Tesla CEO Elon Musk Interviewed By Marketplace – Video


OCT 20 2015 BY MARK KANE 12

Elon Musk

Elon Musk

Elon Musk was recently interviewed by Kai Ryssdal on Marketplace.org.

Tesla’s CEO estimated that he spent maybe a few hours a week on media-related stuff and says that intends to decrease that from 3-4% of his time to ~1%. As Musk will become even more focused on product development, interviews will be more rare in the future it seems.

Asked about the future, Elon Musk sees batteries everywhere – cars, ships and aircrafts – “The future runs on batteries” sort of.

But we need to be patient. In the longer term, combined Model S and Model X sales will reach 100,000 or more annually. After that, a few hundred thousand annual sales will come from Tesla Model III-series. That will still be less than 1% of world car market.

Musk evaded a direct answer about the worst nightmare for the company, as the editor suggested an idea of maybe ultra-low oil prices or something similar.

An interesting part of the discussion focused on the Falcon wing doors and how many times the team failed before developing a working solution. Musk described the reason behind the special doors (direct access to 3rd row) and revealed that the original hydraulic actuator concept was affected by a broad temperature range, while electric actuators works just fine with ultimate precision.

Source: Marketplace.org

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I guess thjs means we’ll see fewer posts from Pushmi-Pullyu. That’s too bad; I enjoyed his perspective.

I’m guessing that was intended as a joke?

Elon tweeting a lot less would be a good thing for Tesla. Let the marketing department reps at Tesla actually do their jobs, instead of having Elon shoot his mouth off about everything, often prematurely.

Looks like Tesla in general, and perhaps Elon, need to spend a lot more time on quality control, after Consumer Reports downgraded the Model S to “below average reliability”.

It’s not surprising that Tesla is having growing pains. They’re growing far faster than any other auto maker. Unfortunately, we’re now seeing some of the results of that.

Deny it as you must, but I know you’re Elon!

Be nice.
It’s all about the CO2 Corporate Producers



Even at $1.50/gal, an EV is worth it. There are more advantages than just $$$.


How many less tweets are we talkin’ ’bout here?

Apparently Consumer Reports is reducing their rating on the Model S. Danger Will Robinson!

Musk doing fewer interviews and appearances is probably a good idea. “Seminars and lectures, answering questions from rows of fools who could not even begin to understand his systems,” probably gets old.


good one!

It will be disastrous for Tesla stock if you cut back your time as the spoke-person for Tesla—

This is EXACTLY what your enemies what you to do—–not like you to quit and abandon all the shareholders—-