Tesla Booth Flooded With Model 3 Buyers In China

NOV 27 2018 BY MARK KANE 21

Floods seem to occur wherever the Model 3 debuts.

Tesla‘s stand attracted huge crowds at the 2018 Guangzhou Auto Show according to reports from China.

The company was present with trio of its cars – Model S, Model X and Model 3, presenting also the latest V9.0 software system.

“From the China Tesla Club and Chinese Auto reporter (Sun Shao Jun), the booth that has the most customers in Guangzhou car show GIAE this year is Tesla, which has been extremely busy from the beginning of the day to the end, everyday. Many customers are placing orders at the show.”

China is the third single largest market for Tesla and most recently Tesla received a lot of orders from there, which must have something to do with price cuts.

Source: TeslaTopInfo

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Such upbeat reporting! Reuters takes a fundamentally different approach on the China situation reporting today: “Tesla China sales plunge 70 percent in October”. One has to read until the last sentence to find out that Tesla has actually lowered prices to counter the negative sales impact of the tariffs and of course you will never read on Reuters about many Chinese being interested in getting a Model 3. The idea is to spin things as negatively as possible because negative news about Tesla gets more clicks?

As I wrote in previous comment. China increasing Tesla price is actually beneficial to Tesla in the long run as long as Tesla makes kickass products. The fact that current sales plunge and at the same time drawing huge interest is the sign of this.

China is not increasing the price. It just put the Donald tax on it.

Which D put to counter China tax.

Nope, it already had a 25% tariff in place longe before Trump became president. What they did was slap on an extra 15% on top of that in response to the 25% US tariff Trump introduced that would actually have leveled the playing field. Not that it needed leveling, the US had a massive trade surplus on cars but in the not so distant future that was likely to change so China’s one sided tariff was not sustainable.

Chris O Your wrong yes China had a 25% tariff for year’s, but China lower the tariff to 15% also said they would purchase 100 billion more and protect intellectual property. They allowed Tesla to set up a factory without a Chinese partner. Trump didn’t think this was a good start or good enough so he imposed tariffs on 250 billion of goods. Xi then increased auto tariffs by 25%. So 15%+25=40%. The deal maker didn’t see a good deal now he’ll probably either accept it or China will wait until 2020 when they can deal with an administration with a brain.

Looks like the usual “clever” games to me as China announced lowered tariffs to distract from the fact that the 25% tariff Trump slapped on was no different from what China already had in place for a long time.

No administration with a brain will allow China to continue having higher tariff for cars than the US as the Chinese car industry is maturing to become a serious competitor for America’s.

On the other hand, this article is based on the statements of a fanboy.
Tesla decreased prices because:
a. sales plunged by 70% (Reuters)
b. demand is huge and increasing (a fanboy)

Think of it as Euro supercars: sales low, demand huge. Difference is, Tesla will overcome the price (or increase profit) when they start making in China or if tariff lifted.

Last time Reuters reported on Tesla, it was the infamous worker safety issue, Osha investigated, wasted its time to find… an extension cord was in a bad spot.

Yeah, not to mention the sources had union and industry ties, not shady at all.

It might be slightly off topic, but I find it interesting that a “car” company, not a “truck/SUV/CUV” company, is generating this much interest. Just goes to show that it is probably more about building something with new and superior technologies that generates interest.

Heck if you think about it, Tesla builds two 4-door sedans and what is probably best described as an AWD minivan (no offence to Model X owners, but it doesn’t scream manly off-road mobile like a typical US-made SUV). These two formats are definitely not what any of the US or European legacy builders put any effort into anymore.

I’m guessing that China will wait until 2020 when Trump is out of office rather than make a deal with Trump.

That’s my view also!

I wonder if any president is going the scrap the 25% tariff unless China scraps all of its 40% tariff. Doesn’t seem fair to the US car industry.

I don’t see any China cars sold in the US.

With China’s disregard for quality, and their lopsided tariffs on cars, who in the US would buy a Chinese made car?

Not yet but it’s one more industry it intends to dominate.

That’s completely not the point. You don’t have equal tariffs in each sector, because different sectors suit different countries. If China puts a 25 percent tariff on American cars, the equivalent would be 25 percent tariffs on Chinese computer products, not cars.

What makes you think he will be out of office if the other side will not be able to come up with better candidate like Nancy Pelosy or some Clinton family member or some red flag socialist?

Alarm bell no. 3, time for VAG to stop hitting snooooozzzzzze.

Auto shows in general are very crowded in China. How does that Tesla stand compare with BMW, Mercedes, Cadillac, Audi stands?