Tesla To Charge For Premium Connectivity After Free Year Starting July 1

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Tesla will require a nominal fee for premium internet services in cars purchased on or after July 1, however, every vehicle gets one free year.

We anticipate mixed opinions on Tesla’s new tiered connectivity options. Fortunately, current owners and those that order before the deadline will keep all connectivity features that they’ve come to enjoy for free for the life of the vehicle. After the date, all new owners will still get Standard Connectivity for free, so you’re covered for the basics, including maps, navigation, over-the-air updates through Wi-Fi, firmware updates that require cellular data, and Bluetooth-based music and media streaming via your smartphone.

The paid Premium Connectivity Package gets you the in-car streaming music and media, over-the-air updates through cellular data, and satellite maps with live traffic visualizations.

Essentially, the necessities are covered by the free plan and you can use Wi-Fi for those that are not. This isn’t unlike many cell phone plans, nor is it different from several automakers’ packages and upgrades. Additionally, according to Teslarati, Tesla will likely only charge $100 per year for the upgraded services (~$8 per month).

If you are a current Tesla owner or purchase your Tesla vehicle between now and June 30, you will get the premium internet services for free for the life of your car. If you wait to place your order until July 1 or later, you will have to pay if you want the premium services. However, Tesla is giving them to all new owners free for the first year.

While $100 for the entire year may not be very much money for many people, there are still potential owners complaining about this change. This is especially due to the fact that it was discovered via another “leaked” email on June 23, just one week before the change will be made. The email went to Tesla salespeople, not owners, which makes sense since current owners are not impacted by the changed. It will only apply to new owners that purchase on or after July 1, and this will be communicated to new owners when their order is placed.

With the automaker’s push to become profitable, adjustments like this make sense. The fact that Tesla is not charging more, is offering a free year and is assuring that all necessary features remain in place are all positives. However, the company has made a reputation of applying these type of last-minute changes (we won’t even talk about Supercharger access), especially near the end of a quarter, in an attempt rake in a massive amount of orders over a short time.

The new internet packages apply to the Tesla Model 3, S, and X.

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(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Basic free for me.

Why stop there, why not have a hot-spot service? Remote camera access with cloud DVR? Subscription video service? Open up that second onboard SD card for user storage?

Yeah, just like phone companies. Charge for services like this and car companies could have a steam of income throughout the life of the car.
This could lead to selling cars at a lower price or give it away for free. Just like the phone companies.

Except that eight bucks a month becomes a significant sum relative to the price of a phone over a few years. Sure, this might lead to cars being sold for $200 less… but if you imagine this is enough to start giving out cars for free, you’re a little bit unrealistic.

The cost would not only be for internet, could also be for other stuff. a monthly cost for transportation, internet, cloud, music, movies, etc. which could also be transferred to your mobile devices. just saying….

I hope it’ll be like free unlimited Supercharging for the earlier cars: good for the life of the car and transferable if sold. That’ll be a good selling point for older cars.

Did somebody really expect something else? E.g. the flat rate for service at home was already canceled some years ago… (so now at least 100EUR resp. 1EUR/km).

The funny thing is, that the SIM cards seems to be disabled for ever if not used for some years. That happened with some of my old prepaid SIMs. And also seems to be an issue for dedicated mobile navigation systems and for build-in car entertainment.
The SIM has to be replaced then – but obviously the car manufacturers don’t think of that in development time…


It will still be used. It won’t be deactivated just because it hadn’t been used to stream music.

If they had CarPlay and Android auto living with basic would be easy. But they don’t. And now they think we should pay the same as we do for Netflix, which allows us to stream anywhere and on multiple screens concurrently, just to be able to stream music in the car.

It’s not a huge sum of money, but I think this is a cheap shot.

It’s annoying. If I get a brand new Tesla in 2019, and that’s the earliest that might be possible, then I’ll still have to fiddle with Spotify on my phone to listen to a song in 2020. In any of the competitors cars I would be able to run Spotify on the screen in the car via android auto. And of course thousands of other apps.

What if you order, configure and pay the $2,500 before July 1st but don’t actually get delivery or secure the car loan before then? In other words does an order, configure with down payment count as a “purchase”?

We understand it as ordered, so yes, if you’ve placed the order, configured, and paid your $2,500, you should be fine. However, Tesla has not fully clarified this. Also, those that waited in line on March 31 and put a deposit on the Model 3 but are waiting for AWD can’t order. This is because the AWD configurator is not open. It’s assumed that it will be reopened before July 1, but we’re not sure on that either. I spoke with Tesla at length today and clarified as much as I could in the article. However, there are still some gray areas. I asked if they could please send us a detailed email when these type of changes happen so that we aren’t relying on a “leaked” email from another site. A press release of some sort from the automaker would clarify such situations. I requested that they provide that in the future as well. I explained that the reason there is so much misinformation and gray area is that there is rarely official correspondence from Tesla in advance of these constant leaks. The only way we know any of these details is via a leaked email that we aren’t… Read more »

short on cash?


Turn on the hotspot feature on your phone. Done.