Tesla CEO Elon Musk Discusses Electric Cars, Rock Bottom Oil Prices & More – Video


Here it is, the full Q/A with Tesla CEO Elon Musk from the Detroit conference, where he talks about, well, everything.  Including his kid’s critique of his car design.  Settle in for a great listen.

…and if you’re keeping score, this time we beat www.whereselon.com at their own game.



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Already seen this. The interviewer is basicly a d1ck and tries repeatedly to frame his questions in the most negative way possible, while reacting condecendingly. Guess that’s Detroit Media for ya, when you’re from out of town and scaring the locals. *shrugs*

This is really old.

Reporter not the most well informed.

But, good to see sales increasing in US and Europe.
Factory output will double again year over year.
Fracking: 10X worse for the environment.
Model 3 by 2020 and Tesla profitable around then.

No, he’s “informed”. But the Interviewer uses the same spin and tone as rags like The Detroit Free Press OpEd’s, when dealing with topics like government auto loans and EV subsidies.

Detroit is very conservative and easily frightened by out of state, disruptive technology in the auto industry…

What other car manufactures are using the super charger network besides Tesla? this is news to me.

Elon Musk stuck to his guns throughout entire interview and did not allow Tesla to be portrayed as a government dependent entity.