Tesla CEO Musk Confirms Model 3 Logo Will Be Numeric


Musk Confirms Model 3 Logo Will Be Numeric

Just a couple of weeks ago, Tesla quietly changed the Model 3 website to display a numeric value (3) for the upcoming electric car. Bye went the old three-bar design that was nearly impossible to transfer accurately over the Internet.

Initially, some thought the change was limited to just the website and that Tesla would still brand the electric car with the three-bar logo. That’s not the case though.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter to answer a Model 3 logo question and his response (see above) spells out the direction Tesla is taking.

According to Musk, the numeric (#3) will be applied as the logo for Tesla’s next car. 3 will be the branding applied by Tesla from here on out.

We never liked the three-bar format for reasons that are obvious when you’re at a keyboard, so we welcome the change.

Additionally, we learned just recently that the biggest battery pack to be fitted to the Model 3 will be less than 100 kWh (more on that here).

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Then there’s the Mazda 3 to consider as well…

And then God will sue as He was the first user of the number 3.

(Sorry, trivia nerd warning)

Hindu god maybe. ३ was the early Devanagari form of the modern symbol “3” that we all call three. Devanagari == India == mainly Hindu back then.

But I’m guessing you were referring to the triquetra, which was actually expressed like this (stolen from Celtic origin — apparently God wasn’t too worried about copyrights…)

So thank Goddess Namagiri for the Model ३

And 3 is a European mobile phone operator.

I can’t read the hole article but it seams if it’s right that Adidas didn’t like the design as it’s to similar to there logo.


Unless Tesla makes shoes or them cars, not sure how well they can sell it to a judge. Three horizontal bars on a car vs. the 3 strips on a show. Not reasonable the two would be confused, so then they argue over the angle and logo mark, blah, blah, money grab.

I’m no intellectual properties lawyer, but since both Adidas and Tesla are putting the logos on T-shirts, that may make it problematic if there is too close a similarity between the logos.

Mind you, I’m not saying Adidas is right… I’m just saying they might have a case which could stand up in court.

That’s not how trademark law works. I’d be worried more about Ford, with their Model E trademark.

Trademarks don’t cross over product categories generally. The thing the courts look for is a justification for confusion at the point of purchase, and nobody is gonna confuse a SHOE for a CAR.

I agree Guru!

I think Musk did it intentionally.

He’s a more forward thinking person than he lets on.

How about the Mazda 3? 3 is not unique… BMW uses 3 Series, Mazda 3, Model 3. No issues here. Now if Tesla wanted to name the new car the 3 Series, that would be a problem….


He has blindsided the big boys.

Technically speaking then, Tesla Model E should be allowed then (full name). What people abbreviate is up to them 😉

Ford specifically has a copyright on the phrase “Model E”. Remember, the Model T and the Model A? I’m not sure how Elon got away with “Model S”, maybe Ford didn’t copyright that one. There never was a Ford Model X so that one is safe. (Ford only had A, C, N, R, S, and T; on the second go-around they had A and, I think, B.)

I think Mazda would be happy if they could ride the shirt-tails of the Model 3 popularity wave…

It’s confirmed. So now we can tell anyone who uses the 3-bars character that Elon Musk says that they’re spelling it wrong.

For The Win.

When/If I get mine, I’m changing the badging =P

> We never liked the three-bar format for reasons that are obvious when you’re at a keyboard, so we welcome the change.

Idiotic. Do you feel the same about the Coca-Cola logo? The IBM logo? Ford’s famous blue oval?

Only a failure to comprehend the difference between a name and a logo could lead to statements like the above. And who would have thought any adult would find this challenging?!?

The name has always been Model 3. And only morons ever tried to “spell” the logo.

“A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Three is a magic number


It is also a holy number.

Not to topologists.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

I guess the AWD version will be “Model 3D”?
If a “Performance” model then “Model P3D”…lol

They should’ve went with Greek Sigma (Σ).

I had the same idea !

A reversed lower case E which looks like a reversed 3 called an epsilon.

“They should’ve went with Greek Sigma (Σ).”

Ford’s lawyers would have argued that “Model Σ” is visually too close to “Model E”, especially since both are trademarks for automobiles, and thus would be directly competing products if Ford ever put theirs on a car.

I would guess Ford would have won that argument in court, if it came to that.

Mitsubishi previously had a Sigma model

I would guess they would keep the battery size in the name.

Model 3 P55D
Model 3 P85

That does it. Now I’m not buying it.

If your reservation is lower than mine, can I have it?

I just keep moving up on the list!

Numbers are not protected by copyright.

Stylized numbers are, however.
Like the late nascar driver Dale Earnhardt’s #3 he used on his car.

1. It’s not a copyright issue, it’s a trademark issue. Many things can be trademarked that can’t be copyrighted. For example, individual words and short phrases cannot be copyrighted.

2. The trademark is not “3”, it’s “Model 3”

One could probably win in court by arguing that “3” is too generic to be trademarked, but very likely not “Model 3”.

I believe that Hutchison in the UK does hold the Trademark for “3” but that is UK law, not US law (although they are supposed to be compatible.)

The issue here isn’t “Model 3”, it’s “Model E” which I would assume Ford has trademarked, Elon’s not the type to back down on s*** like that.

The three bars in the old logo are very close to the Chinese character for “three,” which I assumed to be intentional.

Tesla was already using the “T ≡ S L A” logo before Ford challenged their right to use a “Model E” trademark, and won. So Tesla fell back on the “E” from their existing “T ≡ S L A” logo. Basically, it was a way to say “Ford may have stolen the ‘Model E’ trademark from us, but we’re going to use a form of it anyway.”

I’m guessing the formal change to “Model 3” was a pragmatic marketing decision, not what Elon or any of the other bigwigs at Tesla really wanted.

Probably find that T≡SLA sets the precedent that ≡ represents E, and therefore Ford had a case to show that Model≡ represents ModelE so breaches their copyright. We’ve seen how hard these companies play to protect their turf, so that would not surprise me.
Using Sigma (Σ) looks good.


Goodbye Model ≡… you were so exceptional, and dared to be different!

Dumb move..the 3 is sooooo common for what we hope is an exceptional car!