Elon Musk Does Damage Control: “Yo, I Don’t Hate Apple”

OCT 10 2015 BY JAY COLE 64

Tesla CEO On The Un-War Path (via @elonmusk)

Tesla CEO On The Un-War Path (via @elonmusk)

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Doing An Apple-Like Launch Of The Model X On September 29th

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Doing An Apple-Like Launch Of The Model X On September 29th

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has done a little damage control after being quoted by German newspaper Handelsblatt as saying that Apple is the “Tesla graveyard” for ex-engineers::

“Important engineers? They have hired people we’ve fired. We always jokingly call Apple the “Tesla Graveyard.” If you don’t make it at Tesla, you go work at Apple. I’m not kidding.”

As it is probably not a good idea to unnecessarily make a foe out of a company with ~$220 billion sitting in loose change on their balance sheet, Elon Musk took to the twitter-verse to talk down his recent strong words for the tech giant.

“Yo, I don’t hate Apple. It’s a great company with a lot of talented people. I love their products and I’m glad they’re doing an EV”

The Tesla boss also took a moment to touch on the Apple watch that he previously had nothing good to say about, and the other new Apple products Musk classed as “not relevant enough”.  Mr. Musk didn’t retract his prior statements, but did look to dull the edges of his earlier comments.

Elon Musk Gives Partial Credit To Apple On Wristwear

Elon Musk Gives Partial Credit To Apple On Wristwear

Will this end the battle between the two companies that has emerged since Apple has thrown its hat into the electric vehicle ring with Project Titan?  Or the hiring war between the two?  We doubt it.

/yo, game on

Hat tip to InsideEVs reader scramjet!

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“Yo, I Don’t Hate Apple”

Hate them? No.

See them as a threat? Definitely.

I doubt Apple actually wants to mass-produce an “iCar”, but it seems Apple does have the goal of developing an autonomous (self-driving) car in its sights. Tesla has said it wants to offer the first true fully autonomous (self-driving) car. However, with Apple’s very deep pockets and its software expertise, it almost certainly will be able to develop that tech before Tesla can.

In a few years, I expect it will be a case of “Move over, Tesla; Apple is gonna show you what a real motorcar Autopilot is!” Computers have “Intel inside”; future cars may well have “Apple inside”.

Hopefully “Apple Inside” doesn’t slow down the cars like the latest version of IOS.

Or the last 5 versions of XCode.

You are obviously not an Apple developer. If you’re referring to the Swift compiler, try the latest version. It’s much faster… as long as you don’t download the pirated version from China!

Dana Pearson, aka Vastman

Apple fan boy? Their closed system over priced China crap icar? I doubt it… Their software? Really? Deep pockets sheeple driven tech won’t translate to ev’s



Don’t awaken the sheeple!

Still rocking that Blackberry eh? Or did you you go with the one that sells all your data to every marketer on earth?

Tesla has the best car software expertise right now, and will have developed it even more with actual cars in 5 years.Musk IS a programmer and has the best team.
But as Ted Wilson says, Apple can help a lot getting rid of fossil cars for good.

You remind me of someone. . .

This is why I made a promise to my self never to make promises.

How many more times and for how many more years does Elon have to say he welcomes competition before the ignorant masses believe him!?

when he starts accepting that other EVs (like the Leaf) are not bad and when he is not bashing other EVs or PHEVs anymore.

Tesla has a bigger edge over Apple, but you cannot underestimate Apple given the fact that its a Worldwide company and has put many products to oblivion like Floppy Drive, CD Drive, Hard disks and so on.

They can easily push combustion engines to obsolescence.

Apple is a tour de force true! But Cook might not have the balls as Jobs did. Cook is the best leader for Apple and people will buy their EV if it comes out even if it’s shit.

Our planet has been working towards centralized control of everything for a long long time and EVs don’t really fit in that paradigm unless they are unreliable or consume energy from a controllable source. It takes balls and money to go against that paradigm.

If it weren’t so we would be arming the middle east with PVs and Internet instead!

Ted Wilson said:

“Apple… can easily push combustion engines to obsolescence.”

That’s like saying GM can easily push the smart phone into obsolescence.

Apple has absolutely no expertise or experience with making cars for a commercial market, any more than GM has any experience making and marketing smart phones. All the products you listed from Apple are consumer electronics; not one requires heavy manufacturing.

Could Apple make the first “everyman” EV, and sell it at a competitive price? Maybe, if they devote very substantial resources to development of that product for several years. But one thing is certain: It won’t be “easy”, by any stretch of that word. If it was easy, some existing auto maker would already have done it.

Yes, I want an apple car please. Sorry they don’t exist yet. Well I read on inside evs they were developing one. Oh, those editors over there are just retreads from gas 2. j/k

What a phony.

Also, what a nice left-handed compliment Elon gave Jony and his team.

“Regarding the watch, Jony & his team created a beautiful design, but the functionality isn’t compelling yet. By version 3, it will be.”

By version 3? So Elon thinks that Jony and his team are incapable of making a version 2 of the watch that isn’t crappy, and that the third time’s a charm? Even when Elon tries to compliment someone, he can’t do it without also insulting them. Wow. Just wow.

Elon has a valid point concerning the watch and the developer tools for it. Version one was rather incomplete; there wasn’t a whole lot that could be done with the watch. And he’s not the only one to share that POV:


That’s slowly changing, as the product matures and dev tools for it evolve. Cleaned up and usable by Version 3? Sounds about right.

Yes, anyone who is familiar with Apple’s iDevices knows this to be true. One of the reasons why I switched to getting the “S” version of iPhones is because it is usually an improved version of the previous design with better internals and having cleaned out many of the design bugs. I tell people that it’s similar to why you don’t buy the first iteration of a new or redesigned car model.

Its interesting that you see Mr Musk’s honesty as a personality flaw but I (and fortunately the vast majority of other normal people as well as engineers, car drivers/lovers and investors) see it as a rare-to-the-point-of-non-existentance in the industry, positive one. MW

In which Tweets was Elon honest, the first ones where he said Apple was a Tesla graveyard, or the second ones where he said Apple the bees knees?

I think you’re greatly over generalizing his statements and looking for dissonance, when there isn’t any.

He can like Apple getting into EVs, but hates when Apple Recruiters make headhunting calls to his staff when they are on duty. I get that.

Life is generally complex, and not as black and white as you’re tring to paint it.

“I think you’re greatly over generalizing his statements and looking for dissonance, when there isn’t any.”

You don’t have to look hard for dissonance in Elon’s statements, when it smacks you right upside the head. Elon is a walking, talking dissonance machine.

Elon says he wants nothing more than for all automakers to join Tesla in an EV revolution, transforming the auto industry and saving the human race from extinction. Yet all Elon does every chance he gets is bash all the other EVs out there including the LEAF, VOLT, BOLT, i3, and future Apple EV. Has Elon ever said ANYTHING nice or complimentary of an EV not made by Tesla?

I can’t recall that he has, though when you make the best car on the planet it is difficult to complement inferior efforts.
That would seem to be disingenuous, exactly what you are accusing him of.

This whole kerfuffle does elucidate one aspect of techno corporate culture, call it ‘computer room’ talk, like ‘locker room’ talk but about other engineers, not girls.

Though these sophomoric episodes and Musk’s back peddling post incident are amusing. though of little consequence.
I suppose Musk would be well advised to keep a lid on it, so to speak, especially when being interviewed by those who are all to eager to spark a controversy.
To Midas Musk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hp3JgWmQHcE


Yeah, Musk definitely wants EVs worldwide to succeed! Just not all the crappy ones that are made by companies that he doesn’t own.

But trust me, Tesla revenue has nothing to do with it! He honestly wants to save the Earth by selling everyone his cars.

That’s easy to answer:

#1 Musk is highly competitive and driven by nature or he wouldn’t be as wildly successful at what he has set out to accomplish.

#2 Musk is underwhelmed by the EV offerings from the established OEMs up to this point and quite frankly so am I. Most are fairly lame compliance vehicles only that are not compelling enough in range/performance/size, etc to break through.

The one criticism that Musk really gets wrong is of the Volt. It is a fantastic bridge vehicle to the all electric future but Musk wants to jump to that future ASAP and sees anything that is hybrid as clinging to the past. Also, keep in mind that the Volt and most of the plug-ins offered are fairly small vehicles and this works against widespread adoption in the US.

It’s a bridge car only because OEMs took down the first All Electric wave bridge of 1997.

He criticises rubbish ev’s Sven, put out by manufacturers pretending to be trying. When they show that they really are serious about making a worthwhile and useable ev, Elon will be the first one to congratulate them.

There is a lot of truth to what the folks responding to you are saying. Another way you might look at is that Elon is “insulting them to get them to do better.” It is a time honored tactic that has…to be kind…mixed results. I’m not going to speak to the poor track record of success for individuals, but at the company level, there is greater success with this tactic. That does not, however, mean that it is always successful. At the company level, the company being insulted would usually respond in one of three ways: 1) respond with “Oh yeah?! I’ll show you! – the desired result of the insult; 2) respond with indifference “Whatever dude, I’m making s-ton of $$$$ selling gas hog SUVs” – opposite of the desired result and shows that the company is completely devoted to the status quo and oblivious to the fact that things will change and if they don’t adapt, they will die (or get bailed out by a Gov); 3) respond with outrage over the insult “STFU, we know WTF we’re doing!” – in some ways this is the worst outcome because it could lead to a lack of self analysis… Read more »

to Sven -10

Tesla has great design but is slow to market and has very little capital. Apple is also great at design and has hordes of capital. Time will tell how quickly they can get to market. It is fear of such a formidable competitor which caused Elon to lose control of his emotions and get so petty.

He’s just being accurate. He knows what he likes and dislikes, and even why. To him, he’s just stating facts as facts. Everyone else just interprets his responses as petty.

Is that why he divorced twice? Just stating facts as facts to the wifey?

I think you have a lot of repressed anger, and need to seek professional counseling…

Is that why I’m happily married and have no divorces under my belt?

I think you have a big crush on Elon, and are dreaming for a budding bromance to somehow blossom. . . 😉


If your aim is to get a reputation for being a troll, then your two posts above, including your attempt to do a pop-psych analysis of someone you’ve probably never met, are a rather large step toward achieving that goal.

We should be able to disagree without being disagreeable.

Pushmi-Pullyu said:
“We should be able to disagree without being disagreeable.”

That’s really rich coming from someone who constantly calls numerous other people on this forum “fools.” Do you somehow think your put downs are not disagreeable?

Wasn’t it just yesterday that you were cyber bullying Warren, accusing him of playing the “Greener than thou” card? Then you pretended to not drive a car for years to make yourself appear greener than Warren, and make Warren feel bad about himself. Don’t you in fact drive a big honking gas guzzling minivan? If that’s not pop-psychology, I don’t know what is. Why the subterfuge? Why the need to tear someone down to build yourself up? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Its the classic tragic flaw of today’s modern techno-geek hero.

Just more evidence that indeed sven needs professional counseling! Since approximately 1/2 the people who get married end up divorcing it seems that sven has a big problem on his mind.


It probably didn’t help.

Divorce can be very healthy, and staying married out of fear of being alone is not.

I doubt Apple’s approach to carmaking. Building a car around an autopilot system that’s unlikely to offer a particularly satisfactory user experience any time soon in the gritty reality of (complex and busy urban)traffic doesn’t sound like a great way to break into the carindustry.

Developing compelling EVs and gradually adding autopilot feature OTOH…might work.

Chris O sums it up well.

When Apple finally gets their whiz bang auto-pilot gadgetry all figured out, they can just have Tesla build the actual car for them.

If you read your sister article on this by Eric Loveday – http://insideevs.com/tesla-ceo-elon-musk-apple-tesla-graveyard/ – the “I’m not kidding” bit actually refers to the fact that Tesla employees joke about calling Apple the “Tesla graveyard” not that he really thinks Apple is a ‘graveyard’ for failed Tesla engineers. The distinction is pretty important and clear in the original article, yet you, Jay Cole, have published a completely different take on it. Hardly accurate and un-biased reporting, is it?

Tesla doesn’t find Apple as a threat. Remember, Tesla is the company that opened their patents for other companies. They WANT competition and, so far, the big car companies haven’t given them any.


I don’t think Apple wants to compete directly with Tesla by making an “iCar”, but let’s not forget the lesson of history.

Blackberry was the industry leader in the smart phone market, and none of the big cell phone makers were giving Blackberry any real competition. Then Apple came in with the iPhone and took away Blackberry’s position as market leader, almost overnight.

It can’t happen that soon with an automobile, because it takes longer to develop and ramp up production in automobiles. But it could happen within, say, 6-7 years, if Apple is determined to devote a large portion of its talent and financial reserves to developing an entirely new, heavy manufacturing division of the company.

One thing is certain: If Apple really does try to market an iCar, we’ll know about it years in advance.

Auto pilot is not going to do much to advance the cause of EVs. The reason is that ICE will also be equipped with auto-pilot.

What will make EVs truly appealing going forward is not some auto-pilot app., but batteries at $50-75 a kWh, and true 10 minute recharge times.

jmac said:

“Auto pilot is not going to do much to advance the cause of EVs. The reason is that ICE will also be equipped with auto-pilot.”

Yes, and if Apple makes an Autopilot, then just like OnStar, it will be a tech which can be sold to pretty much any auto maker. Not just for EVs.

Like the drunk guy who has to apologize the morning after for all the messages he sent late last night to all his female friends…

Only that he is the CEO of a public company with a huge market cap.

Musk is his own worst enemy when it comes to future deadlines, grandiose announcements and promises…

PS: He could learn a thing or two from Apple’s global supply chain and logistics instead of talking trash.
Maybe Musk would be able to ship more than just 6 Model X cars by Q3 2015 (a car he once promised for late 2013).

Serial Tesla/Musk hater tftf strikes again!

Sure Tesla could do like Apple and move their suppliers and assembly to China and the third world and pay slave wages. Why stop there? Do like WallMart and pay your own workers minimum wages and have them rely on the govt for food stamps and medicare so they can feed their families and barely survive while the senior executives become multi-millionaires and the owners billionairs. Oh, and by the way, spend some of your excess riches on lobbying the Republican party to protect your elite status and give you even more tax breaks so you can ship even more work overseas.

Be careful what you wish for, the job you destroy might be your own.

I didn’t hear an apology. He doesn’t have to.

the government should take half of that 220 billion that apple has and give it to tesla? It is only fair right?

No, but the gubmint should close the shell game of a loophole that allows Apple and other corporations to rent office space overseas and use this to evade taxes.

The Apple iPhone 6 retails for a measly $749.00.

I shudder to think what a car all decked out with Apple’s latest tech wizardry will cost.

Apple would do better to put their money into battery development.

The big need in electric cars right now is cheaper batteries so that electric vehicles can compete with ICE heads up without subsidies.

The over-priced Apple auto-pilot system jammed into an over-priced Apple car made overseas by under paid workers will NOT revolutionize the EV industry.

The thing that WILL revolutionize electric vehicles is cheaper, more powerful, lighter & longer lasting batteries.

Apple needs to invest their Billions in battery research and development not a useless “me too” car project.

If Elon (a tech guy that made ludicrous $) can create a car company from thin air, why can’t a tech company? The answer lies in passion not money.

Musk may feel that he has toiled in the heat of the day, carried the heavy burdens, blazed a trail for everyone else and invested his personal fortune while a disinterested Apple was making megabucks peddling cell phones. Electric cars were never a corporate goal at Apple until someone else blazed the trail for them. Musk has handed both Apple and Detroit “proof of concept” on a silver platter. And, now Apple wants to play with the big boys. And it appears they are very busy doing just that. “High-profile recent Apple hires from Tesla include former mechanical engineering manager David Nelson, former senior power train test engineer John Ireland, and former Tesla head recruiter Lauren Ciminera, who may be working to recruit additional employees for the car project.” Apple has also poached people from BMW, A123 Systems, Ford, Tata Motors, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Bosch, and battery experts from Samsung, engineers from GM, and so on…. All have heeded the siren call of Apple’s “Project Titan” One must assume Apple is serious. Why go to all the trouble to design and build a car from scratch just to field test some autopilot software. Why is Apple doing this ? To… Read more »