Tesla Batteries Supply Electricity To Blacked-Out Puerto Rico


Earlier today, Puerto Rico’s Electric Power Authority announced that the entire island was without power.

It’s expected that it could take up to 36 hours to restore power, but in the meantime, some 662 Tesla batteries (a combination or Powerwall and Powerpack units) are up and running, supplying essential juice.

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk says Tesla Energy is working 24/7 to get more battery energy installations activated to assist with the island nation’s struggle to get essential services back on line.

Tesla’s efforts to provide reliable power in Puerto Rico have been ongoing for quite some time now. Here are just a few examples of Tesla’s contributions to support the island’s power grid:

Tesla Releases Photos Of Solar/Battery Project At Puerto Rico Hospital

Musk Says Tesla Could Scale Up Powerpack/Solar To Untie Puerto Rico From Grid

A Look At The Scale Of Tesla’s Puerto Rico Electricity Solution

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Good on Tesla. No so good on FEMA. Full stop.

OK, I Googled ‘start of FEMA.’ “… activated April 1, 1979, by President Jimmy Carter.” From a 1978 Bill in Congress.
Have one mission… emergency management. And, 40 years to ramp up. They should be consistently excellent by now at hiring proven, qualified contractors. I didn’t see that.
So, again, thank you to Tesla.

Puerto Rico can’t get a break😞


A contractor cut a transmission line by accident so it’s not the weather; but that’s why micro grids and solar all over the island with back up batteries wouldn’t leave them so vulnerable.

It’s amazing how many things Elon is involved in in a single day. Model 3 production, SpaceX launched another rocket putting satellites in orbit and landed the first stage on a barge in the Atlantic again. The guy is simply amazing.

Concur all.

It’s cool that Tesla has lent a hand, I will give them that, but the amount of batteries that they installed will power what? A city block? Elon Musk and Tesla can’t fix this.

This is where government is needed. Sadly, the US government that is responsible for Puerto Rico, currently governed by a racist POS administration, considers the AMERICAN citizens living in Puerto Rico to be foreigners that need to be punished.

Sad but true. Houston doing OK. Florida OK. Florida Keys open for business, still needs some work, but getting along. USVI, making a comeback and open for business. Puerto Rico… no power and go F**k yourself.

Sorry for the rant. It’s a personal sore spot for me and I think that while I think it’s great that Tesla at least acknowledged Puerto Rico, I really do. But I can’t help but think it is mostly a PR move and not much more because the size of the size of the system they installed is minimal.

Well, their first installation was at a hospital. So I presume that they have batteries at hospitals and other key amenities.

The systems are installed at key areas, including a sanitary sewer treatment plant, the Arcadia water pumping station, the Ciudad Dorada elderly community, the Susan Centeno hospital, and the Boys and Girls Club of Vieques.

There are six systems now installed, maybe more as Tesla has continued to help P.R. and done more than any agency, company, or government to help
The governor calls it a humanitarian effort but sure, you know better and want to call a PR stunt, how typical.

The article said Tesla has installed Powerwalls and PowerPacks to 662 locations and working hard to install hundreds more. This seems like much more than a PR move. I’m sure Tesla is doing as much as it can as fast as it can. The batteries and solar panels aren’t sitting on a shelf or installing themselves.

Apparently though, it’s all a scam.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Only a PR scam and costs them nothing too. Sheeeeesh, some people are just ungrateful sh1theads.

So what does this have to do with EVs?

In 2011, a friend bought an early LEAF, and at the same time added PV solar panels to his roof. And tied that into the grid. I imagine home-brew EV people did at least the PV part 10 and 15 years earlier. Tesla, and Nissan, want to sell it to us as one package, including battery storage.

These are just natural pairings. Yes, this blog has ‘EVs’ in its name. But this blog and a couple others I read all stray into non vehicle tops fairly routinely. Ergo, this article. I’ve heard it called sustainable transportation. I’ve heard it called other things which I won’t repeat.

You never know, it just might if battery production for these back up installations somehow affects EV production.

Well, it’s related to batteries manufactured by the company that’s the biggest seller of EVs in North America.

Yeah I’m always amazed that with all the previous emergencies that they still are so inefficient. I remember watching 60 minutes and a chef (I wish I could remember his name a real hero) came in from California and started up several kitchens where they actually cooked food and served it, delivered it had the people on the Island cooking delivering serving cleaning up he organized a massive effort in no time at all. Started small but scaled up quickly. So much better and cheaper than the ready meals packs that FEMA was providing. Then when the operation was really large he couldn’t order food supplies because there was paper work that needed to be completed to get approval. Wait it’s an emergency suppliers need to be approved prior to emergency’s to supply the essentials, this way you would get the best price.
Musk and Tesla also did so much getting a hospital powered up with solar and batteries quickly.

Well, other than this piece of publicity, supposedly more than 10% of the electricity currently generated on the Island is from Honda Portables. Puerto Ricans obviously know by now to keep them always ready to go, since the incompetence shown by the authorities makes it plain that individuals have to make their own contingency arrangements.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Maybe it’s just me but if I lived in an area that I knew always got it’s ass kicked by hurricanes, I would have some serious contingency plans. Like Bill says above, have some Honda generators and jerry cans of gas.

Also build a stronger home. The Govt there should mandate stronger home buildings.

I don’t think this administration will enact any regulations. I wish the government would have acted on regulations on not building in flood plains. I guarantee it if homeowners could only get insurance from private companies not paid by the Federal Government. We wouldn’t have been homes built in flood plains in the first place. We wouldn’t be spending Billions every year on flood insurance.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

The question is what administration will?
Prez after prez have gone by yet they still result in the same devastation from every hurricane that hits year after year, decades after decades.

Yeah apparently its a comedy of errors. Supposedly Puerto Rico has 2 to 3 times as many power plants as they really need, yet distribution has been always somewhat Rickety and that is what failed during the big storm. Power plants are sexy yet distribution is considered boring, that is probably why it was ignored. Obviously none of us has control over whether we happen to have good or bad utilities (my utility at home tends toward the bad end of the scale, their only saving grace is the juice is relatively low priced, but they just jacked up the delivery charges April 1st. Thankfully I avoid most of it with Solar Panels).