Tesla Camera As Built-In Dashcam Part Of V9 Update

SEP 20 2018 BY MARK KANE 10

Tesla’s on-board dashcam update is just around the corner.

Elon Musk announced earlier this year that there will be a new feature, enabling the use of cameras in Tesla cars for dashcam-like playback.

The timeframe for the feature was moved from a “few months” in June to soon” in September as part of the V9 over-the-air software update.

However, some of the Tesla owners are disappointed and disheartened of further waiting and are considering third-party dashcams, as it would be handy to be able to record not only an accident but also vandals.

Elon Musk responded the other day: “Good news on this front. Tesla engineering rallied & this will be part of V9. Going through final testing now.”

Well, now we all need to prepare for the flood of videos from Tesla on-board systems.

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I’m wondering how videos will be transferred from the car to a computer? USB? Wifi? Both?

Hopefully they make them accessible thru the Tesla app on the owner’s mobile device.

Yeah, 4GLTE upload *should* be fast enough if the files aren’t too big. Not sure what all that bandwidth would cost Tesla. Of course they keep talking about starting to charge for the 4GLTE connection.

Well, ATT, Verizon and T-Mobile are deploying 5G NR in 2019, 1Gbps anywhere in the US, should be sufficient for any dash cam. Unless you are sending out raw uncompressed 4K footage…

I’ve been saying for years that auto-makers need to include dashcam as part of the car. It’s annoying having to use clunky aftermarket products.

While Tesla has 8 Cameras Looking Outward for Autopilot Functions, years ago, I had a visual Idea of Inward Facing Cameras: on “A” Pillars, facing across the cars front seats – this was to record Proof you WERE Wearing you Seat belt (I watched a large number of people fail to escape from that charge, 1 time in Night Court!); Plus Both Forward And Rear Facing Cameras, to record the Traffic that Rear Ended you, and the Vehicles or Pedestrians in front that cause Accidents!

Lately, the “Stuck Pedal” Stories have lead many to suggest “Pedal Cams” on Tesla’s, but maybe other cars could benefit from them, too! (One pointing Down at all Pedals, and one pointing across from the Center Hump!) Such camera angles could be able to be used to provide great training videos, too!

Sort of turning into that episode of Black Mirror called “The Entire History of You”. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Entire_History_of_You

My update just finished today but I will not be able to play with it until later — please anyone post any tips here!!

The CT6 PHEV i’m test driving today has a recording device for the 360 birdseye view. If the alarm is activated, it records movement around the car. If parking, 360 comes on next to the backup cam view and can be set to record during these maneuvers. I think I read that 360 turns off if the car is going over 8mph.

Surround Vision Recorder
If equipped, the Surround Vision
Recorder records 360° camera views to
an SD card.

This feature will be really sweet. I can’t wait for it to arrive.