Tesla Becomes Tuosule Auto Sales Co. Ltd in China


Does the Name Really Matter?  We Still Know It's a Tesla Through and Through

Does the Name Really Matter? We Still Know It’s a Tesla Through and Through

Them trademark trolls seem to have won for now.

This Stunning Building is the Site of Tesla's Store in China

This Stunning Building is the Site of Tesla’s Store in China

Gasgoo reports that Tesla has opted to rename itself as Tuosule Auto Sales Co. Ltd in China as the automaker continues to fight for its name back

Tesla is moving forward in China, with no delays to report.

Its first showroom in China, located within the stunning Parkview Green Beijing, is nearly complete.

We applaud Tesla for not giving into the trolls.  There’s no reason why the automaker needs to pay out $33-plus million that the “troll” was seeking from the automaker.

Tesla, by any other name, is still Tesla.

Gasgoo says this of the Tuosule name:

“Sources revealed that the name of “Tuosule” is born of the transliteration of Tesla by Hongkongnese. Tesla Hongkong was established earlier than the Mainland branch, so the transliteration “Tuosule” was adopted.”

Tesla will likely gets it name back in China at some point in time due to the “troll” not actually selling any products that qualify as electric vehicles/technology, but for now, it’s Tuosule.

Source: Gasgoo

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Aw, I was hoping they’d use “Trademark Troll Motors”.

How do you pronounce “Tuosule”

托素乐…no clue actually…Tuo su le is shown to your left…which then gets called Tuosule by us English speakers

Dunno what crazy characters you’ve picked, but Tesla is 特斯拉 in chinese.

BTW: Tesla seems to have control of http://tesla.cn

Or maybe not. From the goofy car, looks like it’s owned by the troll.

The guy seems to have his own vision of the future Tesla roadster.

You pronounce “Tuosule” as “Tesla”, of course.
As much as I hate to say it they should give this person a P85 and just get the name back. Not worth the energy / time / money with so much to do — like work on my Sig Model X .

Scott, they offered him $326,000 USD for the name, more than enough to buy 2 P85s and he told them he wanted $32.6 million. They have to have a name for the car, they can’t just call it Hey You.
So now it’s settled, and they’re back to work on your Sig X.

The pinyin of 托素乐 = tuō sù lè or tuō sù lé

Using this site http://www.chinesehour.com/site_media/home/misc/pinyinchart.swf

I get:

“twah” (flat)
“sooh” (downwards tone, 4th tone)
“luah” (downwards tone, 4th tone)


“twah” (flat)
“sooh” (downwards tone, 4th tone)
“luah” (upwards tone, 2nd tone)

Thanks for the numbers. Sorry I was so lazy I didn’t go check that out. My bad. I was joking about the name. I get they needed one to legally sell the car. Glad they made one loosely translated. So the person just multiplied by 100. Nice try. Well played Tesla.

two (not 2 but the actual sound tw make with a long Spanish long o) + sue + luh (rhymes with duh)

“Them trademark trolls seem to have won for now.”


I am surprised at the word ‘sales’ in the new name.

Why not just Tuosule Auto co. ltd. or simply Tuosule Motors?