Tesla CEO Responds To Model 3 Poll: “We May Need To Increase Production”


55% Said "Oui"

55% Said “Oui”

Just because there isn’t enough Model 3 hype to get you through the next 48 hours ahead of the Model 3 reveal Thursday night at 8:30 (PT), Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk has you covered – this time responding to a CNBC poll entitled:

“Would you put a $1,000 deposit on a Tesla Model 3?”

With 55% (of ~15,000 respondents at time of press) saying that not only will they put down a deposit, but they will follow through on the buy, Musk couldn’t help but pass along the good news.

…on Twitter of course!

Hat tip to Josh B!

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62 responses to "Tesla CEO Responds To Model 3 Poll: “We May Need To Increase Production”"
  1. Get Real says:

    Bring on the haters/short sellers.

    They are circling the bowl now!

    1. AlanSqB says:

      Shorts have to get a day job now. Taco Bell hiring.

      1. bro1999 says:

        CA just raised the minimum wage to $15/hr…..go shorts!

        1. Ocean Railroader says:

          Them raising the minimum wage to $15.00 has now opened the door to a large used car market. In that now there will be tens of thousands of people looking for a used car for under $14,000 which could lead to people buying electric cars.

          Now if they could raise the minimum wage to $11.00 in Virginia with it’s skyrocketing cost of living and rampant rising Appalachian poverty I would be able to go out and buy a electric car.

        2. Nelson says:

          Great news. Now all the government employees who get paid from tax revenue can also get a raise. Thanks to the $ increase from income tax revenue. Maybe that’s why politicians never ask businesses to reduce their prices so that current minimum wage workers pay can go further. We must support price increases for the sake of higher paid politicians.

          NPNS! SBF!

    2. Steven says:

      Haven’t heard from See Through in a while, have we?

  2. KumarP says:

    Yeah baby!

  3. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

    “Looks like we may need to increase production plans for the Model 3”

    Hey, maybe we should make company plans for ramping up production as fast as possible over the next few years.

    Oh, wait… we’re already doing that. Nevermind!

    Hypity-hype hype HYPE hypehype

  4. Anon says:

    I’m actually shocked at the LACK OF HYPE. Or LEAKED IMAGES, or LEAKED ___ANYTHING___ in regards to this mysterious electric marvel…

    I got the 31st off, just to watch all the online fun. Should be entertaining. 🙂

    1. Aaron says:

      That IS impressive, especially since you can see parts of the newest iPhone months before it hits the market. Apple would love to have this much secrecy leading up to a product launch.

      1. Speculawyer says:

        Yeah, pretty much no one but the design engineers have seen the Model 3 according to a worker at the Tesla factory. I think very few if any people at the Fremont factory or Sparks Gigafactory know much about it. Only the people at the Palo alto & Hawthorne facilities.

      2. MikeG says:

        You can’t keep the lid on smartphones or other electronics that requires FCC approval–you must submit details for the items to get approval and this is public record.

      3. Anon says:

        Just starting to see some incoming 12th hour type stuff that is likely credible, here:


        Still, you’re right. Apple’s got nothin’ on Tesla in terms of tight lips.

  5. evcarnut says:

    Ok, I need this car Now ! can’t wait ! I got to have it ! Where do I sign ! If we keep this Up, There may be a PRICE INCREASE before there is a Model3..ha!. L 0 L

    1. Ken says:

      Don’t joke about that! When i put down $99 to reserve my Leaf in 2010, it was $32,780. When i finally got it in 2012, it cost me $35,200 because my state (NJ) was not in the initial rollout and i couldn’t purchase a 2011, only a 2012.

      1. evcarnut says:

        Yea, l better stop joking about that ! last thing we need is to put a Hex on this thing , or the rebates1

    2. wavelet says:

      There’ll be a basic $35K version, so noone can say Tesla upped the price, but mysteriously only 5 will be sold… in 2025.

      1. flmark says:

        Let’s not forget the S40 and the X70 which disappeared before ever materializing. The bottom end disappeared without fanfare before; it can happen again…but only if that bottom end had little demand (would be my guess, anyway)

        1. Jay Cole says:

          Just offering without comment.

          The X70D actually wasn’t removed – it still exists as it always has.

          There was some talk in the forums about the illustrated graphic outlining the 70D going missing after a Tesla site upgrade and what it could mean…some media (not us), decided that was good enough to confirmation/speculate it was gone, which lead to some understandable confusion.

          In truth, the X70D never actually left the order screen (for those of us who can access it), and the spec/graphic that was missing, was updated/added back in a few hours later on the public page.

  6. Jychevyvolt says:

    I guess Elon is nervous just like the rest of us. Reservation is only 1-1/2 days away and only one guy in Australia is standing in line.

    1. Wraithnot says:

      Lines (and tents) are starting to sprout up in North America now:

    2. ItsNotAboutTheMoney says:

      Maybe because most people are rational enough to know that because it’s just reservation, and the order you get it is actually based on what Tesla thinks will get them more money.

      You don’t see queues for people to get on a list for an iThing either.

      1. jelloslug says:

        That’s only because there are no preorder deposits for the next ithing.

  7. Mister G says:

    Where are the pics of model 3? The wait is killing me lol

  8. Reddy says:

    Hmmm, what should Tesla do when there is more demand than expected? Follow BMW’s lead?

  9. jstack6 says:

    I’m getting in line and will but one or maybe EVen 2 if we are allowed. I also own Tesla stock that has been very good. I bought more when it took a quick dip a while back. I LOVE TESLA =D—————–

  10. Joeski1 says:

    I won’t be in any line..I’ll be out driving my model S 90D which like all Teslas.. can be ordered online… why would anyone wait out in a line?? Are they buying I phones?? Ridiculously stupid. Click my link twice for my web page on newjerseygasprices com

    1. Wraithnot says:

      The lease will be up on our in BMW i3 (my wife’s commuter car) in October 2017 so if spending a few hours in line gets us the Model 3 a month or two closer to when the i3 lease is up then it will be well worth it. The Tesla S85 will still be our family road trip car. But it’s not really suited to parking in the tiny spots common in many parts of San Francsico.

  11. LOL says:

    Guess the competition is not gonna like that at all and probably resort to only area that Tesla haven’t covered yet – wireless charging. That’s the reason why Merc and BMW are so fervently investing into that, hoping to manage to fend Tesla off. Therefore Tesla will unveil just some tidbits on March 31st and save the cream for later on. Say, somewhere around Christmas announce they have made significant progress in production readying for the Model 3 and possibly make first deliveries as soon as January-March 2017. Now, that would be a revelation, not to mention gratefulness of American buyers being in a position to nab that $ 7.500 federal tax credit, before it is phased out. Go, go, go, Tesla go !

  12. Priusmaniac says:

    23 hours to go in Brussels. I can’t wait to reserve and get rid of oil once and for all now, especially with those bomb nuts financed by it.

  13. Just_chris says:

    So there was a survey that asked would you buy a model 3, multiple choice:

    Yes and I’ll put down a deposit
    Yes, I’ll put down a deposit and then probably buy it
    Yes, I won’t put down a deposit but I will buy it when it comes out

    Why are people surprised that everyone said yes? 15k people saying they’d buy something is great but really I wouldn’t get too excited about it, I am assuming that more than that will actually put down a deposit today.

    1. Brian says:

      There were “No” options too…

      1. Just_Chris says:

        sorry, my bad, I didn’t realize the image had been cropped until I took a second look. This whole story makes more sense now.

        I still think that we’ll get a better sense of the market in the next 48 hrs as people put real money down.

        1. kdawg says:

          If given the survey, I would have checked “Still not sure”. I think I’ll keep my $1000 and wait to see how all this pans out. I don’t need a new car any time soon, and before I put money down, or even say “Yes” on a survey, I need to see what the car looks like, its options, and what the out the door price would be.

  14. Delta says:

    Elon has Twitter completely figured out and can build the frenzy at will. Just imagine what would happen if he tweeted that the first 100,000 deposits are $1000 but then the price goes up!

    He could anounce that one of the depositors will win a free Tesla 3.

    He could even cap the pre registrations at 150,000 until production begins.

    He can do whatever he wants because there are.no rules…

  15. Ziv says:

    Are we going to see a picture of an actual prototype or pre-production vehicle, or a rendering of what the car will look like, or a teaser shot of the hood/taillight?

    I think the III is going to be a great car, but I don’t think we will see more than a handful in 2017 at the most. And I don’t think you will see one sell for $35,000 until late in 2018. But when they get around to selling base model III’s it is going be raining BEV’s.

    1. kdawg says:

      I thought they were going to give test rides at the reveal?

      1. Ziv says:

        I hadn’t heard that. I hope it is correct.

  16. kdawg says:

    Question to Inside EVs; have you noticed internet traffic picking up for your website, the closer we get to the Model 3 reveal? It seems like a lot of people that were oblivious to electric vehicles are now tuning in.

    1. Jay Cole says:

      The Model 3 is definitely helping out with exposure of the segment to the general public, but percentage-wise it isn’t like the “old days” when we were moving from near complete ignorance of a ~few thousand on the road worldwide in 2010 to 50k in 2011 to 125k in 2012.

      We now have ~1.5 million EVs out there, so maybe the Model 3 has increased overall exposure of the segment a magnitude of ~5%. I don’t think it is more than that. (This week there is obviously a greater pop than that in raw traffic to the site…but that is a short term thing)

      I will say, it is hard to split out, because the segment is still growing very fast overall (sales up ~70% last year), so we have to take that number out of the equation first.

      The question is how many people are now following EVs because of the Model 3…but weren’t already drawn in by Tesla’s accomplishments on the Model S and X?

      The real gains (in true interest in the segment) will likely come after the car debuts, when “new” people say “hey that is a Tesla I can afford” (hopefully) and of course when the actual cars hit the road.

      Getting back to an older story here (by David), something like the new Prius Prime will probably “increase the base” much faster/wider than the 3. Not that exciting an offering to those fully “in the know” today, but it is a plug-in that will be put in front of (and seriously consider by) many more new eyeballs with that product.

      1. kdawg says:

        I agree the Prius Prime will probably increase actual ownership experience more-so than the Model 3. I think Model 3 will increase ‘desire’ for EV ownership more though. Once a plethora of people find out about it (as it is making headlines in mainstream media now more than ever), people will lust over the new iPhone equivalent of automobiles. Especially if it is within reach of their pocketbooks. Most will not actually buy the product, but the seed has been planted, and it may be sown in the next car purchase go-around. This could be something such as a Prius Prime, Nissan Leaf, a Chevy Volt/Bolt, or whatever car company the person is comfortable with.

      2. carcus says:

        I think if Tesla can bring “level 3” autonomy in the model 3 for a reasonable price (under $45,000(?)) they’ll have far more orders than they can handle.

        (my interpretation of level 3 is that once you get up on the highway, you can just sit and play with your phone)

        “Level 3: The driver can fully cede control of all safety-critical functions in certain conditions. The car senses when conditions require the driver to retake control and provides a “sufficiently comfortable transition time” for the driver to do so.”

  17. Texas FFE says:

    I’m not sure how much this survey reflects actual demand. It’s possible that many of the people surveyed had already made up their minds to buy Tesla but those that weren’t interested in Tesla or didn’t know anything about Tesla might have shied away from the survey. All this media frenzy is generated by Tesla which has provided teasers but not any real information on the Model 3.

    GM didn’t provide any information that they were coming out with a 200 mile EV until the actual Bolt concept was revealed. The media frenzy for the Bolt didn’t start until there actually was a Bolt. We will see Friday if the hype is justified or just hot air.

    1. HVACman says:

      Exactly. The tweet is Elon once-again playing the media game perfectly to maximize free publicity. I’m sure even now, with the Bolt in full pre-production-mode and on-schedule to deliver for-retail-sale units to dealers late this year,that GM’s manufacturing arm is NOT basing estimated Bolt sales/production volumes on simplistic polls like this. The results of the real marketing surveys are kept close-to-the-vest.

    2. “GM didn’t provide any information that they were coming out with a 200 mile EV until the actual Bolt concept was revealed.” And the BOLT Concept was shown 1st – about 2 years before the first deliveries are expected, and…they did not even announce a commitment to make it until some 3-4 months after showing the concept!

      Also, the Tesla Roadster pushed them to make the First VOLT, and the Model S, along with the hint or threat of Tesla’s coming Model 3, pushed them to make the ELR, followed up by the Bolt!

      It’s not as if they were bringing back a better looking EV1 and some guys in Silicon Valley thought….”Hey, we could make an EV too!”

      GM could today get a ton of media buzz if they were into EV’s half as much as readership here…just announce they would be bringing back an updated EV1 with 250 miles AER, that would be for sale nationwide, and be on dealer lots, by Summer 2017!!

      They could multiply that buzz with a simple change of attitude stating that they would start investing 100 Million $ a year for the next 5 years, in EV Fast Charging Infrastructure, plus 20 Million $ per year for years, helping companies install workplace charging stations!

      THAT WOULD be Newsworthy of them, especially if They followed thru!

      1. Stimpacker says:

        Yes, they could do all that only to see defeat snatched from the jaws of victory…

        One word – AUTO DEALERS.

        Their dealers would push pickup trucks and SUVs, steering customers away from EVs. Those are very profitable for their primary business – Service Dept.

        Even if a GM EV actually were to sell well (aka demand), then the dealers would torpedo sales by applying markup. They’d markup anything that sells a little bit better than average.

        If GM were to follow Nissan’s example of putting EV chargers at dealerships, they’d get customers frustrated at frequently blocked access (by dealer closing, ICEd or hogging the spots).

        1. ^^^^^^^^
          GM’s dealers are the “poison pill” of their hybrid and EV sales. GM really does’t care either. They hope this “EV thing” just goes away somehow.

      2. Texas FFE says:

        I think you’re distorting the facts to support your bias. If anything Tesla is playing catch up to GM. GM has sold 90,000 plugins to Tesla’s 50,000.

        There only about 1900 Rodsters sold, that’s hardly a number GM would envy. The Volt came out a good six months before the Model S so it ludicrous to suggest that the Volt was built to complete against the Model S. Most of the EVs were built to comply with the CARB standards and had nothing to do with what Tesla was doing.

        To suggest that GM built the Bolt because Tesla was talking about the Model 3 is also ludicrous. If anything Tesla had to push ahead their plans for the Model 3 because the Bolt is going into production. I still don’t think the value of the Model 3 is going to be anywhere near the value of the Bolt unless Tesla decouples the cost of the Supercharger network from the cost of the Model 3.

        GM is making about $9 billion in yearly profits right now. GM could build half a dozen gigafactories if they wanted just using cash on hand without having to barrow. Tesla is still having to barrow just to make monthly expenditures.

        To say that GM, which sells 19 million vehicles worldwide every year, is following Tesla, which only sells 50,000 worldwide every year, in anything is a joke. I admire what Tesla has done even though I don’t like how they did it. I think Tesla is a very risky, although exciting, experiment and we are still a very long ways from knowing whether this experiment will succeed.

  18. Benz says:

    Most of the reservations in the first 24 hours will come from people from California.

    1. Speculawyer says:

      Yes, I’m pretty sure there will be many thousands from California. Having a number of Tesla stores will help.

  19. Mister G says:


  20. Jeff Songster says:

    Super cool news provided they ship on time. The folks at GM appear poised and ready to give Tesla a run for their money if the BOLT is actually a great car… the Renault/Nissan Folks are ready to push hard on the lower end models at the 150 to 200 mile ranges which could be a great sector if they match it with decent price cuts. If the 150 milers can be priced under 20K and the 200+ somewhat above 30K 2017-18 should be a great time for EVs.

    1. MTN Ranger says:

      Once longer range (200+ mile) and $30k priced EVs arrive, most manufacturers will be able to participate. The larger potential buyer pool due to lower prices will demand more variety. It will not be a winner-take-all world. Take the mid-priced sedan ICE market, a dozen different brands battle for their share. Though, the companies at the forefront, including Tesla, GM, Nissan and BMW will probably benefit the most.

    2. BraveLilToaster says:

      You say that as if there’s absolutely no space in this marketplace for EVs. Consider it vastly different from that. Consider that the longer-range cars will open up an entirely different segment of the market from before. Like 1000% more potential buyers.

      In which case, there’s more than enough room for Nissan, Tesla, GM, Ford, Toyota, Kia, Mazda, and Honda to all make about 5 different models of EVs and still talk about production constraints.

  21. Ian says:

    Just read a post from popular mechanics…if the leak is true it looks really good for the model 3.

    1. IZerreg says:

      Dude, don’t leave us stranded at the drive-in, so to speak! Let us in on the scoop??

      1. Ian says:

        Posted a link last night and was deleted…I tried.

  22. Nix says:

    I just had a random conversation with a random coworker who stopped by my office. He saw I was on the Tesla website, and said he was going over at lunch tomorrow to put down a deposit.

    So weird. He’s never said anything about green anything. Drives a BMW.

    1. BraveLilToaster says:

      Hehe. The optimism in that statement. Like the lineup won’t be well over an hour long. 🙂

  23. BraveLilToaster says:

    I couldn’t help but notice that the CNBC poll doesn’t seem to have an answer for “I will never buy an electric car”, thus slanting the poll in favour of people who would.

    However, personally I think that given 5 to 10 years, the “nevers” will change their tune.

    1. Speculawyer says:

      Without a doubt that they’ll change their tune within 5 to 10 years. As battery prices come down and gasoline prices go back up, everyone will be looking at plug-ins. The die-hards will ease into it with a plug-in hybrid.