Tesla Begins Delivering Cars At Gigafactory 1

DEC 23 2018 BY MARK KANE 12

Pick up the car at the Gigafactory and take a factory tour

On December 20, Tesla began to sell and deliver cars at Gigafactory in Nevada (it’s first such location in northern Nevada). Sales consultations are apparently by appointment only.

Tesla spokesperson said:

“We’ve opened this location to help make it easier for customers in the region to purchase and take delivery of their vehicles, and those who take delivery also have the unique opportunity to sign up for a factory tour.”

Deliveries at the Gigafactory sound like a reasonable idea for residents and enthusiasts.

Tesla tries to deliver as many cars in the fourth quarter as ispossible in various ways, typically prioritizing most profitable/expensive versions:

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Well they have plenty of space and the article could use one between ispossible .

Not to mention removing the apostrophe from “it’s first”.


Are Gigafactory tours available to existing Tesla owners? Could someone post contact detail for making a reservation?

Tesla, always pulling a rabbit out of their hat while big auto sits there doing the same old tired bit they’ve done for a hundred years.

I am not interested in seeing Ford factory. But I would like to see Porsche or Ferrari factory.

Doesn’t surprise me that Tesla would use Gigafactory 1 as part of its big end-of-year delivery push, as they pull out all the stops to deliver every car possible by Dec. 31. Will Tesla continue to use Gigafactory 1 as a delivery location after Jan. 1? Since they waited until Dec. 20 to start, I doubt it will continue after New Year’s day.

But we’ll see.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

I wouldn’t be surprised if it continued. California and Massachusetts both make you pay sales tax if you take delivery in that state, so not many out-of-staters would want to take delivery there, even though they like the idea of a tour. But if Nevada is OK with it, you could take delivery at the Gigafactory, have a tour, and then drive the car home.

Even if you take delivery in Nevada when wou get your plates in Massachusetts or California they’ll want the sales tax.

Yes, but your state’s tax may be lower than California.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

That’s not the point.
There are many out-of-state Tesla buyers who would fly in for a factory tour, have a vacation and drive home, but don’t because of the sales tax charge. For every 1% and $10,000 it’s an extra $100. If NV allows for transfer, it may benefit from extra income.

CA has high sales tax, and MA has higher sales tax than many other nearby states, and the states and cities don’t necessarily deduct the out-of-state tax on new cars to calculate use tax. So buying there as an out-of-state is undesirable. There are NH Tesla buyers who pick up from Mt Kisco, NY because of MA’s laws.

I was briefly excited when I thought, maybe, Tesla was finally building cars at GF1.😞

I think all of us Tesla fans were excited at the implication. 🙁

Maybe someday!