Tesla CEO Elon Musk Tweets: Battery Swap, Stock Price, Model S Range & More


Elon Musk Has Been Rather Active On Twitter As Of Late

Elon Musk Has Been Rather Active On Twitter As Of Late

It all started with that “end range anxiety” Tweet, but now it seems to have spiraled out of control.

For some reason, Tesla CEO Elon Musk went on the defensive on Twitter by discussing Tesla stock prices and how some feel he Tweets simply to affect share price.  Musk says that’s false and claims that neither he nor Tesla are actively selling shares.  Honestly, we’re perplexed by this, as Musk need not defend these claims. “Some people” will think whatever it is they want to think.  Their opinion (not backed by fact, according to Musk) is their own.  By airing this on Twitter, Musk makes this supposedly false belief more widely known and gives coverage to these “some people” who, as he claims, are spreading lies.

Moving on…

Musk then took to Twitter to discuss battery swapping, saying that the one station is “active” and “working well,” (this Tweet is aimed at recent reports with headlines like this “Tesla battery swap at Harris Ranch? Not quite“) though he made it clear that Supercharging (not battery swapping) is the future.  We agree.

Lastly, Musk made it clear that battery swapping is not linked to that initial “end range anxiety” Tweet.  We’ll find out exactly what that means this Thursday when Tesla hosts a press conference to discuss how Model S range anxiety will come to an end.

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Sometimes Elon Musk is his own worst enemy, in firing off premature statements, in reacting angrily to public statements critical of his companies, and sometimes making vastly overstated claims… like claiming Tesla is gonna “end” range anxiety with a Model S software update.

Now, the tweet which is quoted above says “address” range anxiety, and I have no doubt that there will be some software update which will do that. But actually -ending- range anxiety won’t be done by software. It will be done by giving BEVs longer ranges by using larger, cheaper battery packs; plus engineering batteries and battery packs which can be super-fast charged in 10 minutes or less, and building super-fast-charge stations to accomplish that.

I don’t know, I saw it from a different perspective yesterday. Being retired, I was hiking across a mountain trail with some older dudes who struck up a conversation that went like this. “I heard Fox New report yesterday that Tesla was going to do away with range anxiety.” Here is what was interesting. These guys in their 60s knew now who Tesla was and were speaking of them with excitement. They further began to speak about the Tesla MOdel S winning car of the year awards. Even if Fox News reports something derogatory Thursday, Elon cleary has been more effective with his tweet than any commercial ever could. I think it is marketing genius still.

Agreed. There is a name for it: false advertizing.

They False Advertise Every minute On TV , Radio,Internet Etc…Bold Face LIES , Much much Worst Than You may Think Of this !
…Lets wait & See What He Has to Say ,Before We Judge…Elon Is Not a Liar ! And Certainly NOT A FOOL !

Please prove to me that you’re not a nineteen year old girl in Santa Monica.

Wish I were ! L M A O…..A little Hype Is Good! One Has to Believe & Get Excited About What They Do,This Keeps Things Interesting , Without sacrificing all their Trade Secrets .But, Most Tend to Stretch The Truth to Some Degree ., so Long as It’s Within Reason, So that they Can Back it Up if & when that time Should Present Itself. ..So Far Elon has been Pretty Straight, Pretty forthcoming,More So Than Many Individuals out there… Nothing Is perfect On this Planet…..Sometimes Uncontrollable Situations Present themselves through no one’s fault, to make A Sincere person Appear Less Than what they may be….I do not Doubt Elon..I think His Heart & Mind Are in the right Place …Call me gullible..But! In the End,..I will Buy….Only If I get what I want…….

You make a good point. Elon’s latest Tweets received substantial news coverage by all the media outlets, while BYD’s game-changing battery news announcement from Last Friday didn’t get much if any news coverage and wasn’t even reported on by InsideEVs.

“BYD plans to add 6 gigawatt hours of global production for batteries in each of the next three years, and hopes to keep adding at that pace afterwards if demand is solid. . . . That means BYD could ramp up from 10 GWh capacity at the end of this year to about 34 GWh of batteries by the beginning of 2020. This would put it about even with Tesla’s planned $5 billion Nevada gigafactory.”


The planned output of the Gigafactory is 50 GWh by 2020. BYD’s planned 35 GWh certainly won’t put it “even” with Tesla, presuming both actually build out the capacity they plan.

Nope, Reuters is correct. The Gigafactory will have a 35 GWh per year production capacity. The other 15 GWh you are referring to are batteries imported into the US from Panasonic’s Japanese factories. Tesla will use 35 GWh of Gigafactory batteries and 15 GWh of Japanese made batteries to make 50 GWh of battery packs.

According to Wikipedia: “By 2020, the Gigafactory is projected to achieve a production capacity of 35 GWh/year of cells and 50 GWh/year of battery packs. . . .”


Lensman, you probably missed it, but I responded to a comment of yours about the Gigafactory from a couple of days ago. You said Tesla didn’t receive any taxpayer grants/subsidies from Nevada to build its Gigafactory there. Tesla did indeed receive $316 million in taxpayer grants/subsidies from Nevada.


What if Musk’s announcement has multiple components:

1) All Model S vehicles can now charge for free at subscription-based charging networks like ChargePoint.

2) All Model S vehicles are now capable of car-to-car charge sharing to those who may be stranded. A software update will help people find each other. The needed car-to-car charge cord will be provided for free.

Just guesses, but both seem plausible. And both would greatly reduce range anxiety. Musk’s teasers are usually not without substance.

I find your first point a very interesting hypothesis.

The car to car charging thing would be big. Right now if you run out of gas in an ICE, your friend can bring a gallon of gas in a can, but an EV would have to be towed. Car to car charging would be a simple solution to that.

Yup. And the transfer rate could probably take place at Supercharger speeds, or maybe even faster since it’s not limited by what the grid can supply. I suspect this will also be a secondary use of their future in-home battery systems. Basically, that could double as a Supercharger in your garage.

I suppose a couple of years from now, towing trucks will have kind of superchargers on board with variable outputs and multiple adapters.

And all these solutions you say are in process as the Gigafactory proves.

Guess the more exact range estimation software is ready to go. Probably takes into account the specifics of the route you have programmed in the navigation and maybe weather conditions?

Bingo and current/recent usage

Seems to be the consensus of Tesla watchers.

Will they be able to include adjustments for altitude changes? I dunno if any in-car GPS navigation system includes altitude data, but certainly EV range calculators could benefit greatly from that. Altitude changes affect range a lot more than common sense suggests.

Tweet all you want Elon…doesn’t bother me at all.

Yes of course, that’s why you bother to write it ! 😉

Elon’s tweets are often used to distract the public from model delays. It’s a calculated tactic.


Elon’s tweets are often used to expose the anti-Tesla trolls. It’s a calculated tactic.

LOL, best reply ever!

+1 Nix! 🙂

All vehicles come with range anxiety!

Software updates will give infinite more detail for electric cars, than the majority of ICE vehicles on the road today.

I had worse “range anxiety”, pulling my new GMC diesel and 39 ft. fifth wheel through Salt Lake at 11:00pm going down dead end roads because of faulty GPS directions and getting to “Gas Stations” that didn’t have Diesel, and then just limping into a station,”on fumes”, before they closed. My lovely bride of 40 years was not to pleased with my “planning skills”.

I can’t imagine having my 50+’combo, flat bedded to the next available “Diesel Station”!y

How many cars are on the road today with gas gauges that aren’t working or malfunctioning?

By the way, I’ve never had that kind of range axniety, in 13,000 carefree miles of driving in my Nissan Leaf.

Good anecdote, although I have heard rumors of technologies that allow you to easily bring a few gallons of diesel to your car instead of having to take your car to the diesel. So no flatbed required.

It sounds like vaporware to me. 😉

I think the Technology is – wait for – a PHONE, (and a Triple A Account!)

Yup! Run out of Gas, or Diesel, should be an Easy Call – “Hey AAA – I got a Problem – my big rig is running out of fuel, and I can’t find a station with DIESEL!” “Can you get me a Gallon, and Directions that work to a station with Diesel around here?”

And – the Vaporware – shows up – in a Can, with a Spigot! Yup! the Vaporware is right there – just above the Fuel!

You clearly have no idea what it means to run out of diesel.

You can’t just simply apply more diesel and drive along. You have to flood the system and that’s a dirty and very time consuming task.

Tweets are an amusing sideshow. If he had anything of substance to say, it wouldn’t be with a tweet.

That’s why the tweet is only an teaser for the upcoming press conference.

Elon Musk is a master at marketing.

Tell that to the Chinese.

35,000 cars at $100,000+.
He’s telling you.

He is a master at making us ignore the 800 lbs gorilla in the room which is that Tesla is currently selling worlwide less than 2000 cars per month in average (Jan. & Feb.). That is less than half of what they are supposed to sell to reach their 2015 55K target. Teslas are currently just too expensive thus getting more demand constrained by the day (that is 800 lbs gorilla twin brother, becoming crowded in there). I doubt they will manage to sell as many cars this year as they did in 2014. As for the 55K target, no chance. He would be a marketing genius if he would rush his 35K USD model 3 out before the big guys got theirs on the market but that does not seem to happen. So no, no marketing genius for cars. His achievements in space industry are (to me) way more impressive.

Really? Tesla announced that?

Could be true and still pretty meaningless since they time the bulk of their quarterly deliveries in the last month of the quarter. Happens every quarter if you hadn’t noticed. Strange that they would hold onto 10K in the backlog too if there were enough customers, don’t ya think?

PVH said:

“I doubt they will manage to sell as many cars this year as they did in 2014. As for the 55K target, no chance.”

Every year, Tesla bashers “predict” Tesla’s sales will be lower than the previous year, or that at least Tesla will significantly miss its sales target.

At some point, the villagers stop listening to the little boy who keeps crying “Wolf!”

Has Tesla just eliminated their VP/Director of Communications and spoke person, AGAIN? They can only have 1 for that job, and everyone knows who’s working for that position…

since Day 1 when he’s in charge.

I guess not. you have a link?

Have you been paying attention on how Tesla communicates to the public?

There is going to be a big backlash against this ‘end to range anxiety’ tweet. There is only so much you can do with a software update. Yeah, you can make a few things better but you can’t change the hardware and you can’t change the laws of physics.

Reducing range anxiety doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with increasing range. Anxiety comes from not knowing when you are going to run out.

This software enhancement is most likely a navigation system improvement to better predict whether you will make it to your destination by accounting for route details like elevation.

Sure . . . but that is your nuanced view. You have reasonable expectations for what can be done with an OTA update. But when that is all they deliver and the common folk were expecting much more, there will be a big backlash.

How many common folk buy a Tesla?

It is not going to be a backlash of buyers, it will be a backlash in the media.

Elon said: “Battery pack swap is active between SF and LA and seems to be working well. Supercharging is the future, though, for non-commercial vehicles.”

Does this mean that battery pack swapping won’t be available for non-commercial vehicles? The battery swapping demonstration Tesla did on stage two years ago seemed to imply that it was also for individual non-commercial owners, not just commercial owners. Am I reading too much into Elon’s Tweet?

I think Musk means that if you are using your Model-S as a commercial taxi, then Musk does not want to provide you free taxi-fuel via Tesla’s Supercharger network.

For me it means that Tesla haters like you will try to find any detail to bash Tesla.

I think that it means that apart from commercial fleets, this solution is expensive for both Tesla and individuals, and unnecessary except for rare occurrences because it is so cheap/convenient to recharge at home.

FYI, I love Tesla. It’s rabid Tesla fanboys and Saint Elon worshipers that I hate. They turn people off to Tesla and damage Tesla’s brand by their incessant and unjustified attacks on anyone who dares to even mildly criticize Tesla. In case you didn’t know, people can both like Tesla while disliking the Model X’s design and it’s gull-wing doors, which eliminate the possibility of putting skis, snowboards, kayaks, surfboards, windsurfers, skis, and cargo boxes on the roof. Lustuccc said: “For me it means that Tesla haters like you will try to find any detail to bash Tesla.” Where exactly did I bash Tesla in my comment above? Where is the Tesla hate and bashing in this comment that I made yesterday: “Good to hear about Tesla bending over backwards to quickly repair the entire Supercharger station and ensure that owners didn’t get stranded!” http://insideevs.com/op-ed-fast-charging-will-increase-bmw-i3-sales/#comment-654237 Where is the Tesla hate and bashing in this comment that I made yesterday: “Yep. Daytime soap operas have been replaced by prime-time reality shows in the US. If the Autocar writer didn’t have a self imposed “Supercharger” only charging criteria for their trip, they could have easily have picked up some extra charge at… Read more »

Agreed, it is mot the first time I read this sort of comment regarding the “fanboys”. Most Tesla “fanboys” are OK, but a few can be an arrogant and obnoxious lot. Unfortunaltey they are the “nosiest” so to many the Tesla image is associated with them. I write you from Europe, maybe be it is an “old world” point of view but to many here Tesla is synonym with Californian hype and some sort of arrogance. Maybe this image could be an issue in China too, I don’t know but I wouldn’t be surprised. Tesla products are good but if its boss could stop making silly statements like “we will sell 500K cars per year by 2020” and if some fanboys could cool down a bit,its worlwide image would be more credible. Now if Tesla wants to make North America its main market I guess one can disregard all I wrote above as it seems that what is felt as arrogant here or in Asia is about normal behavious in North America.

sven asked: “Elon said: ‘Battery pack swap is active between SF and LA and seems to be working well. Supercharging is the future, though, for non-commercial vehicles.’ Does this mean that battery pack swapping won’t be available for non-commercial vehicles?” I can’t be sure, but I think Musk was speaking more broadly of the future of battery swapping in the EV revolution, not just what Tesla Motors’ plans are. There is a good argument for enabling long-distance EV freight trucking using battery swap stations along heavily traveled Interstate corridors, for use by truck fleets. But battery swapping is not a viable economic model for non-commercial vehicles; at least not currently, with the price of batteries rather high. Better Place tried it, and very predictably failed. The startup costs are much too high for battery swapping supported by the public by monthly subscriptions, as Better Place tried to do. And it appears Tesla is only interested in actually building battery swap stations as a method of earning more carbon credits, not as a way to actually help Tesla car owners deal with range anxiety. I say this not with the intent of bashing Tesla, but as an observation of how Tesla… Read more »

I personally wouldn’t base buying anything worth more then $50.00 from a flash post sentence someone says on a flash website like Tweeter.

Personally I think when ever they say something on twitter about what Tesla is going to do most of it is hype.

It is rather silly to think that Musk is trying to manipulate the stock price. Then again people are rather silly. I look at it more like Musk is on a mission and feels things aren’t happening fast enough, so every now and then, like a kid with no filters, he bursts out with something, a tweet in this case, because he can’t contain his enthusiasm. Much ado about nothing.

Musk is influencing the stock prices, with constant incremental improvements.

Damn Him!

Claims that Musk’s public statements about Tesla Motors (and the future of the EV revolution) are attempts to manipulate TSLA stock price… merely show how some people are -themselves- obsessed with the price of TSLA stock.

Public comments such as tweets by Musk and other Tesla spokesmen are intended to promote Tesla and help sell its cars. The idea that the primary purpose is to manipulate the highly volatile market price of the stock is rather silly. Tesla Motors would be served better if the stock price was a lot more stable.


Elon is a very clever guy. Good sense of humor. Willing to give the slower kids some clues, in a friendly and helpful way.

He said he was going to “address” range anxiety.

You have two days to solve the riddle. Tick tock, tick tock….


But some of the “slow kids” have taken his statement of reducing range anxiety, and regurgitated it to mainstream media that this really means some kind of RANGE INCREASE. He never said that, and being the OCD Idealist he is– is now trying to correct their wrong thinking…

You’d think he’d learn by now, that not everyone is on the same page as he is.

What you all need to realize is traders feed off any bit of info that gets floated on the net. I’ve watched stocks pop for no reason that I can tell other than a company was mentioned in passing in an article. There have been numerous articles in serious mainstream sites in the last 2 days assuming he is going to magically increase range with a software update, and I think a lot of naive ignorant people are trading the stock based on that false info. When it turns out to be something simple like more accurate range prediction those people are going to dumpt the stock big time and the usual “Musk is a conman” comments will be hurled (I read that all the time, not sure where they get that impression). He’s not doing anybody any good by teasing something and not clarifying such speculation. In the long run much ado about nothing but in the short term a lot of unnneccessarily negative publicity among the “serious” Wall St crowd.

Of course, I could be totally wrong and it could be something amazing. One analyst claims an inverter algorithm update will increase range, though I doubt enough to “end range anxiety”

Well, the onboard range calculator can certainly help increase functional range in certain circumstances, such as pointing out to the driver that if he drives slower on the highway, he’ll have greater range.

But let’s not forget that Musk’s orignal tweet, which got everyone a-twitter (pun intended), was “About to end range anxiety … via OTA software update. Affects entire Model S fleet.”

He really did say “end”. Not gonna happen, at least not with a mere wireless (“over the air”) update. “Address” yes; “end” no.

Agreed on all points

Thanks, for explaining it.
Now I know who’s bitching all the time, the DAY TRADERS.

Hahahaha! I sold at 200 and bought it back at 195 after disappointed investors dumped it. Thanks clueless financial reporters and lemming investors! I was even able to increase my position with the discount.

He’s just being real, unlike any other CEO who doesnt talk to the people and just want to make money.

Whats the problem exactly?

Battery swap is working? Show us video or some examples of swap in action.

Okay. Here’s two S’s being swapped out:


It will be battery swap for all Model S even the 60kwh model and Supercharger for all model S even the 60kwh.

For some reason, the idea of a custom Utility Truck driving around with a huge bank of batteries and a couple SuperChargers on it– just popped into my head.

Mobile SuperChargers find you when you’re stranded and need help. They can top you off in 30-40 minutes… Tesla could charge a premium convenience fee if their use is required, just like a Battery Swap Station. Range Anxiety is now reduced.

Maybe after Model Y (Truck) is out… I’d feel guilty getting my EV’s power from a mobile station if the charge truck used petrol instead of electrons.

At 82 years, I REALLY would like a Tesla(or BEV RAV4-never imported into UK),having had a test drive last November. Maybe ‘range anxiety’will be ended by installation of 4 sets of bicycle pedals (as used by the German army in WW II-TRUE!I saw it!)

The tweet was in response to an SA article writer and “hedge fund” manager (I put it in quotes because his “fund” has less than %5M AUM, which is a joke for a hedge fund), “logical Thought”