Tesla Buys 4 Acres Of Land With 16,470 Square-Foot Facility In Fremont


Tesla's Latest Property Acquisition

Tesla’s Latest Property Acquisition

We’re still not quite sure what Tesla intends to do with it, but the automaker bought the site seen here (address: 45201 Fremont Blvd. – Fremont, California).

Somewhat ironically, the property used to be home to a UAW hall.  The United Auto Workers still owned the location, although it was not currently active.

According to the San Francisco Business Times:

“The price wasn’t immediately available, but Sperry Van Ness, which was marketing the property, was asking $4.26 million. Detroit-based United Auto Workers was the seller.”

“The land includes a 16,470-square-foot building, but the real value may be in the size and location of the parcel. It’s roughly four acres (about 1.3 acres of which is vacant, undeveloped land), located practically across the street from the Tesla factory.”

Tesla'a Latest Property Acquisition

Tesla’s Latest Property Acquisition

Check out Tesla’s newest property at the Google Maps link here.

Source: San Francisco Business Times

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Looks like a Tesla Hotel


I really like Tesla news. This is more like stalking. LOL

Tesla should buy the GM Training Center in Burbank and turn it into an EV1 genocide museum.


Curious. No one really seems to be taking into consideration their potential overvaluation.

Pretty much true. Analysts are number crunchers, as such they just follow what the numbers tell them.

It’s going to be a Tesla provided free rehab clinic for those individuals that become mentally unhinged after drag racing their go-fast gas car against a Tesla P85D. It’s actually smart on Tesla’s part; will help Tesla avoid a future “emotional distress” class action lawsuit.


First clinic patient:
***mod edit*** very NSFW language ahead ***mod edit***

The sign says it’s a “Scream Park”. Maybe out back, they put you in a P85D, stomp the pedal, and listen to you scream.

“In Tesla, no one can hear you scream…” 😉

Probably a delivery center? A handy place to park oodles of cars… particularly high volume cars like Model 3 and Model Y.