Tesla Buys 35 Acres Beside Factory, Complete With Test Track

JUL 20 2013 BY STAFF 6

Tesla has purchased a large area of land adjacent to the company’s Fremont factory that currently assembles the Model S according to a report by the Silicon Valley Business Journal.

The Tesla Factory Was Once Home To A Joint Toyota-General Motors Venture

The Tesla Factory Was Once Home To A Joint Toyota-General Motors Venture (image via National Geographic)

The 35 acre piece of property was previously owned by the Union Pacific Railroad.

Of note, the property contains a portion of a test track that was built by a prior tenant to the railroad – New United Motor Manufacturing Inc., constructed back when Toyota and General Motors products were built there before 2009.

The track runs along the eastern side of the industrial campus.  It is not expected that Tesla will make use of this existing track, but that the company will still use this facility to prove their upcoming electric car lineup in a different configuration.

However, Tesla spokesperson Shanna Hendriks, in speaking to the Mercury News, was not willing to confirm that suggestion:

“The land is attached to the Tesla factory property.  We will use it as we expand our use of the facilities.”

Terms of the purchase were obtained through Alameda County property records, however terms were not known at time of press.

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“…that current assembles the Model S ” should be “…that currently assembles the Model S “. Dunno if you really need 4 “P” words in one sentence, either. You can easily drop the “piece of” in that sentence, and it flows much better.

Perhaps our prose and punctuation was not as productive as possible.

Lol, 5 Ps. Way to outdo yourself.

this is the internet stop being a grammar nerd U R ANNOYING

I think journalism is journalism, regardless of the delivery mechanism. In case it helps … there are several online grammar/spell checkers available. Their cost is minimal, and they only take a few minutes to apply. Some are even more picky than Anon! 😉

BTW EV, your three sentences are not capitalized, nor do they contain any punctuation. 🙂

Report: “Hey, you people bought stuff and didn’t tell us!”

Tesla: “Correct. And we won’t tell you what we’re going to use it for.”