Tesla CEO Elon Musk To Speak At Automotive News World Congress Tomorrow

JAN 12 2015 BY STAFF 21

Tesla CEO Elon Musk

Tesla CEO Elon Musk

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, will be a featured speaker at the Automotive News World Congress on Tuesday, January 13.

Musk will speak at 5 Pm EST as part of a program titled “Setting the Pace in a Thriving Market.”

It should be interesting to hear what Musk has to say in regards to the thriving EV market and Tesla’s apparent leading role (setting the pace) in the BEV segment.   Perhaps we will even hear his thoughts on the new Chevrolet Bolt.

Check back with us tomorrow for coverage of the event.

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Yikes! GM’s showing the Bolt isn’t helping his stock today. It will take more than tweets to make this go away.


Oh, please, they’re idiots, that is why GM is doing it, get a clue everyone…GM never does what it says, they just want attention, and to hit Tesla.

That’s a prototype, not a production preview…plus they have no battery deal to back it up with. Tesla is building a gigafactory with Panasonic, but GM is still blowing smoke. I have serious doubts GM will actually do what they claim here…they were afraid to tell us the upgrade details on the hybrid volt just a couple weeks ago, so, this is what is called a publicity stunt.

…I look forward to hearing from Tesla tomorrow!

Marshal G

I think it has more to do with falling oil prices, which conventional wisdom means less demand for electric vehicles, which I absolutely do not believe.





Nonda Trimis






= 5


I find it hard to believe anybody can have well-founded conviction in what they believe about Tesla’s market. The company advertised the affordability of its cars on, among other things, gas savings. Is “gas prices don’t matter” the new paradigm we are supposed to believe?

David Murray

I kind of look at it a different way. I wanted an EV regardless of whether it costed more money than a similar gas car. However, the gas savings sort of helped make it possible for me to afford the higher payment.

So I guess what I’m saying is that people will still want a Tesla. However, some people may not be able to justify one with the lower gas prices. But I assume that is a small percentage of overall potential customers for them.

Rob Stark

Tesla stresses that it is cheaper to fuel a Model S than a comparable premium gas powered sedan to get through the thick skulls that BEVs are cheaper to drive than ICEv.

Not to sell Model S or X. But prepare the market for Model 3 and its CUV variant. Model S and X sells on efficiency not fuel savings cost per say. People who want to lessen their impact on resources. “Fuel savings” is a proxy for that too.

But fuel savings will matter as Tesla goes down market. Actual fuel cost savings only matter to a handful of Model S 60 owners. But it will be significant to a majority of Model 3 buyers.

Tesla is all about the Model 3 and going downmarket. Selling P85Ds to 1%ers is a means to an end not the end itself.

Julian Cox

Gasoline = Pay up whatever it says on the pump or your freedom to travel is abruptly rescinded. That is the definition of being bent over a barrel.

With the Tesla EV once you have bought the car you actually own the ability to travel – not rent it from OPEC at whatever price they decide.


It’s not about the cost of gasoline, it’s about eliminating the use of gasoline in the operation of motor vehicles!!


Agree that not buring gas is very important as climate and healt is effected. But the bottom line for most people is also not buring money.

Oil we need to produce plastics and other stuff, not burn it up.

Money we need to invest not to burn up in form of gas.


Is the Model X in Detroit?


Oh.. my … God..

They did it to me again. It’s 2013 all over. I’m still going to the show of course, but what a fricken rip off.

Josh Bryant

Was the X that big of a deal for you?

I thought you were in for the Volt 2.0 (and Bolt is your bonus now). I want to hear your opinions on both designs once you see them in person.

Tesla is always going to do their big announcement/reveals in their own events. They don’t have to use a show to get the media’s attention (and will not have to share the spotlight).

It kinda sucks, because they have only given a couple weeks notice on the events. So if you aren’t local to L.A., you will pretty much miss out on every reveal. At least they try to live stream.


I used to spend almost 8.000$ a year on gas here in Sweden. I travel a lot in my work so I charge at SC mostly, now I save the 8.000$ and can’t afford to go back to buying gas.
Very happy that my Model S has no tailpipe also.
I hope that I still will be driving my Model S 10 years from now.


I love that there’s an electric socket by Elon’s thigh.


No metal snake, though…