Tesla Electric Car Attacked By Hatchet-Wielding, Tesla-Hating Mad Man


Officers were dispatched on a report of a man with a hatchet who allegedly struck a Tesla that was driving by. The man said “I hate Teslas.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of Teslas being directly targeted and it likely won’t be the last, but at least with this incident no damage was done to the car and nobody was injured.

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Noozhawk reports:

A man who apparently harbors a strong dislike for Tesla automobiles was arrested Wednesday afternoon in downtown Santa Barbara after he allegedly confronted the driver of one of the pricey electric cars, according to the Santa Barbara Police Department.

Officers were dispatched at about 12:30 p.m. to the 100 block of Arrellaga Street on a report of a man with a hatchet who allegedly struck a Tesla that was driving by.

The vehicle was inspected, but no damage was found. Perhaps the hatchet missed and contacted the ground instead?

Police Sgt. Andrew Hill stated:

“He took issue with a Tesla, and said, ‘I hate Teslas,’ and created some motion with his arm while holding a hatchet.”

“It turns out he’s either a little crazy or under the influence of meth, or both.”

The suspect fled on foot but was quickly apprehended. He’s now in the Santa Barbara County Jail on suspicion of being under the influence of drugs. Since the vehicle wasn’t damaged, vandalism charges have been tossed out.

Source: Noozhawk

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There you go, California. What harm can legalizing drugs do to society? A perfectly good lumberjack turned into a denizen of the affluent streets of Santa Barbara. So easily bought and paid for by the Koch brothers or Scott Pruitt.

Where do you live that outlaw alcohol? US tried to ban drugs with 18th amendment, and that resulted in far more people dying and awful crime wave. Now drugs are legal in all 50 states of USA.

I’ll wager $10 that you’re a Mormon/LDS, or possibly a former member.

You just lost $10. But rather than giving to me, donate to local animal rescue that does not depend on government funding. That should clue you in as to what group I identify.


You’re on the side of dogs drinking and playing poker while locked up in doggie jail?


Quick! Add a photo of that to your post, or paint one, in Acrylic!

Yeah, that’s what we tell ourselves.

However, all mortality declined.

It was also successful in permanently radically decreasing per capita consumption. Dose makes the poison. Prior to prohibition a workman’s lunch included a pail of beer. Hence the song ‘Hole in my bucket’.

But people prefer comfortable myths vs. truth.

check out the data if you don’t accpet.

Uh… Yeah, I read the lengthy reports from Colorado that say the exact opposite:

To the point of others, alcohol abuse does plenty of damage to the brain over time.

Wow, quoting a known propaganda group. Good job.

But heck, everybody knows that no kids EVER did any drugs in Colorado before it was legal…. I guess some people have forgotten about the 1960’s. And every other decade.

If it were a Red State, this Meth Addict would have been wielding an AR-15, and people would be dead

What’s with AR15 fascination? Virginia tech didn’t use it, neither did Santa Barbara killer nor Columbine which occurred in middle of AW ban. Banning a type of gun does nothing. Just look at where the most gun deaths in the world occur (hint: it’s not USA).

More likely, this hatchet nutjob would’ve been stopped in red state like the Southernland Springs killer who killed 27 people (more than FL killer) was stopped by AR15 wielding citizen.

Mass killings surged in frequency and mortality after Assault rifle ban ended.

And why weren’t they as prevalent before AWB? Remember, AR15 have been available since 1960s and AK47 (cheap Chinese copies) since 1980s. Blaming inanimate object for nutjobs can only come from nutjobs, glad anti-gun nutjobs won’t own guns.

The price of an assault rifle in inflationary terms has declined while the availability increased.

Oh really? Before AWB, AK47 were going for about $200, $175 on sales. I was tempted by cheap price, but couldn’t justify inaccuracy (relatively speaking). Now AK go for well over a thousand. Inflation today is not 5 times pre AWB.

Fact is, all the hoopla create higher demand which push up prices. This is why Obama was probably the best gun salesman in history.

There are more mass shootings in America then in any other country when you take into account that not so many people live in America. The US has less then 5% of the world population but 31% of mass shootings and it has also almost half of the civilian guns owned in the world. I wonder if there is a correlation with guns or if people in the States are just crazy? Could be both. I mean Trump as president says everything. The US also has the highest homicide rate in general but I already mentioned that above. Per 1 million people 30 people get killed. 16x higher than in Germany (only 2 people) for example. I bet that has nothing to do with guns. Of course not. That said gun free zones don’t make sense because other people from states or cities with no gun control can just walk in and have a good target. Because there are no controlled state or city borders which wouldn’t make sense anyway. The only working gun control is banning all guns except for sport and hunting like in Germany and you need a license to own a gun. Only then a gun… Read more »

The fact that you think US has the highest homicide rate or gun violence shows your ignorance of the topic. US is one of the safest country in the American continent. As for 31% mass shooting, you are completely wrong on that, too; Norway has higher per-capita mass shooting death than US.

Stop believing everything CNN shows without doing research; they are just as bad as Faux News.

SparkEV said:

“US is one of the safest country in the American continent.”

Reality check:

Per-capita firearm-related homicide rate:

Canada: 1.97 per 100,000
USA: 10.54 per 100,000

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_firearm-related_death_rate )

Anyone wishing to buy a gun in Canada and/or ammunition must have a valid license under the Firearms Act. To obtain a firearms license, all applicants must undergo a screening process, which includes a safety course, criminal history and background checks, provision of personal references, and a mandatory waiting period.

Gosh, what a radical idea. How wonderful that the gun lobby and the NRA have prevented these sensible restrictions in the USA.

“Americans make up about 4.4 percent of the global population but own 42 percent of the world’s guns. From 1966 to 2012, 31 percent of the gunmen in mass shootings worldwide were American, according to a 2015 study by Adam Lankford, a professor at the University of Alabama”


You seem to have reading comprehension problem. I did not say US is THE safest in American continent (which Canada is), but just one of. US ranks 6th safest country in American continent, 5th safest if you count countries with population of 1M or more. That is despite having more guns than any country on the planet.

Second, Canadian gun ownership is 5 times higher than El Salvadore and Honduras. If guns are the problem, Canada should be 5 times worse which it clearly is not. The fact is, El Savadore and Honduras have the highest gun death rates in the world (10 to 20 times of US) despite having only 1/15th gun ownership compared to US.

But then, facts never got in the way of pushing political agenda by antigunners.

Yea of course. Maybe you should stop being ignorant about the US. I don’t know what your problem in this country is but you seriously think you’re the best country and everything is perfectly fine. It’s not. My sources are not only CNN and I’m totally aware that they may use wrong numbers from time to time but just saying it is wrong because it’s CNN shows your ignorance. So Wikipedia says you have 10,5 deaths per 100000 people through firearms but this also includes accidents and so on. The other number was just homicides. In Norway it’s just 1,75 per 100000. So How do you came up with Norway? Do you have sources for your claim or are you just brainwashed by the gun lobby who bought Trump and many other politicians.

US “gun death” of 10 per 100K includes suicides. If you remove suicides, it’s about 4. There’s zero reason to think suicides will decrease without guns. Japan has virtually no guns, yet their suicide rate is 3 times that of US. Then number you should figure for US is 4.

But I was talking about mass shooting. Consider recent mass shootings and how many people died and divide by population (aka, per capita). Norway is many times that of US. Of course, that’s an outlier, but much of Europe isn’t much different than US.

One thing that all mass killings have in common is NOT the use of AR-15, but semi-autos.

U mention columbine, which you are correct, they did NOT have AR-15.
Instead, each had:
1) 12 guage shotgun (1 pump and 1 double barrel).
2) 9 mm semi-autos.


The real issue is NOT ar-15s, but semi-autos.

You do realize that almost every handgun is “semi automatic” in that each pull of the trigger result in one round being fired. If you magically prevent nutjobs from getting semi-auto in a country with 300M guns, they will find other means. Blaming semi-auto is like blaming cars for drunk driving. Ridiculous.

Note how those defending the lack of regulations on gun ownership in the USA use the argument “Well, there are already so many guns that there’s nothing we can do about it.”

Thank goodness Australia didn’t take that hopeless attitude, and instituted a national buy-back program for firearms! That’s one of the reasons why Australia has not had a spree shooting in over 20 years, following the one which prompted their national buy-back program.

For more info, see “Australia Hasn’t Had A Mass Shooting Since 1996”


And the number of guns in Australia today is back to the same level as before the gun confiscation.

If you think doing the same as Australia will work in American continent, just look at most of Latin America which have even tougher gun laws than Australia. Australia has 4 times gun ownership as El Salvadore and Honduras, yet AU is safer. Cherry picking a country half a world away for comparison while ignoring countries right next door is just idiotic.

“Banning a type of gun does nothing.”

I’m sure it will come as a great surprise to the citizens of, for example, the UK and Australia that banning semi-automatic firearms does not significantly reduce the number of gun-related homicides.

They know better. So would you if you looked at the actual facts, rather than the “gun culture” propaganda which you have obviously swallowed.

The USA is the only Western country which has not been able to control either the problem of mass shootings or the problem of a high gun-related homicide rate. It’s also the only Western country where it’s easy to get a gun.

Only people who have been brainwashed into becoming part of the American “gun culture” believe this is a coincidence.

Thank goodness those kids at Parkland, Florida have finally started a popular movement in America to push back against the outrageously evil lobbying of the gun manufacturers and their lapdogs, the NRA.

It’s far past time!

I’m sure it’ll come as a shock to irrational anti-gunners that countries right next to US that are even stricter with guns than Europe and Australia are even more dangerous than US despite having far fewer guns than AU/EU.

As for “western countries”, does the term “cherry picking” mean anything to you? If US is “western country”, what is El Salvadore and Honduras? In case you’re also deficient in geography, El Salvadore is in North American continent, just like US and Canada.

Hey Ed you do know that hammers and axes cause more homicides than AR-15 right?

They cause more deaths than nuclear arms or conventional explosives in the US and those are still banned or highly restricted.

What was the point again?

I know you may not understand but when hammers cause more deaths than the ar-15 and there isn’t a national outcry to ban hammers than it makes an argument that the ar-15 is the boogeyman an emotional one instead of a factual one.

I don’t know a single ar-15 that has killed a single person. Unless of course GM is making autonomous AR-15’s now.

yeah well likely wasn’t stoned flat on his ass in a chair.

NRA has been looking for a nut, with insane rants lately, to do something horrible, and GO TO JAIL, so the gun industry retains control of the political system.

I vote: Right Wing Nut.

First off you have obviously never taken any hard drugs because people high on drugs are passive,now coming down off junk street drugs well that’s another whole different situation, except craziness to prevail legalization of drugs will get these people off the streets and into places of safety where they can get the medical help they need. Who will pay for this? Well that’s easy the billions of dollars currently being wasted on the drug wars. Portugal decriminalized drugs in 2001 Lisbon has since become one of the safest cities in the world.

Trump voter for sure

Guess a Tesla has a save roll that can rule out a hit by a +1 hatchet.

It was a near miss, he must of had Autopilot engaged.

That’s a nice looking axe.

What’s the range on the Ax?

Best I could do was about 5 paces.

Careful with That Axe, Eugene.

Oh sure, there are hundreds of hatchet-wielding meth heads running around every day attacking consumer products they hate, but one decides to attack a Tesla and suddenly it’s headline worthy /s

Well, this is an EV site, so they should inform also people about issues they might have in their daily life as an EV owner.
-not working charging spots
-hatchet wielding meth heads
-high electricity rates on certain times of the day


Was it Bob Lutz?

LOL. I thought maybe bro1999 visited CA.



Bro1999 is Bob Lutz BELIEVE ME

I had the very same thought! I’d certainly be afraid of a meth’ed up Bob Lutz wielding a hatchet.

Which of you Tesla shorts re-upped Lutzes anti-Chillaxing Teslatosterone Meds?

Wow, the shorts really are getting desperate.

If this story is true it further confirms my notion that EVs have become a culture war issue along with god gays guns and abortion. CONNECT THE DOTS ON CLEAN AIR WAKE UP FOLKS

I notice zzzzzzz hasn’t commented yet. Hard for him to comment while in custody.

There is the proof; if you hate EVs you are on drugs!

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

We’re going to need more strict Ax Laws.

California needs to ban the hatchet as soon as they ban propane torches. They need to do it for future generations. Do it for the Tesla’s!

Whoa! Steady on there, Trollnon!
Any more of that rhetoric and Wayne LaHachette of the NHA will get wind of it.
Next thing he’ll be calling congresscritters threatening not to buy them any more if they don’t shape up.
Then where would we all be? One shudders to think.

Did Delta offer NHA members a travel discount?

Axe Law 1.1:

All Axes, Must be Kept on a Leash, while outside of their Axe Cabinets, and the Leash must be securely attached to the Axe by a Bolt, and to the Owner/User, by a self tightening Slip Knot, Around the Users Neck!

Someone hit my Mercedes with a bat when I was driving, it sounded like a $1000 dent but when I pulled over (much further down the road) he had hit the glass, and it didn’t break. I also have a friend in San Fransisco that wouldn’t take his Rolls out in the city, only for trips out of town because he had someone walk out and start kicking it at a stoplight. My Leaf only seems to enrage diesel pickups, the only damage has been from parking among huge SUV’s.

I did not know bro1999 even owned a hatchet, but I should have figured him for a hatchet man.

Two more Strikes for Madbro – the “hatchet man”, and he’s Out!

We still got our TS sentencing law here in Cali.
thanks to the majority of Golden State Voters back in 1994, so the minimum of 25 to life, for the next two swings and misses, should be a Model “X”-citing ride!

Falcon Wing Doors for Nut Job Sweeping!

This is an illustration of the extreme lengths competitors and performance-enthusiasts will take to “hack” Tesla’s hardware and software.

Or perhaps it was one of Elon’s fellow 2-day Stanford alums who just got confused and thought ELon was driving the Tesla and was heading to the Big Game. He was attempting to return the Stanford Axe.

Was he heard shouting “Give ’em the Axe” when arrested?

I mean we all feel this way at some time or another right? Well, assuming you don’t own a Tesla. They brag on and on about how many miles their car can go, how they have this amazing SC network, but then at work place charging they plug their car in every damn day and leave it there all day despite only having a 5-10 mile commute that can be refilled in 30 mins.

Hey jerkwads, how about you plug in once a week and then move it after a few hours so those of us with smaller packs can charge our car 😀

I wonder when Walmart and Dicks will stop selling axes to 18-20 year olds. Gotta go get that publicity 😀

It’s only automatic axes that are a problem…try to pay attention.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

It was Ax AP v1.78.

Yes, because axes are just as dangerous as simiauto guns with huge magazines.

Troll harder. 😉

Wow, fantastic.

Tesla short sellers may not use a hatchet, but they always have an axe to grind.

The trolls are mighty quiet….Come on troll1999, ZZZ-troll, 7-trolls, euro troll point of view, TFWTF troll and all the others here is a guy living your dream and you don’t give him any love at all!


They are all the same guy — now in custody.

Should make bail soon though.

So… if I shoot at somebody and miss, no charges will be filed?

Kosh if you live in San Francisco you can shoot at someone and hit then have them die in their fathers arms and as long as you are an illegal alien you will get off.

I didn’t realize that that “bro1999” lives in Santa Barbara. 😉

Hmmm, shoulda read comments before replying. I see just about everybody got there first! 😀

But Ffbj wins the internet for the day, with his “hatchet man” quip! 😆