Tesla CEO Elon Musk Profiled By Business Insider – Video


Elon Musk

Elon Musk

Arguably one of the world’s leading innovators, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has received countless awards, been featured in numerous magazines, been the focus of hundreds of intervies and so on.

Now, it’s Business Insider who is profiling Elon Musk in this brief video:

“The founder of Tesla and SpaceX had an early start in tech and business.”

For hardcore Musk fans/followers, there’s probably nothing new here, but we gotta give credit to Business Insider for having the ability to wrap most of Musk’s life into one short clip.

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Cool encapsulated short hand of Musk.
The Mars thing: Ain’t gonna happen.

Then kiss humanity good-bye…

The timeframe may be a tad ambitious, but there is no reason that it can’t happen with today’s technology. Thanks to multiple landers, rovers and orbiting satellites, we already know how much ionizing radiation Mars gets, as well as how much is typically going to be experienced by a ship traveling between Earth and Mars (and how much it can peak, or what a CME can do to it). We already know what the temperatures and pressures are on Mars. We are learning what Mars is made of in terms of relative abundance of natural resources. We already know how much ionizing radiation a human being can take without permanent damage and/or loss of quality of life. And, we know how far it is and when the best times are to get there and back relative to Earth’s position from Mars in their respective orbits. We also know how the human body reacts to prolonged periods of low gravity. We also have the propulsion technology to get us to Mars, and back. Basically, what I’m saying is, we already know what the critical parameters are. It can be done today. We need leadership and capital to do it. Thanks to… Read more »

Musk wants to establish a colony on Mars. That is quite different than putting some people up there and bringing them back. Just because something is possible does not mean it will happen. To establish a viable genetic pool would perhaps take 10k people. Mars would have to be terra-formed, and self sustaining, if we are truly to become a multiple planetary society.
This is not Bull, it is reality as it now exists. Perhaps in 100 years Musk’s dream will become a reality, but I doubt it. Unfortunately I will not be around to say I told you so.

You can start a viable human society with less than 200 people. Maybe a lot less if you chose the people genetically to screen out defective disease prone genes and people that were closely related.

Genius is always surrounded by a confederacy of mediocrity.



First of all, gametes can be stored into liquid nitrogen. So the genetic diversity of entire population can be fitted into single cooling tank. In vitro fertillization is not that difficult.

Secondly, it is actually it is cheaper to establish a colony, than to have single two way trip into mars. That is because for the purposes of Colony we need exactly the same infrastructure as for the purposes for single trip. And SpaceX’s plan is to use fast reusable space crafts.

You might not fathom, that SpaceX has already cut down one or two or even three orders of magnitude from the orbital launch cost. Because SpaceX has more or less succeeded with reusability of launch vehicle. This means in practice that SpaceX can do Mars mission at a price that is three orders of magnitude less than what you have been told how much Mars mission will cost. And for this SpaceX is counting for.

Just few years orbital launch cost was 700 million dollars, where as SpaceX is aiming for 7 million dollars with Falcon rockets and even further cost reductions are possible with next generation rockets.

The biggest thing wrong with Mars is that the planet is a lot smaller then Earth. In order to jump start Mars to make it livable you would have to add mass to it. How you would have to do this is slam a few space objects into it the size of Pluto or thousands of asteroids. The hundreds of trillions of tons of extra mass in the from of iron rich asteroids would have many benefits to Mars. In that the first benefit is if is if Mars size was raised it would have a easier time holding in air in that as of now Mars is only 38% the gravity of Earth. Also the crashes from a few giant asteroids would allow Mars core to get jump started which which would make a magnetic shield. I’m currently working on a book idea about a group of aliens called Gull Coo trying to make Mars livable. They are a species that has a lot of their culture based off traveling though Galaxy turning dead planets like Mars into habitual worlds for their Empire. The nice thing about transforming dead worlds is there easy to conquer in that there are… Read more »

Substitute Mars for Mordor in the following wonderful speech: