Tesla CHAdeMO Adapter Finally On Sale In Hong Kong

AUG 12 2015 BY ALEX WAI 6

CHAdeMo adapter for Model S

CHAdeMo adapter for Model S

Tesla is now selling the CHAdeMO adapter for HKD3,500 (USD $449) in Hong Kong.

Update (Aug 12): According to Tesla, the adapter requires no official certification for local use.

Besides the 8 Tesla Supercharger locations, there are a total of 11 CHAdeMO quick charger stations located in various locations throughout the city, which Tesla owners can now use with the adapter.

CHAdeMO Adapter

CHAdeMO Adapter

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6 Comments on "Tesla CHAdeMO Adapter Finally On Sale In Hong Kong"

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No Wai! 😉

Wonder if they are going to sell more than 11… 😉

This will help Tesla with the lines at the Supercharger centers. Since many people in HK don’t have home chargers, I have read they have bad lines at the Supercharger stations around lunch.

Now these lines are at every superchargers in HK

What an odd design. I wonder why they made it so long?

I agree, a bit odd looking. But being a Tesla product, I’m sure there’s a reason of some sort.

To keep the chademo connection point from scuffing against the car body?