Tesla Buyer Takes Delivery, Immediately Crashes Model S – Update: Supercharging Mishap


After apparently waiting to take delivery of this shiny new Tesla Model S, the buyer then proceeded to wreck it before even driving it off the lot.

Reddit user s1lentway provides some context:

“We believe this is someone who just got their car. They must have been driving it for less than a minute and lost control, crashing right into the sign missing the show room glass windows only by a few inches. Not the way you want to start out driving a brand new $70K + car that took a few months to make for you.”

Of course, this wrecked Tesla is at Tesla’s Fremont store, right in front of the Tesla factory.

How embarrassing, right?

Our guess is that the buyer just wasn’t quite ready for the instant mounds of torque the Model S provides.  At least repairs will take place only a few feet away, meaning there’s probably no need for a tow truck this time.

Disclaimer: We do note the vehicle already has an HOV sticker affixed on the rear driver’s side – which may indicate that the original reporting on the scene on this vehicle being new may not be 100% accurate.

Update:  As expected by the presence of the HOV sticker, it turns out unintended acceleration at the Supercharging station was the cause (not unfamiliarity with the Model S) as a lady was looking to charge her car by backing into a Supercharging station…instead she hit the accelerator and obliterated Tesla’s sign and the front end of her car.

Sources: Reddit via Jalopnik

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Holy crap!

I figured another China owners protest….lol

I was thinking another theft attempt that went bad.

That photo is just begging for a caption contest.

“Here’s your sign (literally)” – Bill Engvall

Leeeeroy Jenhkiins!

For those not WOW (World of Warcraft) familiar…get your nerd hat on!

It was funnier before I found out it was staged. Still makes you giggle though.

If the Model S came with Falcon Wing doors, it could have flown over the sign.

You’re thinking of Redbull.

Elon Musk: “All our sign are belong to you.”

It turns out that the ramp was just too steep for the Tesla to climb up and jump over an ICE car Dukes-of-Hazard style.

That’ll buff right out…

i thought the the tesla would stand up better against a sign.
also how he get up there
Caption: In your face coal rollers… OPS!


3. Burning a picasso to show your wealth is so yesterday.

2. Google did the autonomous car, not Tesla (yet).

1. That you can drive a Model S doesn’t mean that you CAN drive a Model S.

I see Leroy Jenkins bought a Tesla.

Wrecked Exotics.com is full of pictures of people who weren’t ready to drive a powerful vehicle. Ferraris, Lamborghinis, etc. Now we get to add Tesla to that list.

Looks like a consumer with their first ultra quiet electric car. They turned it on, put in in gear, started played around with the giant touch screen, forgot it was on/in gear, then inadvertently pressed the gas peddle adjusting in the seat trying to look backwards to see what the giant backup camera screen was seeing…….and off they went.

Let’s just hope they called the insurance company and covered the car before picking it up.

“pressed the gas peddle”

Nit pic.. should say “accelerator” or whatever term you prefer that removes the “gas” part.


…and spell “pedal” correctly…


I thought the correct spelling was “petal”

Yeah, put the petal to the medal!!

LOL! 😀

When i drove gas cars i never even called it the gas pedal.

Always was the Accelerator

I swear that sign was not there a second ago.


This is defiantly going to go on world’s dumbest if they have video of this car crashing.

I wounder did this clown test drive the car first to know what he was getting himself into.

The driver was female. *shocked*

A comment was pointlessly sexist. *not shocked*

Especially w/a handle “bro”


Just calling it like I see it. I mean there has to be a reason 98% of professional race car drivers are male, right?

Race car driving has nothing to do with it. Why don’t you try looking up male/female stats for accident reports nationwide.

Sunny Guy

There IS a reason. It’s just not the one that supports your position. In fact, it undermines it.


Que lawsuit for unintended acceleration.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case anymore with the stolen Model S on July 4th. That guy died three days later. I don’t know what that guy was thinking. I love telling people how it’s the safest car in the world. I guess some people are trying to see for themselves.

He wasn’t wearing his seatbelt and he technically didn’t die “in” the Tesla.

Had he been wearing his seatbelt, his chances of surviving would have been much greater as the front of the car was intact and, being a Tesla, it probably would have still offered reasonable protection.

It’s a point of pride that no Tesla owner has been killed or seriously permenantly injured accepting delivery of their Model S.

Other than their pride.

Just look at that S car go! Get it? Snails?

A phrase right out of “Trading Places”.

seems like it isent a new model s tho. their is stuff hanging in the rear wiew mirror, and one of those clean air stickers on the bumper.

I’m starting to think people who drive Teslas are bad drivers.

Or else they’re just like the drivers of every other car, but random one-off accidents just don’t get dedicated articles in the national news for any other manufacturer….


Tesla: Come on in and test crash one of our vehicles.


Sorry, crash testing is not allowed in some states. To do that, you’ll have to visit an ICE dealership and crash one of their cars.

It could have been worse. The Tesla could have caught on fire or split in two. :/


Hmmm is right. Seems like pretty sloppy reporting at best. The car has an HOV sticker on the bottom of the left rear quarter panel. You don’t get those until several weeks after recieving the permanent paper copy of your registration from the DMV.

Well, random pictures/captions via reddit aren’t always the most professional…we did note the car has an HOV sticker when we passed it along, (=

Agreed. Probably someone who had just charged up at the supercharger in the background and crashed into the sign while attempting to leave.

Can’t believe that, at least from the angle of the picture, the building appears undamaged.

Looks like brake dust on the wheels.

HOV sticker doesn’t mean anything. New Fiat 500e’s come with HOV stickers already on the car, same with Smart ED’s

Before I take this home, I just want to double check that the airbag works…

If it was a brand new car – why does it already have a CA HOV sticker on the back portion of the deliver side?

Are we removing the comments we don’t like now?

Your comment started with:

“There’s a lot of this unsubstantiated crud coming across as headlines on this site these days.” – which really should be enough to have it deleted all things considered

But then continued on to reference the HOV sticker issue at 3pm (time of your comment) after Jalopnik corrected around noon…however when the story went up first thing this morning here, we noted that the early reporting was likely in error due to the HOV sticker being present.

So yes we deleted it because:

A) you didn’t read the whole story and were in error speaking about how we had missed that
B) you were being unnecessarily defamatory

Thank you for keeping this place a great place to post!

I had a similar accident many years ago in our 1972 Mercedes, when I thought I stepped on the brake, but I stepped on the accelerator. So, this is not unique to electric cars.

I’m not a crime scene investigator, I don’t watch CSI, and I did not stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. However, that picture is suspicious. First, the car looks almost wedged between the sign and the building. The only way I see that happening is to hit the sign while the back end is fish tailing towards the building. Yet the car doesn’t seem to have hit the building (possible yet unlikely). Second, there is no disturbance of the gravel/rocks suggesting the car had a sudden landing in that spot. I would expect quite a displacement of that gravel with the car landing the way it did.

All that said, I can truly appreciate the idea that someone picks up their brand new Model S and immediately wrecks it in the parking lot.

Maybe those rocks are the glued down type.

Humans ruin everything…

What, no fire?!

No signs have ever been killed by a Tesla Model S… but some have been badly injured.

If the driver is a fault here, the driver should take full responsibility for their own mistake and pay for the repairs of the car and the Tesla sign.

If the driver files a insurance claim, I hope the insurance company tells this person to pound sand for the repair bill or drops them as a customer; or jacks up their premium by %10000.