Tesla Celebrates Arrival Of Model X & S In Spain – Video


Earlier this month, Tesla announced that it began accepting orders for both the Model S and Model X in Spain.

spainTesla issued this statement on the matter:

Tesla continues to deliver the safest, quickest and longest range electric vehicles of any kind by launching Model S and Model X in Spain, the latest market to join Tesla’s rapidly growing network of developments.

Starting today, Tesla welcomes Spanish customers to visit the online design studio and order the Tesla vehicle that best suits their lifestyle. First orders of Model S and Model X vehicles are expected to arrive as early as end of Q1 2017.

Tesla has confirmed both Barcelona and Madrid as the first locations for stores and service centers. Opening in the latter half of 2017, these sites will address the growing demand for Tesla vehicles across the Spanish market.

Tesla enables seamless and convenient long distance travel throughout Europe’s most popular highways and routes with the extensive Supercharger and Destination Charging networks. Around the world, Tesla owners have already driven over 3 billion miles without a single drop of gasoline. As Tesla continues to expand globally, Spanish customers can help accelerate the journey to the next billion.

In addition, Tesla launched the promotional video seen above (is that an advertisement?). The video is artfully executed, but it’s believed that the market for the S and X in Spain is small, perhaps due to the high price tags both vehicles carry. The Model S is priced from €80,100-€154,500 in Spain ($85,300-165,500 U.S.), while the Model X range from €103,100 to €158,400 (up to $169,385 U.S.). Pricing includes value-added tax and documentation costs.

Tesla’s entry into Spain appears more or less to be in preparation for the upcoming launch of the cheaper Model 3. Tesla says reservations in Spain can be made for €1,000 and adds that deliveries there will commence in mid-2018.

Now go check out that video. It’s really well executed and tells a story worthy of your time.

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Greetings from Spain. Wishing mid-2018 was tomorrow…

Just don’t spit on the car if something happens to not work perfect.. I Understand most Spaniards often spit On things when they get upset..l o l..

¿Where do you heard that?By the way , are all north-americans obese?

Por favor, do not judge all ciudadanos de los Estados Unidos del Norte by one single gringo loco.

xD , ¿gringo? , i’m from the south of europe , not from the mexico border.But yeah , i like how the mexican speak , i think it’s kinda funny , and wherever i know a mexican , we laugh about the way they speak.

For what i learnt many (not all) North Americans when Riding shotgun use to Carry a Rifle (thanks so much NRA).
Just don’t pull the trigger on the car if something happens to not work perfect..
Just kidding.
I’ve seen no substantial difference in spitting habits between Spain and other EU countries in the last 30 years.
But nobody here is perfect: not event Leo Messi who does spit a lot when playing football.

Hopefully all Barcelona players will be given a Tesla if they win season.

I waiting to visit Costa del Sol a Super Charger in Malaga, please!