Tesla CEO Musk Hints at Future Vehicles by Saying “If It Moves, We’ll Make It”


Musk on stage at the Model S battery swap demo

Musk on stage at the Model S battery swap demo

A few days back, Tesla CEO Elon Musk told Bloomberg that production of the Model S is now clipping along at a rate of over 400 units per week.

Tesla Model X Reveal

Tesla Model X Reveal

That was the “news,” but there’s more that Musk told Bloomberg.

As we already knew, Tesla’s factory in California has a few million square feet of unused space, but that square footage might not sit unoccupied for too long.

Musk told Bloomberg that at some point in the future, the Tesla factory will be pumping out 500,000 vehicles per year.  That’s precisely how many units could of came out the doors of the factory back when General Motor and Toyota jointly owned it under the NUMMI name.

Musk was short on details, but he did say this:

“We are going to have every kind of car you could possibly imagine.  If it moves, we’ll make it.”

Next up for Tesla in the Model X, followed by that third-generation low-cost BMW 3-Series fighter.  After that, it’ll likely be the next-gen Roadster that appear and that could well be followed by an electric truck that Musk has discussed on several occasions. Beyond that, it’s all guesses as to what comes next.

Source: Bloomberg

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Musk said during his Teslive talk/Q&A that the comment was more of a joke and he was not intended it being a quote. He has already requested a clarification be added to the Bloomberg publication. I am still not sure what he really meant by the statement or his clarification at Teslive.

Even if Musk was joking, I still could easily see Tesla at least developing a 5-seat Crossover built on the upcoming Bluestar chassis, with family resemblance to bigger brother Model X. It could /would compete in the hot mid-size crossover segment, (think Equinox). Such a vehicle would seem to be an easier project than an all-electric truck.

“…how many units could of came out the doors…”

You make English teachers cry.

I’ve had to force myself to intentionally ignore Eric’s grammar and spelling, for my own sanity. I try to focus on his admittedly prolific output in order to trick myself into believing that quantity is quality.

rather scathing criticism 🙂

Yes I don’t believe I know that conjafugation.

^ bluestar is made up by tesla owners on tesla motors club, not going to be the name of it

True, but it sure sounds cooler than “Gen III”

Oooh, I want a Tesla lawnmower! 😉

I believe this is a mistake. For Tesla to make oversized super moron vehices like an electric F150. First of all, who would you sell it to? Morons who buy F150s are typically averse to intelligent things. And intelligent people don’t buy such vehicles.
On top of that, a moronic wasteful vehicle like that requires a shit ton of batteries which leads to a strain on the business model even worse than the gargantuan mistake it was to make model S weigh 2.1ton.
Who are you going to sell a 100000$ electric pickup to?

F150? I was gonna joke that this must make the F350 dual-axle QuadCab the super moron “family car” then. But, then I realized, I’ve still only ever seen one moron at a time driving around in those too. I especially like it when the put the “big rig” smokestacks on the back of the cab too.

They could sell it to companies which need such vehicles in their fleet of work-trucks; however they would not sell many as the majority of buyers are private customers who do not need them, or super morons as you stated 😉

But if they were going to anyway, it would certainly be good to place it after a re-vamped roaster on the future list, as many reductions of the kWh price would be necessary to avoid the prohibitive, but probably conservative, price you named…

Maybe Elon will finally make a tilting, enclosed 3-wheeled EV. Nobody else seems to have the stones to do it.

“could of came”

Ouch. That hurt my ears and eyes.

Does anyone know what Elon meant by saying that they will make all kinds of cars in Teslive. Could that be a hint for making vehicles for the army? It sounds right. If the army uses these old ICE that are much slower than these electric cars then it is at a disadvantage! I feel that Tesla could have a LARGE contract with the army soon, or better said I feel that it SHOULD.

Just imagine a tank that is quicker than a motorcycle!\

It’s clear at this point that the GenIII will start with a sedan that is “about 20% shorter” than the Model S with “over 200 miles” of range on a full charge, and that there will be a SUV/CUV/whatever built on that same platform (like the relationship between the S and X). It’s also clear that there will be a new Roadster built on the GenIII platform, as well. What is unclear is which will come first (after the sedan), the new Roadster or the SUV. Personally, I would hope that it’s the SUV since that would definitely continue to increase market share and revenue (particularly in the US market), which would also spread out the capex faster. With the cells used in the current Model S, a truck is on shaky ground. You could either go far (over 200 miles) or tow/haul a lot…not both. Of course, I don’t know how far people, on average, tow/haul heavy things. Whenever I’ve used a pickup to haul something heavy, it was only across town for firewood, or from the local nursery (dirt and plants), or hardware store (lumber, bricks, stone)…never more than about 60 miles one-way. Perhaps a 3/4-ton pickup with… Read more »