What Trait Do Tesla CEO Elon Musk And Mark Zuckerberg Share?

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When the chips are down, Elon Musk knows how to turn things around. Both Tesla and SpaceX have been through near-death experiences. Yet, somehow, Musk pulled both companies out of dire straits. Musk’s friend, Venture Capitalist Jason Calacanis explains that entrepreneurs need, “one central thing that is critical, and that’s resiliency.”

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Above: These two tech titans disagree on a lot of things but share one key trait (Image: CEOtudent)

Calacanis points to Musk and another Silicon Valley billionaire who’s a shining example of resiliency — Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. Ironically, Musk and Zuckerberg have a contentious, ongoing feud that ranges from disagreements on artificial intelligence to condescending comments about one another. Nevertheless, there’s common ground when it comes to resiliency.

With Zuckerberg, Calacanis says, “he’s hated by half of America and people around the world for his lax approach to privacy… and that’s after all this incredible success. The reward for Mark Zuckerberg is that hundreds of millions of people hate him.”

Above: Even Elon Musk deleted the Tesla and SpaceX Facebook pages after Facebook’s data breach by Cambridge Analytica (Source: Red Pill Philosophy)

Calacanis continues, “And the reward for Elon Musk for making 300 mile range, $50,000 cars, $35,000 cars that change the world and save us from extinction from global warming, is the press and the haters are throwing rocks at him while he’s sleeping three hours a night trying to get from 3,000 to 5,000 cars a week.”

So what’s the recipe for resiliency? Calacanis notes, “The ability to not give up and the ability to come to work every day when it’s hard, and just grind it out and fight through… There is a perception that things get easier. Things do not get easier.”

Above: Musk and Zuckerberg both display great resiliency in their respective businesses (Youtube: CNBC Make It.)

Instead, “They get more complex and [they get] harder. This idea that you’re going to start a company, and then you’re going to raise a ton of money, you’re going to have millions of fans or hundreds of millions of fans and tens of millions of customers, and suddenly it’s going to get easy, is false.”


Source: CNBC

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The idolisation of tech leaders is not far from religious fervour.

Agreed. It’s not just tech leader, but also those in the trenches, working away 20 hours a day for months on end. There are also small business owners whose lives are their work. What they all have in common is that they won’t do it as hard (or at all) for free. Reward, or promise of future reward, is what motivates them.

Idolizing technical innovators is better than idolizing people who hit balls in holes, dunk bigger balls through nets or carry balls across a line. Idolizing technical innovators is better than idolizing pop musicians. Idolizing innovators is better than idolizing someone who is famous simply for being famous.

The better comparison would be between Jobs and Musk or even Tony Stark and Musk!

No – there is no comparison. Zuck made a creepy app in college to rate girls and it grew into a superficial social media app that supplies consumer data to Corporations. Musk has a vision for renewable energy, space exploration, solving the problem of human transport is mega cities, his technology support Puerto Rico, Adelaide and other energy grids.