Tesla CEO Elon Musk Interviewed in China – Video


Elon Musk Interviewed in China

Elon Musk Interviewed in China

We’ve come across one more candid, exclusive interview from when Tesla CEO Elon Musk visited China to celebrate the first Chinese Tesla Model S deliveries.

This one, at 23 minutes long, is rather detailed in so much as Musk touches upon several topics of interest.

Some of the highlights include a brief history lesson on Musk’s early days, a discussion of General Motors EV1 and how the crushing of that electric vehicle created the need for a company such as Tesla Motors.  And there’s even a mention of supersonic jets…Make that supersonic electric jets.

Yes, this is a must-watch Elon Musk interview.  Enjoy!!!

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10 responses to "Tesla CEO Elon Musk Interviewed in China – Video"
  1. scott franco says:

    That were funny.

  2. ffbj says:

    It’s odd that one of the best and most insightful. respectful, interviews of Musk has been done by non-native English speaker.
    Great job!
    Lady Who. Who’s that lady?

  3. ModernMarvelFan says:

    That is a pretty interview.

    Elon Musk seems to be very humble in this interview and I think that is one of the best interview for a long time. It seems to be more “personal” than other interviews which seems to be more “marketing” than NOT.

    I actually like Elon Musk more after watching this interview.

    I hope Tesla can be successful in China. If Tesla can be, then it can be successful anywhere and will make a major force in the world of automotive…

  4. Priusmaniac says:

    What does he mean by “you split the baby” when he talk in the end about the hybrids?
    Perhaps an hybrid is not interesting because you have two power lines to the wheels, but what is so wrong about just adding a generator to an electric car, it doesn’t make much difference with adding leader seats or an airco unit or a spare wheel or a Titanium plate reinforcement. A 60 KWh Model S with a micro Rex of 20 KW would be interesting in range and cost. I still don’t get it why he is so against a small supplement which doesn’t really make a difference since the car is still essentially electric especially considering his choice on Space X for RP-1 full fossil fuel propulsion, not even biofuel or renewable hydrogen, for rockets. Even far in the future the Raptor would use fossil LNG and return is full fossil propulsion again not something partially non fossil like what was the case with the Roton. So why such an opposition to a tiny generator on board especially a renewable fuel one? It would give EV access to way more people overnight and over time we could still improve the battery and have even less to resort to the generator.
    Sometimes it looks like the car has to drive on Mars where there is no air so no possibility for a generator and therefore all of Earthlings have to not have a generator as well even if it means waiting another decade for most people.

    1. Anon says:

      Rockets at SpaceX are an ongoing evolutionary process. Raptor will eventually replace Merlin and use liquid methane, instead of RP-1.

      Given the added design complexities of hybrids, BEVs are a much more straightforward, reliable, and ultimately lower atmospheric carbon option. Even established automakers like BMW have trouble designing optimal tradeoffs in their hybrids, which polarize potential buyers. The only last, real issue with todays EVs– is affordable long range batteries.

      1. Priusmaniac says:

        The DC-X was already running on Hydrogen which at least can be potentially renewable, so that would have been a better start.
        Now we have a fossil fuel RP-1 rocket which is potentially cutting in ESA Ariane 5 and Jaxa H2 Hydrogen fuelled rockets, so where is the environmental progress there when replacing hydrogen by RP-1?
        If methane (actually LNG which is virtually the same) is used, we are still in fossil fuels, so that is more of the same.
        We must go back to Hydrogen and produce it in a renewable way to make a new rocket that can this time really be renewable and non fossil.
        It will be an evolutionary process, OK, but then a car can be evolutionary too and start with BEV + Rex so that most people can access it instead of most people can’t.

      2. Priusmaniac says:

        Again it looks like methane is chosen for mars where it would be produced from hydrogen and local CO2 and therefore the earthlings can’t have a fully reusable renewable hydrogen rocket for another decade.

        1. Kalle says:

          We could make it on erth from local co2 and hydrogen to, if done with power from say solar you play a 0 carbon game, like with liquid hydrogen

      3. Priusmaniac says:

        By the way Hyperloop is great on Mars where it wouldn’t even need vacuum pumps; therefore Earthlings can’t have an HST for another decade.

    2. Phr3d says:

      note: I am a fan, and biased.
      From all of Elon’s interviews, you always hear that his vision is to advance electric vehicles everywhere.
      A hybrid would advance BMW’s and McLaren’s idea and help create more ICE supercars that -benefit- from electric. He is wholly uncomfortable with that process, hence his statement ‘split the baby’ as his vision is an electric filling station environment to match oil filling stations, and based upon free solar – the END of ICE in X-decades.

      I agree with your spare-tire analogy, and can see that as a constant at some future date in competitor BEVex vehicles, but they are philosophically impossible for Tesla.