surprise.

But it’s surprising, even with almost 100 SC in US, sales have plateaued for Tesla.

A new auto manufacturer enters the market without the assistance of a parent company. It enters with a brave new technology and makes an award winning vehicle that breaks all sorts of performance, technology, and safety standards. It has a vision of providing charging stations whose cost is fixed as it is built into the price of the automobile. Such a concept has never been attempted in the history of transportation. Rudolph Diesel probably would have helped farmers realize such a dream with peanut oil but unfortunately he drowned.

In less than two years this new company launches the first 100 SCs that easily cost $100,000 per station. As every car manufacturer, it launches the first round round the home manufacturing base, but aggressively sets in motion a commitment to enter other major markets. And while being the FIRST manufacturer to provide fixed cost fueling for life, and in the middle of the launch the competition whines “Too few. Not placed on main routes.”

The two known Supercharger locations under construction in Europe:
– Regensburg
– South Mimms

The first launch year showed 10 SCs in the US.
The European launch year produced 15 SCs.
Who really knows how many will be operational through 2014 but it seems like a minor amount of patience is in order. IMO, still visionary way ahead of what any other auto company has ever produced within the same time frame.

What hapend to the one in kopenhagen?

it wasn’t supercharger construction site there. Some company laying fiber
Internet. I think that’s the reason for confusion.

Not sure where the disconnect is but Tesla’s Asia Supercharger map shows the two stations in the Shanghai area. The linked IsideEVs story details a solar charged one in Beijing. Is there actual 3 open, was the older story inaccurate, or is the Beijing location not officially open yet?

Hmm…Don’t know. In that story it mentions that the one in Beijing is a mobile station that you could easily disassemble and transport elsewhere. While the other is a fixed structure. So, maybe that is what they did, took it apart and moved the one in Beijing over to Shanghai.

I couldn’t have stated it better, Mark H. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

The one SC in Vienna “covers” 5 countries. Just a sanity check.