Tesla Celebrates First Model S Deliveries In Hong Kong – Video


“Hundreds of Tesla customers and enthusiasts came together at Hong Kong’s Kai Tak Cruise Terminal on Wednesday to celebrate the arrival of the first right hand drive Model S’s in Asia. On hand to deliver eight Model S keys and introduce Hong Kong’s first two Supercharging sites was Jerome Guillen, Tesla’s Vice President of World Wide Sales and Service.”

Hong Kong is expected to be a rather significant market for Tesla.  Outstanding orders there for the Model S date back more than 2 years now and there’s been ample anticipation for the arrival of the second mass-produced Tesla.  Tesla’s original Roadster proved popular in Hong Kong and we expect the Model S to fare even better.

Quoting Guillen:

“We could not be here without you.  It is really meaningful and we appreciate your commitment to helping us with our goal, which is to accelerate the transition to sustainable transportation.”

Dennis Lo, a Tesla Roadster owner and one of the eight people to take delivery of a new Model S at the event, stated:

“Tesla has completely redefined what an electric car can be, and what can be achieved with zero emissions.”

Hong Kong now has two Tesla Supercharger.  More are coming soon, according to Tesla:

“Hong Kong’s first Superchargers are the latest and most advanced models and will soon be followed by a series of Supercharging locations throughout Hong Kong, allowing Model S owners to charge for free.”

For more scenes and action from the event, watch this highlights video below:

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never get tired of looking at that thing, perfect design

Seems Audi is also looking at Tesla: check out this breaking news:
Audi plans EV version of A6 with 430 mile range, and EV version of A2 with 300 mile range:


If you can’t read German, here’s the translation:


At that event, local staff said that there would be 10 or more Supercharger sites in Hong Kong. That’s great news because it can be very difficult to get a charging station installed in the parking garage of a high rise.

In other Hong Kong news, of the 1,000 “charging points” in HK, 100 have been upgraded from 13A wall sockets (2.8kW) to 32A IEC 62196 (Type 2) stations (21kW). They will be available for use in Government car parks starting August 1.
Locations: http://www.epd.gov.hk/epd/sites/default/files/epd/english/environmentinhk/air/prob_solutions/files/Medium_Charger_Locations_Government_Car_Parks_eng_2014072520140725.pdf

I highly doubt that will be seeing 10 sc in
Hong Kong anytime soon. Currently no additional ones are being permitted. Maybe 10 total along the coast in China, if that, by years end.

“Currently no additional ones are being permitted.”

What are you basing that on? And in Hong Kong or mainland China?

I would be surprised if they hadn’t added another 50 at least in China before the year is ended.

Speaking of China, and while we’re on the subject, how’s the old Wazoo?