Tesla CEO Elon Musk Gets Appointed to Position of Electric Mobility Advisor in UK


What Can't Elon Musk Do?

What Can’t Elon Musk Do?

Add one more title to Elon Musk: Advisor of electric mobility UK.

Elon Musk Becomes Electric Mobility Advisor in UK

Elon Musk Becomes Electric Mobility Advisor in UK

Apparently, Musk doesn’t have quite enough work on his plate at the moment, so he saw fit to take up the role of electric mobility advisor for the UK.

In this capacity, Musk will work with the UK government to get the electric mobility revolution rolling there.

As E & T reports:

“The appointment of Musk to help the UK government drive wider deployment of electric cars in order to cut carbon emissions has been announced today by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg during a keynote speech on environmental issues.”

E & T quoting Clegg on the appointment of Musk to this position:

“Because I think it’s especially important that we hear from the leading innovators in this field, alongside our call for evidence, I’ve also asked Elon Musk, a pioneer of electric vehicles in the US, and CEO and co-founder of Tesla Motors, to personally advise the Government on how we can reach the UK tipping point for electric vehicles more quickly.”

“Elon helped design the ground-breaking Tesla Roadster. He brings unmatched expertise to the table. Among other issues, he’ll consider how we can boost investment, massively increase the take up of electric vehicles across the country and promote the benefits of ultra-low emission vehicles more widely to drivers.”

Apparently, Clegg is now taking a proactive approach to promoting the use of electric vehicles.  Clegg urged fleets, taxi services and public organization to get out there to buy plug-in vehicles.  Clegg says that his latest green agenda will move forward, despite criticism from some of his political friends and foes.

The UK’s goal, under Clegg’s direction, is to operate a zero-emissions government fleet by 2040.  This, he says, will set an example that the rest of the nation hopefully follows.

Elon Musk will be called upon from time to time to further the UK’s promotion of electric vehicles.

We’d be willing to bet Tesla sales in the UK will benefit from this appointment of Musk to one of the leaders in the nation’s e-mobility program.

Source: E & T (sub. req.)

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Hmmm… They should make Robert Llewellyn an advisor.

Agreed. Llewellyn is just the man for the job!

The guy is great, and a huge EV evangelist in the UK.

This is great news for Tesla and their attempts to promote their brand in the EU.

Musk is not a good choice given his continued lack of investigation of the Model S fires. Keeping his head in the sand reduces his credibility greatly.

An advisor needs to be someone who is impartial and has an open mind. Not one whose self interest is involved.

An advisor needs to be someone who will provide independent and honest advice. Not someone who will hide behind a press release.

Musk has freely bashed other manufacturers like Nissan, Toyota and others. I don’t believe he fits the bill as an impartial advisor.

@TomH: You have no clue about what Elon and Tesla are doing with regard to future Model S modifications. And if you think you could have sheered of 17 foot of curved wall, ran though a concrete wall, and hit a tree at over 70 miles per hour and had your car not catch on fire, much less walk away safely as the driver in Mexico did, then I’d like to see what type of tank you are driving.

What a negative broadstroke to paint Musk with… Don’t confuse his dislike of compliance vehicles and poor engineering, with his encouragement to get his competitors to up their game, and promote EVs worldwide. :p

Poor engineering? I think the battery placement of the MS would be the poster boy for that.

Musk bashes Nissan for the LEAF battery, but the LEAF has sold more and been around much longer than the MS, yet there hasn’t been one battery fire in the LEAF.

Perhaps Musk should ask Nissan for some engineering help with the 3 fires in 5 weeks Model S.

I think as along as Musk at least takes action on investigating it and not denying it shouldn’t hurt him or the model S. What will hurt him however if he denies it and doesn’t investigate it then it will destroy Tesla. Even if he has a investigation into the fires and there is something wrong and he has a recall that shouldn’t in most cases destroy Tesla but what will is if he doesn’t do anything.

Hello TomH

Fancy finding you here, holding the fort for the virulently anti-Musk “brigade”.

It must be very frustrating seeing what Musk achieves just in one week – your prolific commenting on Seeking Alpha doesn’t quite cut the mustard in comparison, I have to say.

No doubt Tesla will explain or sort the fire issue, and no doubt you and the rest of “the brigade” will continue to ignore all the fires in ICE vehicles that actually kill and maim people (the 45 passengers who burned to death in the Volvo bus in India for example).

Oh its TomH also previously known as oktrader on ABG? Well in any case I hope oktrader got really short squeezed. To me the recent price drop has just become another buying opportunity.