Watch TeslaCam Capture Motorcycle Versus Car Crash


TeslaCam catches lane-splitting motorcycle rider who wishes he hadn’t tried to shoot the gap.

One of Tesla’s newest features, dubbed TeslaCam, acts as a built-in dashcam to capture various events.

This clip catches the moments leading up to and following a motorcycle versus car crash. The motorcycle rider appears shaken, but not seriously injured.

Let’s hope that this acts as a reminder to car drivers to always check your blindspot and to motorcycle riders to be mindful of how difficult it is to be seen while attempting such a move.

According to Tesla’s release notes on TeslaCam, after one prepares a USB drive according to instructions, footage from the front-facing camera will be stored on the USB.

See some of the very first footage from TeslaCam here.

Video description:

Software 9.0 updated over weekend — Just in time for this.

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Is that a Bolt in the right lane early in the video? Also, I bet he’s at least glad he had a helmet on as you can see his head hit the concrete.

Sure is. I’m starting to see more Bolt EVs in my neck of the woods (NC). I parked next to one at Whole Foods tonight (no chargers at this one though).

Darn it all…you beat me to it…were all like a bunch of excited 5 year olds screaming in the back seat…look daddy! BOLT!

The car did have it’s turn signal on but it went shortly after the motorcycle changed lanes. Who’s at fault here?

Motorcyclist does an illeagal triple lane change into the faster lane’s blind spot in an attempt to overtake the motorist on his left, which is also illegal in many states. He’s lucky to be alive.

No! The moto was already occupying that lane. The white car is 100% at fault here.

“Who’s at fault here?”

Both drivers are at fault but CHP would normally cite the car driver for an unsafe lane change. The motorcyclist is clearly in the third lane when the car enters it The blind spot defense may get some sympathy in a civil suit but counts for nothing in traffic court.

This is why they have the 3 second lane change rule which the motorcyclist broke twice.

Looks like the motorcyclist actually broke it three times

I live and drive in the State of California (which explains why gas is so expensive) and I can’t find this “3 second lane change rule”. Do you have a website or source. I googled the term and nothing revelant is showing up for California (where this hit and run occurred).

There is no blind spot if you turn your head which you are required to in any civilised country.

It seems like a hit and run so it doesn’t really matter at that point.

How is this even a question? The Audi pulled into a occupied lane, end of story.

The bike hadn’t begun to lane split, but he didn’t do himself any favours by approaching from the beam (side) since cagers rarely look anywhere but straight ahead.
OK, that last bit was a very broad brush, but that’s how it feels to motorcyclists on the road.

I hadn’t driven in California in decades, but when I visited the Bay area last summer and drove there, the single most striking thing I observed was the huge number of motorcyclists who ride and pass between the lanes. Texas drivers are often terrible, but this is one thing that is not common in Texas. The motorcyclist in this clip seems to be moving to the space between lanes. The collision in this video looks to be considerably LESS horrific than the collisions I could easily imagine occurring when driving there a couple of months ago. It’s nuts.

Lane splitting is legal in CA, I don’t believe it is in TX.

Legal and very common. They need to end this!

Yes, it makes no sense to me, and I certainly don’t feel comfortable trying it on my WIDE Harley.

But it is weird, the state cares enough to about your safety to make you wear a helmet, but then let’s you do stupid things like split lanes. I’m guessing it’s driven by traffic congestion in LA and SF.

Bingo! It’s definitely a good thing for the bikes to be able to go by parked cars on the freeway….but they do it at high speeds too. i tnink the best thing they can do is make a quarter lane in between the carpool and the fast lane and have it for bikes.

Might be legal, but this motorcycle was making lane changes much too fast if he plans to live a while. If he were in the center of the lane vs. getting ready to squeeze between the two cars by riding the line, maybe he would not have so much back pain tomorrow. He is going to need at least 2 Aleve tomorrow….and he will be walking to work.

I’m always freaked out by lane splitting motorcyclists. Saw a guy on an enduro bike like that come about 1/4″ from clipping a car just yesterday with the big saddlebags on the side.

Sure looks to me like the motorcycle was aiming for the white line. Bad move. Also, being in the car’s blind spot during a slow down, when many drivers change lanes. Car should have checked blind spot. I’d say fault is 70% motorcycle, 30% car.

Dude, the highway lane is supposed to 12 feet wide and the motorcyclist remained in his lane … all 12 feet. The motorcyclist signaled BUT NEVER ENTERED the fastest lane. The car is 100% at fault. And I looked at the video 5 times; the car smashed into the motorcyclist while the car was changing lanes.

The motorcyclist was not “aiming for the white line”, he was avoiding the concrete seam running lengthwise in his lane. Motorcyclists know to cross railroad tracks at an angle and to not ride on lengthwise seams in the roadway. He has every right to occupy any part of the lane he wants.

Hit and run with injury. That’s a felony. It would be interesting to see how this plays out once they arrest him. Justice served thanks to the camera footage.

No hit and run, you can see the Audi driver starting to pull over to the right side after the accident, but the footage cuts off too early to really see him/her stop.

Model3 Owned- Niro EV TBD -Past-500e and Spark EV,

I didn’t upload the next video frame. Audi took off, exiting about 1/4 mile further down crossing traffic just as fast as they could get away.

In our opinion, cyclist was in our lane and the Audi simply didn’t look cause it was too occupied in trying to get past that minivan.

FYI – cyclist was fine. Went via ambulance to hospital.

KEY CAM ISSUE — One thing we learned. Unless you hit the record save button and simply park the car, the last 1 minute file gets corrupted.

A reasonable and rational person would stop immediately to provide aid to the person riding the motorcycle that they just forced into the ground. Not pull over way over to the right side of the freeway to watch and await assistance. That being said, he had no intention of stopping at all.

Stop in the middle of the highway rather than pull over to a breakdown lane? Please tell me you’re not serious.

I bet many don’t even realize it’s illegal.

Hitting a biker is a service for everyone.

You’re a dick.

Am a trucker and I do witness on a regular basis cycles doing awful things,breaking the law,passing where they shouldn’t,excess speed,had one that just had to squeeze in front of me before a lane closure,he approached from the right and was between the concrete barriers and my truck,I never saw it coming till I seen the top of his helmet.Luck or something was with him that day.IT COULD HAVE BEEN HIS FINAL DAY,if I hadn’t locked my brakes up and almost rear ended because of him!Signs up all over the place about watching for motorcycles and how to drive around them,but many ride as if the law doesn’t apply to them.Before someone starts on me for being anti cycle or something,let’s get it straight,I been riding since a very young age,8-9 yrs old.I have owned different types/styles,Harleys to crotch rockets and decided that there is too much road construction and heartless,deadbeat,my phone is more important drivers that I decided to hang it up and stay with 18 wheels.ATTN:It only takes one time,period…….

Wow, that’s stomach churning just watching it. I don’t ride a bike but I always worry about this happening when I’m changing lanes in my car. This is why I never change into a lane even if it’s free when there’s a car parallel to me on the other side of the free lane. Some people don’t even indicate so you’d never know. I always change lanes into a free lane when the other side of the free lane there is a gap in traffic. Also, I don’t change lanes very quickly so there’s time to abort if needed.

What about data protection? Can anyone just upload videos of other people in accidents? The license plates are clearly visible. It’s good to share it with the police, but please think about it twice before uploading it on youtube. You don’t do anyone a service. It’s just accident porn for your and other people’s entertainment.

The Audi driver is totally cool with it. In case the driver has changed its mind he can speak up at any police station.

If this is indeed a hit and run, the maker of this video should have handed it over to the police as part of the accident report. The vehicle is clearly identifiable allowing prosecution. End of story. This is just a public gazing and shaming club.

Model3 Owned- Niro EV TBD -Past-500e and Spark EV,

Did and done. We stopped and assisted immediately. The intent is more to show the benefits of the TeslaCam and the new software update built into Tesla vehicles.

So please post the follow up here. The license is clearly visible from the video.
Getting hard to do a hit and run these days.

Model3 Owned- Niro EV TBD -Past-500e and Spark EV,

See Something? Say something.

I’d say the car driver was legally liable for the accident but the motorcyclist made a pretty boneheaded move. He came from 2 lanes over from behind right in the car driver’s blind spot and then moved even closer to the car. He’s likely an inexperienced motor cyclist as well. I doesn’t look like he reacted at all or has never been taught how to counter steer.

I hate bikers!

I was seriously hoping that it wasn’t the white BoltEV that was going to get hit. And thankfully, it wasn’t!

As a 20 year Harley rider, I have to say that this was at least partially the bikers fault. He was not riding defensively and getting ready to split lanes.

Car was at fault. He moved into the lane where the bike already was. Bike was hardly lane splitting. He merged form right to center with turn signal.

The motorcyclist was not attempting to “shoot the gap”. That is an irresponsible caption. The motorcyclist had done a lane change and was occupying the normal part of the lane (away from the oily stripe in the middle of every lane created by oil powered cars dripping their fuel/oil on the public road). The Audi driver did a lane change without doing a normal sideways head check. Look where you are going people, you could take an innocent life!

That car would have worried me. It was poorly positioned in its lane, following too close and using its brakes far too much. The car driver was in the wrong, but much of the responsibilty for the crash lies with the rider. By making a multi lane change, the biker ate up all of his safety margin. Instead of being unlucky if something went wrong, he’d gone to having to be lucky if something did go wrong. Leaving enough margin for my own and others mistakes kept me out of trouble since 1987 and when I did get unlucky and was wiped out on a motorcycle by a van pulling an illegal U-turn, I still ended up lucky, being able to walk out of Hospital some hours later, having gone in on a spinal board.