Tesla Calls On Employees To Test Full Self-Driving

Tesla Autopilot

SEP 29 2018 BY MARK KANE 30

Tesla employees offered to be beta testers.

Bloomberg has obtained an email from Elon Musk to Tesla employees, in which he offers them to become beta testers of the full self-driving system.

The requirement is to put at least 300 hours of feedback (300-400 hours), while the reward is $13,000 worth options in Tesla cars ($8,000 package for full autonomous driving and $5,000 premium interior package).

Tesla currently needs about 100 more employees in an internal testing program and those positions are expected to be filled almost immediately.

“This is being offered on a first-come, first-served basis, he said in the email. Given the excitement around this, I expect it will probably be fully subscribed by noon or 1pm tomorrow.”

Tesla Autopilot (Beta) is currently working as an advanced assist system that requires the driver to pay attention and take full responsibility for driving, while the ultimate fully self-driving/autonomous driving system will enable the driver to not be engaged in driving at all.

Tesla Model S, Model X and Model 3 cars are – according to Tesla – equipped with hardware that with proper software will be ready for full self-driving.

Source: Bloomberg

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Good deal! … Assuming you have enough spare time after working all those long hours at the Tesla factory.

It’s a good deal for Tesla, not so much for the employees. If the car kills someone, the “driver” (employee) carries the liability. After all, it’s beta! The driver is ultimately responsible: it’s their personal car, paid for with their own money, and driven on their own time, not an official corporate vehicle. No vicarious liability accues to Tesla under “respondeat superior.”

Is voluntary, so is their choice.

I’m sure a great number of people — not just Tesla employees — would jump at the chance, if they could be a part of such an important advancement, even if they had to sign a waiver disclaiming any liability for Tesla.

Your attitude here stinks, Eleventy Pretend Electrics. I think forcing yourself to become a serial FÜDster has shriveled your soul down to almost nothing.

“If the car kills someone?” Hey, nice job at FÜD there, attacking the attempts to make driving safer, by not-so-subtly insinuating this would actually make it less safe. I’m sure there’s a trollish award somewhere for which you qualify.

I think this will be a first with ‘full’ self-driving. I am guessing with it being Beta, the ‘pay attention’ rules still would apply and the software keeps track of all manual steering, braking or accelerating corrections/actions by the driver.

Here’s an idea, to my understanding parking around most Tesla facilities is still god awful…Use self driving Teslas to ferry employees to and from remote parking lots…

Dude…really…. “to my understanding”. Maybe comment on something real.


I will be like hell no. Sorry 😐 but I don’t want my car to kill me

They didn’t say disconnect the steering wheel and blindfold yourself (-:

Will \has already blindfolded himself–with hate for Tesla/Musk.

Go go Tesla. 🎊🎉🎎🎈. Have some other people test it or company don’t kill your employees

Not so worried about the drivers/passengers in the Tesla, as they have proven pretty safe. But more worried about it killing pedestrians and other drivers.

There are so many Tesla with equipped autopliot on the road, but Tesla still need to ask 100 employees to test it.
The billions of miles of data collected by daily drivers don’t worth as much as we originally thought.

uuhm, those billions of miles are for training the AI. After that, you can not simply say “ok we’re done” and release it untested.

It’s worth to sell that data to companies

Or how about having an actual fleet of test vehicles and test engineers?

This is what Google, the leader in autonomous vehicles, has done. It’s worked pretty well so far, with full autonomous taxis now in operation outside of Phoenix.

That autonomous taxi service hasn’t been launched yet; hopefully it will soon. Plus, it’s Waymo, not Google.


Yelp. That’s was I was trying to say

That’s not the same as testing everyday use.

Tesla’s employee reduction program…

Ok, in bad taste, I just had to.. sue me.

At this point, I can venture a guess based on my M3 and the map. If you notice the map, it has green and other colored lines on the map, and in fact each road has *both directions* marked. It also has lines showing the turns in intersections. Most interesting is the *lack* of such lines on residential streets. I don’t believe it always had these lines, so someone else can verify this.

If they can recognize traffic lights, and stop signs, which I think they can, and the autopilot has improved enough to avoid collisions, then I suspect the answer is that FSD is limited to streets they have verified and perhaps even checked with survey vehicles. That combined with operator vigilance would be enough. I’m sure they have put enough hours on the system with direct employees of the autopilot test group.

Basically, the cars would only be driving routes that are well surveyed by Tesla.

“Basically, the cars would only be driving routes that are well surveyed by Tesla.”

I think that’s true for Waymo’s fleet of self-driving or semi-self-driving cars, too. Is there any self-driving system in development which can drive on roads which have not been pre-scanned?

Ultimately, they are all aiming for that… Though most seem to see it as a next step; while Tesla appears to be aiming at making any features they roll out work everywhere from the beginning. That’s why it’s so hard to compare them…

I got the invite and am in NW Iowa. I have never seen another Tesla around here. Not yet anyway…. Really hope to start seeing them soon.

What if the first Tesla driving by in shadow mode is the survey vehicle? Or a couple of Teslas?
Machine learning can then get the information processed to a point where it is possible to actually do FSD in unknown streets. Machine learning is how AlphaGo beat the world champion.

Another Euro point of view

OK great. I just hope we won*t soon read that Tesla started the production of body bags as part of vertical integration.

Got the message and immediately jumped at the chance. Love Tesla, Love my P3, and love what Musk is doing for the world!!!!

Where did we get the idea that Musk (who thinks AI is summoning a demon) is using AI in this application? Their Intel implementation is a more capable AI than nVidia’s board? Tesla scrapped nVidia and went with an internally developed solution not very long ago. Tesla engineers are that much better than Waymo or Cruise?

If Tesla is not using AI, they’ll never get to FSD.