Tesla CEO Elon Musk Tweets Picture of 1,000th Completed Model S Body

OCT 29 2012 BY STAFF 3

According to an Elon Musk tweet on Sunday, it appears that Tesla has completed its 1,000th Model S body, and while this is not by any means a completed car, it does illustrate that mass production of the Model S is truly underway for Tesla.


“V proud of Tesla team for completing 1000th Model S body. More cars made this month than entire rest of year.”

Tesla had expected to sell 5,000 vehicle by year’s end, but later reduced that number to as low as 2,700 in a SEC filing in September. Sunday’s news would indicate the company has a legitimate shot at achieving that goal.

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Does Progressive Insurance come standard with the Tesla? I think I see Flo in the background.


I think Tesla has a legit shot at the 2700 unit mark by the end of the year.

Once Model S production passes the total amount of Roadsters sold, I

will begin to think Tesla just may have what it takes in staying power.

Look – the guy sends a private-entity rocket and spaceship to the ISS,

he knows a bit about “moonshots”… Just sayin’….

Wow and they worked over the weekend to get it done.