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Yesterday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk was featured on MSNBC’s “All In” where he discussed the open sourcing of patents and the carbon economy. Both videos of the one-on-one interviews with Musk are featured below, along with the MSNBC description of the video.

“Elon Musk, the man behind the revolutionary electric car company Tesla, sits down with Chris Hayes to discuss his decision to open up patents to other car companies.”

“Electric car visionary Elon Musk continues his one-on-one conversation with Chris Hayes, saying it will be hard to overcome the sheer size of the carbon economy.”

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Elon is Tesla’s Ad Budget… Amoung many other things. 🙂

“there is no price… for carbon emissions”

So the answer is for government to place carbon taxes on the economy. Meaning that the price for carbon is given to the government, which misallocates and wastes the money for various things completely unrelated to anything to do with the original problem. And since the carbon producers simply pass that tax on to consumers, we are simply paying the government in hidden taxes.

Duh. Look into the matter, the solution people are proposing is a revenue neutral carbon tax so even you government-haters can get on board.


Pollution should not be free. What’s right is right. God rewards us for doing what’s right.

Use the penalty on pollution to reduce the penalty on work and income. Take from pollution, give to everything. WHO COULD BE AGAINST THAT?! Only the oil&gas industry.





In Michigan, we used to have litter (bottles & cans) all over the highways. Then they put a 10cent deposit on them. No more litter.

Scott — That is where credit trading comes in. Instead of paying a maximum tax, you pay somebody else to build something green. Here is how it works. Let’s say you are a lousy car company, who can’t manage to build your own EV without losing tons of money on it. Maybe your name rhymes with Biat, and you claim to lose 14,000 dollars on each EV that earns you 3 credits. You could opt to not build any EV’s, and pay a 15,000 dollar fine for those 3 credits. Or, you can call up Tesla, and have them sell you 3 credits for a bargain price of around $3-6K. No taxes are ever collected from the govt. No money is handed out by the govt. It is all paid between private parties. You might object to a company having to buy credits from another company, and one company getting rich selling credits. Well, it is still a free market. If your company “Biat” wants to be the one selling credits instead of buying credits, all you have to do is build and sell a better EV than Tesla. Then you start competing with them to sell other companies YOUR… Read more »

Wow.. He made a really great point about the fossil fuel industry not paying the real price.

Yes, He did make a good point, but by far the largest cost was not voiced, i.e., the price to secure our oil economy. W. and Chaney sent us to war for 10 years in Iraq to make sure middle east oil continued to flow to the U.S. God Bless Them, we are still paying for that blunder, still eating the costs and the oil is still not secure. Think how far we and the Earth would be if all that cost had been spent for Wind, Solar and Wave energy and we had developed a car for the masses. By far the biggest benefit would be the U.S. people and Government would no longer be working for the greedy oil companies.

Problem is the government IS the greedy oil companies. Look at Harper in Canada, he is the oil company’s voice and has been working for them for a long, long time, not for us Canadians. Since you can’t really fight them and expect to win, the next best thing is to buy EV’s and start ignoring them. Insist among your friends to skew their next next choice for automobiles so that they buy an EV.
It’s the only thing we can do really.

Canada was given a choice to vote for someone who would implement a revenue-neutral carbon tax that would be an overall savings for most Canadians, and they brutally rejected it.

I hate as much as the next guy, but don’t act like he’s going against the wishes of Canadians by not having oil and coal pay their true cost.

Seriously. Just think where we would be if the $3 Trillion spent on the Iraq war were instead used to provide incentives for solar PV, wind turbines, geothermal, rail electrification, and electric cars.

We could have been well on our way to real energy independence and reduced greenhouse emissions. Instead, we remain addicted to fossil fuels and greenhouse gases continue to grow.

That’s true.. That amount of money could have done wonders for our transition to clean fuel. And there would have probably still been enough money left over for a Mission to Mars.

You mean.. we could’ve had… the Hyperloop?

Yeah, this was very interesting. He normally doesn’t play the green card much as he wants to sell great cars to everyone. But I guess he really is trying to address these problems.

This a vessel like world. Collectively we are are destroying it, using it up, would be a more accurate appraisal. Once climate changes reach intolerable levels for some creatures they will begin to die off. Corals in many parts of the world for instance. Suffering from many pressures, fishing stocks will continue to be depleted, and deaths from malnutrition/starvation will rise as more conflicts erupt as people and nations try to gather more of the depleted resources. As worldwide crop failures increase, in the decades ahead, the world will enter an Age of Famine, that could last for hundreds of years, but no lets not add any taxes to those who are making this problem even worse than it will be.

Okay. Seriously depressed now. Time to kill myself. At least the planet will appreciate it…

He had a good point about the time scale it is going to take to transition off of fossil energy. Traditionally, it has taken roughly around 40 years to transition to a new major energy source.

Steam trains to diesel/electric took ~40 years. Horse and buggy to cars took ~40 years. Whale oil lighting to electricity took ~40 years. Etc.

This is going to have to be a long term dedicated effort to get off of gas as our primary transportation fuel.

I’d say 40 years is probably a good estimate with the information we have now. However, there are many things that could slow or accelerate that along the way.


It’s a bit like moving an aircraft carrier with a tug boat. Tesla: We need a bigger boat.