Tesla Launches Base Model 3: Here’s The Price


Elon Tusk (or was that Musk) clued us in on some Tesla news and now we know what it is.

Just the other day, Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter to let the world know there’d be “some Tesla news” coming our way today (see tweets at bottom of post). Immediately, speculation over what was to be announced took over the Internet.

Guesses were all over the place. Tesla Model Y reveal date? Tesla Model 3 $35,000 base launch. Tesla pickup truck news. Even some stock mentions.

You name it and someone out there guessed at it. Well, the guessing game has ended and this “some Tesla news” is here.

Just moments ago we got tipped to pricing for this announcement that is now minutes away. It’s the base Model 3. For an unbelievable price. It has finally arrived and will be a real game-changer. Have a look at the embedded image below:


And here’s the most important bit of info straight from Tesla:

We are incredibly excited to announce that the standard Model 3, with 220 miles of range, a top speed of 130mph and 0-60mph acceleration of 5.6 seconds is now available at $35,000! Although lower in cost, it is built to achieve the same perfect 5-star safety rating as the longer-ranged version, which has the lowest probability of injury of any car ever tested by the U.S. Government.

In addition, we are introducing the Model 3 Standard Range Plus, which offers 240 miles of range, a top speed of 140mph, 0-60mph acceleration of just 5.3 seconds and most premium interior features at $37,000 before incentives. For 6% more money, you get 9% more range, more power, and an upgraded interior.

To achieve these prices while remaining financially sustainable, Tesla is shifting sales worldwide to online only.

Additionally, even though retail stores may close, Elon Musk directly tells InsideEVs the following:

“Our headcount in 12 months will probably be significantly higher than today, due to adding lots of people to manufacturing, engineering and service.”

The website has already been updated with the new details. See image below:


Tesla’s press release is posted in its entirety below:

$35,000 Tesla Model 3 Available Now

We are incredibly excited to announce that the standard Model 3, with 220 miles of range, a top speed of 130mph and 0-60mph acceleration of 5.6 seconds is now available at $35,000! Although lower in cost, it is built to achieve the same perfect 5-star safety rating as the longer-ranged version, which has the lowest probability of injury of any car ever tested by the U.S. Government.

In addition, we are introducing the Model 3 Standard Range Plus, which offers 240 miles of range, a top speed of 140mph, 0-60mph acceleration of just 5.3 seconds and most premium interior features at $37,000 before incentives. For 6% more money, you get 9% more range, more power, and an upgraded interior.

To achieve these prices while remaining financially sustainable, Tesla is shifting sales worldwide to online only. You can now buy a Tesla in North America via your phone in about 1 minute, and that capability will soon be extended worldwide. We are also making it much easier to try out and return a Tesla, so that a test drive prior to purchase isn’t needed. You can now return a car within 7 days or 1,000 miles for a full refund. Quite literally, you could buy a Tesla, drive several hundred miles for a weekend road trip with friends and then return it for free. With the highest consumer satisfaction score of any car on the road, we are confident you will want to keep your Model 3.

Shifting all sales online, combined with other ongoing cost efficiencies, will enable us to lower all vehicle prices by about 6% on average, allowing us to achieve the $35,000 Model 3 price point earlier than we expected. Over the next few months, we will be winding down many of our stores, with a small number of stores in high-traffic locations remaining as galleries, showcases and Tesla information centers. The important thing for customers in the United States to understand is that, with online sales, anyone in any state can quickly and easily buy a Tesla.

At the same time, we will be increasing our investment in the Tesla service system, with the goal of same-day, if not same-hour service, and with most service done by us coming to you, rather than you coming to us. Moreover, we guarantee service availability anywhere in any countries in which we operate.

We’re also excited to announce that we’re implementing a number of firmware upgrades for both new and existing customers. These upgrades will increase the range of the Long Range Rear-Wheel Drive Model 3 to 325 miles, increase the top speed of Model 3 Performance to 162 mph, and add an average of approximately 5% peak power to all Model 3 vehicles.

Tesla is committed to making not just the best electric cars, but the best cars, period. And our products are the reason we continue to rank #1 in Consumer Reports owner satisfaction survey and have every single year since Tesla was first eligible to be included in 2013. Both Model 3 Standard and Standard Plus are available starting today at Tesla.com.

Developing story…


Hat tip to @28delayslater!!!!

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We are moving out of the ICE age. Adapt or perish 🙂

Model s Standard range = $79k at 270 miles

true, but for 5% more in price, you can get 24% more range in the LR. 65 additional miles for $4k – not a bad deal at all. I would be very much surprised if the SR is simply discontinued in the not-too-distant future. It’s probably just a throttled LR battery pack, anyway, I would guess.

@ TomArt

You mean that you would NOT be very much surprised if the SR (Tesla Model S) is simply discontinued in the not-too-distant future.

Neither will I.

Enhanced Auto-Pilot is now Full Self-Driving Capability at $5k

Starting with the Standard Model 3, adding a color other than black, non-black wheels and Autopilot and I am at $42k. Who wants a Tesla without Autopilot? Add $2k for standard plus and it’s $44k. Or get the Midrange with same options and 24 more miles for $2k more at $46k or go long range RWD for $49k and get 49 more miles or range. $4k more at $53k and get AWD and 15 fewer miles of range. Very nice.

I for one have no interest in autopilot. The standard safety features are plenty for me. I never thought I would seriously consider an M3 but standard plus in black for 38,200 (including destination) plus sales tax in Berkeley, Calif. is just under $42k less $6,250 of tax credit and state rebate means a little under 36k. This is amazing and also amazing is that they apparently all get the glass roof. The only question is whether to pay the extortionate $2,190 (with tax) for white paint.

Tesla has just reset the EV game again. Niro, Kona, Bolt, Leaf seem almost irrelevant now unless sold at a huge discount from MSRP or unless you must, must, must have a hatchback. Well this is a game changer methinks. And remind Drumph that Musk is an immigrant.

Taking BART to a dentist appointment in S.F. tomorrow and will walk an additional 0.6 mile to the Tesla showroom there.

Enjoy! I like to drive and thought I would not use or care about autopilot, but ordered it anyway for others who use the car. It turns out I use it every time I’m on a freeway, it’s that useful. It also makes driving in traffic much less stressful. If some idiot cuts into your lane its less annoying, autopilot don’t care, why should you?

Competition is a good thing; the Model 3 is a midsize sedan, Niro, Kona and Bolt are all subcompacts while the Leaf is a compact…All of them can be had cheaper than the Model 3 due to SOME having lower MSRPs, SOME having lots of incentives and SOME qualifying for the entire $7500 tax credit…Finally, all can be leased…

He’s a legal immigrant, just like the president’s wife.

> And remind Drumph that Musk is an immigrant.

Trump has repeatedly said he supports immigration.

It’s ILLEGAL immigrants that are the problem. Why would they not be?

Stop listening to the mainstream media, and listen to what Trump has said on the matter, and maybe you will be less ignorant.

@ Bloggin

First priority would be to get the Long Range (325 miles) version Tesla Model 3.

Price: $43,000.-

If you have the extra money to spend $8,000.- more on top of the $35,000.-

All the other stuff (paint, wheels, Autopilot, etc.) would be less important.

To be clear, Autopilot is $3000 and self-driving is another $5k. Total price would be $8k.

I believe this is not true. Full Self Driving is $ 5k and includes all Autopilot features.

That was correct until yesterday. Then in changed to what Unplugged said. See the Tesla ordering pages.

@ arne-nl

That would indeed be more logical in the first place.

But I’m still not so sure about if that is the case.

Unplugged said it correctly.

FSD is an update to Autopilot.

Therefore it’s $3,000.- + $5,000.- = $8,000.-

Tesla also dropped the price for Autopilot by $2000. It is now $3000 pre-delivery and $4000 after delivery.

Yes, but with fewer features. The $3k autopilot appears to be an adaptive cruise control with emergency braking and lane-keeping, including recognition for vehicles AND pedestrians within the lane of travel.

The additional $5k gets you highway navigation, autopark, summon, and new features coming out later this year.

So my reading of it is that the Autopilot loses auto navigation, auto park and summon. Not a bad loss for a $3K discount from ordering Autopilot after delivery.

This really makes the Model 3 amazing value now. I though it was going to be $5k for Autopilot for a long time.

Before this announcement, the cheapest Model 3 with Autopilot was $48k. Now it’s $38k. Granted, you lose a few features, but that’s a huge difference!

The Leaf’s ProPilot used to be the cheapest way to get usable lane keeping in an EV by quite a margin. Now that price gap is almost erased, and you get a much better car.

Only customers in the US can order a Standard Range Tesla Model 3.

Customers in other countries will have to wait longer.

I can order from Canada.


US + Canada

Tesla.ca (Canada) says I can receive it in 2 – 4 weeks

Canadian site says “Est. Delivery: 2-4 weeks” for Standard Range.

Nice, best Model 3 LR RWD is back, and they have accurate range estimate on it (not derated) so it is 325 mi.

And it’s only 43k. Under 40k after tax

Yeah that’s incredible. Great to see Tesla making their cars available to more people, although now I’ve got the case of “if only I’d waited a bit longer”.

Waiting still costs more. Remember, the fed tax credit dropped by $3,750. The prices dropped by only $1,000 on the long range two wheel drive. Also, for paint other than black, the price went up $500 to $1500.

In total, if you purchased a long range grey metallic in 2018, it would have cost you $37,500 with the full tax credit.
If you purchase that same car today, it will cost you $40,750, an increase of $3,250.

LR was previously 49k. Now 43k.

I guess I needed to spell it out more clearly:

2018 Model 3 sticker shows:
$35,000 Base
$ 9,000 Long Range Battery
$ 5,000 Premium Upgrades
$ 1,000 Metallic Grey Paint
$50,000 – $7500 fed tax credit = $37,500

2019 Price Long Range
$43,000 Base
$ 1,500 Metallic Grey Paint
44,500 – $3750 fed tax credit = $40,750

Real cost difference between buying a 2018 versus 2019 = $3,250 MORE for the 2019.

Now do you understand my math?
Oh, and I guess all that provided down votes failed basic math.

Failed basic math…. Pretty sure $50K-$7500=$42500, not $37,500 so I’m afraid you actually did pay more than the $40,750 you would have to pay today.

How you dare mocking about others maths after this…
“$50,000 – $7500 fed tax credit = $37,500”


$50,000 – $7,500 = $42,500. Not $37,500. Check your math!

@ Unplugged

Try again, or ask someone to help you do the calculations.

Unplugged is hoisted on his own petard.

No wonder why I failed Algebra.

I agree but do they need all that power and top speed? Far better would be 90-100mph top speed with better range, acceleration, efficiency and towing capability, things I can actually use just by changing the reduction ratio. At least as an option.
But them dropping the price now will send shivers through big auto and hope you already had stock. With this pricing even the base destroys the competition either EV or ICE in performance .
Now build them with V2G so all that battery doesn’t go to waste and makes income is an option badly needed too, instead of gadgets.

They gotta compete with ICE vehicles. Ice vehicles have those sorts of stats in that price range.

If you don’t want it to go over 90 mph, just don’t step that hard and you’ll get better range, too

Also, if you don’t like traveling fast, you can dial in the speed governor to limit you to 90 mph.

Or you can do the speed limit, which is below that.
85 mph max in USA.
75 mph max in Canada.

I think his point is the car could be sold cheaper if it had lower performance, making it affordable to more people.

The point is that the consumer does get the choice. The car goes from 0-60 from 5.6 second for the lowest cost version to 3.2 seconds for the highest cost version. Tesla doesn’t build Leafs or Ioniqs. Tesla leaves slow cars to other automakers.

That was his point but it isn’t really accurate, one of the cool things about EVs is really no “performance penalty” you can have your cake and eat it too. Model 3 LR I got in 2018 is rated 130 mpge, and 0-60 in ~5sec. True, the 4WD versions are a little less but that’s a big difference from an ICE with a small 4 and a high performance V8. Even the Chevy Bolt is 200hp and goes like a hot hatch, it’s a new game!

There is a cost penalty though. Higher top speed means you need to install tires rated for that speed, which are more expensive. Higher power rating means higher insurance cost, at least where I live. If Tesla sold a SW limited Model 3 with, say, 100mph top speed and sub 150kW power rating, I’d rather buy that than the current standard range.

In fact, that’s the easiest way for Tesla to make their cars more affordable. Just a simple software tweak, and TCO is lowered even if MSRP stays the same.

Sure, but it’s not a good point.

Reducing the power would save, at best, a few hundred dollars. The 2018 Leaf, for example, got almost 40% more power with the same motor that they used since 2011 (battery and inverter got more output). If there was any significant cost difference between an 80kW motor and a 110kW motor, I’m pretty sure Nissan would’ve used the cheaper one for 7 years.

Gearing is likely already near optimum for efficiency, and acceleration shows you that low speed wheel torque is already very high (and traction limited) so there’s nothing to gain, even for towing (which Tesla chooses to avoid for the 3, not because wheel torque is lacking).

A change in gearing might improve acceleration but probably would decrease effficiency (more motor RPM = more friction, air resistance and heat). I don’t see the importance to towing capacity—unlike ICE cars EV’s already have plenty of low-end torque by default.

I don’t understand why so many people are wanting a tow package or even expect one on a sedan. I’m trying to think of when I were say a tow package on a sedan.
I mean the few times I towed anything with a car I used U-Haul and they put a hitch on a Chevy Impala and it was a small enclosed trailer.

It seems like some of the people who bring up the Tow package are legitimately interested in buying a Model 3 with a towing package. But often it is brought up by people who are simply looking for any meme they get grab onto to say something negative. RHD seems to be the same way. I’ve seem quite a few posts by folks who have previously said they live in non-RHD markets, posting about RHD.

Europeans generally can’t legally attach a tow hitch unless the car is rate to tow by the manufacturer, and they’re the ones who seem to most want to tow things.

In the US, manufacturers want you to buy a truck. It used to be common for US cars to have a tow rating prior to the 1980’s. Now they nearly all say “not recommended” despite vehicle stiffness, engines, transmissions, tires and brakes having improved massively since then.

You can be certain that if Tesla doesn’t release an official tow rating an after marktet effort will get a tow rating for a hitch in combination with the Model 3. This will then be applicable in all of the EU.

UHaul already does this. They list Tesla Model 3 tow ratings right on their website.

People have tow hitches on Smarts and Polos and cars like that. A full sedan that can’t tow? Are you joking?
The only cars I know of that are sold without tow ratings in Europe besides most EVs are sport coupes. Even most convertibles have a tow rating.

In Europe it’s very common and wanted.

You cannot trade power for range like that. ICE is a bit different in that regard.

OK. I’m officially impressed. Let’s get some RHD timelines.

Lmao I got eight down-votes for wanting a RHD version

It is 2:01pm. And “order now” page crashed.. LOL.

It is back up running now.

Standard + looks like a good compromise

Slightly more range/performance and better interior for $2K more.

Your post got downvoted?
Are there that many just plain out haters to hate anything?

I’m out. Tired of this hate.

Not that you need it but will get it back in resale value and make it easier to sell when you do.

Dangit, but I want that premium sound. Looks like MR for me…..

ETA: and the maps.

Same here.

Tesla didn’t clarify going up to ‘Partial Premium’ would bring back the power steering wheel. It says the same thing for both non-standard offerings. Basically, just the power seat.

Where did you get the idea it does not have power steering? Certainly from not reading the specifications

Maybe they meant to say manual tilt steering adjust rather than power adjust.

Do you mean power seats? I can’t think of a mass market modern car without power steering.

Yeah I wonder how auto pilot would work without power steering.

Reservation holders could follow a link and complete orders while the Order Now page was off-line. It may have been a window of opportunity for reservation holders to get their orders in first. Hard to know if that was intentional or just how it worked out.

Since this shows rebates and gas savings, I’m not sure what the prices used to be listed as. Does anyone else know?

The price is exactly 35.000

35,000 exactly… this is a game changer.

Not exactly. Tesla 3 still qualify for $3750 tax credit, so the actual price in March is $31,250.

“Up to” as not EVERYone will qualify for it…

Correct, but more buyers will qualify for $3750 than they did for the $7500.

Everyone paying 3,750 in income taxes will qualify. There’s also state rebates. In MA, the car becomes $29,750.

Thanks pj. For under 30k , Tesla model 3 poor person edition (or AOC edition) is worth it …

Sorry, but AOC’s Green New Deal will be a boon for Tesla.

Look at the bottom left. Shows cash price before incentives or gas savings.

The ‘Before Savings’ price is always at the bottom of the order page

you can also change assumptions to drive 1 mile per year to get a better idea of what the true cost of the car is

Like this hack!

Lots of new versions.

Price cuts across the board.

LR now $43k, LR AWD $47k, Performance $58k.

Wow. Great news for customers. Not so good for margins.

Only reason this is up is they’ve met their margin targets with volume. They’ll sell A TON of these in US and Europe.

Or they are adjusting prices to account for lowered costs and increased margins. Although they could certainly be accepting lower margins in exchange for greater volumes. Hard to say at this point.

6k price cuts in two months, no way they cut costs that much. Not nearly.

I’m suddenly worried about Tesla.

That doesn’t mean the cost cuts happened over that time period.

I don’t think they really cut costs much, just moved it around based on suspected options. Remember, much of their costs the past year were due to inefficiencies. As they work through those they will drop costs. Their margins were good last quarter so I suspect they are just adjusting to maintain necessary sales volume. I would suspect further small price drops as tax credit disappears. They still have expensive paint, so that will likely come down eventually, and $8k for AP+FSD is a software change, but represents massive R&D spending. They will charge for those as long as they can, but that represents a large area where they have flexibility to adjust pricing without impacting the cost to build the vehicle.

DroopDogWorld is Droopy. And Concern Trolls are Concerned.

I noticed that to, Doggy went from having an informed perspective to an all out concern troll

I wonder why?

Suddenly? Really? You’re always on here “worried” about Tesla.

Tesla’s path isn’t easy.

I don’t think it is a good idea, They are working at max capacity, lowering the price will simply put Tesla into trouble and stock will probably go down (no matter what the news is, it look like the stock always go down after annoucement

Not always, but this time. That’s what after-hours shows. I don’t follow closely enough, to know 2 batteries, or 3, but I see a crap-ton of 35-37k sales. If Tesla puts a 264 mile battery (detuned) inside its cheaper cars, it would seem one more reason Elon is complaining about how hard it was to reach 35k.

Wow, why do I get down-voted, this is exactly what happened, The 35K m3 is out and I think this is good, they bought Maxwell and again I think it is good, they lay off some peoples to make profit and the stock went down (GM did it and the stock went up), I am not negative about Tesla, I just notice that whenever Tesla comes with news the stock as a tendency to drop

Hopefully Tesla can make up in volume what they’re losing in unit profit margin. It seems Tesla’s execs thinks the company can do so, or they wouldn’t have introduced these changes.

Of course, as Tesla continues to lower its costs while increasing production, to some extent they already are making up in volume what they might be losing on the unit profit margin.

MR now starts at 40K (was 42.9K before)

Well I’ll be damned. I will freely admit I was wrong about the $35k 3.

@bro1999 said: ”
Well I’ll be damned. I will freely admit I was wrong about the $35k 3.”

Careful there @bro1999… it’s a slippery slope… next you may be tempted to order the Model 3.

Although it took long enough. Good Luck to them.

Another Euro point of view

Me too, now we will see the margins, committing financial hara kiri or not.

Unlikely – they are cutting costs and they are still selling loads of high spec cars in Europe/China in 2019 keeping their average margins reasonable. By 2020 GF3 will be up and running and production in the US will be higher still.

Who downvoted this comment? Lol

Probably just habit. 😉

Ummm… Jim Chanos? Edward Niedermeyer? John Petersen? 😉

I’m downvoting you for wrongly slamming Tesla and calling them liars for years. They never deserved that. That’s what was proven today. You don’t get a special reward when it finally falls apart just for admitting you were trolling. You didn’t apologize or anything, you just stated the obvious.

What I don’t understand is an upvote. People who are right and make a good point get an upvote, people who are wrong and relentlessly negative get a downvote. Simple.

I had my doubts, too. This may go the way of Tesla S 40 kWh version, but I’m glad it’s at least out there. Thank you Elon!

Now about the towing ability Elon alluded on Tesla 3…

Yup… That Towing Option…! Where did that go?
Maybe they will add that bit of info – in the Model Y Reveal?

Just one day back I said the same thing about you.

Does that mean you will let up on your anti Tesla hate campaign?

Of course not, too much satisfaction in disrupting the discussion on this blog.

To be fair, not one has been delivered yet, so you could still be right.

You would be more convincing if you would pay on the $100 bet you admitted you lost, without demanding the person who won the bet DOX themselves in public before you will pay up……

The problem is you are repeatedly so wrong so many times about Tesla, and yet you will be the first to intentionally derail every Tesla story with yet another big whopping lie you will repeat over and over, even when it has nothing to do with the story.

I can’t believe it either. But, happy to admit I was completely wrong. They’re even selling it for $35k with a glass roof and center console.

So what are the real dollar prices? I can see why they did this, to blunt the Polestar and Nissan announcements.

When you’re on the configuration page, at the bottom, they show the price before and after estimated savings.

Real dollar price is $35,000. Get them before the price goes up!

Price won’t go up, but delivery times will – dramatically

Wow, the black interior with cloth seats actually look pretty good! I actually prefer it to the “premium” interior. Also glass roof for $35K!!!

that picture is already outdated.

Now, the website shows $$26,950 with all the incentives and gas saving.

Manual seat. basic audio and still glass roof.

The “after incentives” price varies according to location. For example, in MD there is a $3k rebate for an EV like the Model 3, while if you live in ND, the after incentives price will be $3k higher due to no local rebates available.

So it’s $35000 for the standard model and 37000 for the deluxe standard model

Standard Plus 240 miles of range plus most of premium interior package.

Standard Range Plus = $37,000

And 40K for the Mid-Range model that includes premium interior.

Gotta say the $37k version is going to be wildly popular. For $2k you get the extra 20 miles, better performance, power heated seats with premium covering, wood accent dash. You get a lot for that extra $2k!

Autopilot now $3K. FSD again an additional option, with more features coming “later this year”

Same on S and X

Good catch… I feel cheated. If Autopilot was $3K, I would have gotten it.

But you would lose Navigate on Autopilot, Summon, and Auto park which all moved to FSD package.

Ah. So Tesla now puts things into the FSD option which are already functional, and thus are actually worth paying for.

Lots of changes today! I think it will take a while to fully digest them. Or at least, it will for an old phart like me! 🙂

You can still get it..?

Dangit. I was hoping for the Pickup.

/I’ll wait and have a few beers…….

You can rip out the back window, seats and trunk door and turn this into a pick-up real easy.

Who needs a warranty?

I think Elon already mentioned summer for anything related to that.


Woah. “Over the next few months, we will be winding down many of our stores…”

Yeah. Big cut to SG&A, but will brand presence suffer?

Yes, it may be premature to call closing most of their stores a positive business decision. I’d call it an experiment. We’ll have to wait and see how this plays out over time. I wouldn’t make any large bets that Tesla won’t reverse course on this.

Or they will be sold at Daimler-Benz locations?

You left off the 😉

I think it’s more about closing stores that don’t get much traffic.
Doing what’s neccessary to get EV’s on the road for the masses.

^^ This ^^
Doesn’t say most stores.

More New Baby Model 3’s out there – will become Traveling Sales People!

Unlikely: 1) they will keep some stores “in high-traffic locations”; 2) at those prices, they can sell all they can produce for the foreseeable future, if not in the US, then in Europe.

Was to be the major outlet for their solar products including Solar Roof.

This could be good or bad. For the techies it’s a no-brainer to buy a car online. But the Model 3 is supposed to convert the masses to EV, and I’m not so sure the masses are ready or willing to buy a car that way. Especially true for the coal-rolling regions where any excuse to not buy is enough. Thinking of my in-laws in TN for example.

There will still be many stores and service centers. A salesperson there will help walk customers through the on-line order process. But I think computers are ubiquitous enough that anyone who is intimidated by on-line ordering knows a friend or relative who would help them.

Won’t this eliminate their problems with states where they haven’t been allowed to have stores? Excellent end-run.

Delivery estimate for Standard+ is 2 weeks and Standard is 2-4weeks.

That is for SF Bay area. So, I assume the production for standard version just started.

No more galleries – did I get that right? They were the coolest part!

Sacrifices needed to be made to make the $35k/SR Model 3 a reality it seems.

Well, the level of automation was never achieved, so it might not have been possible otherwise. Just a few months ago, the cost was about $38k, so who knows?

Why the downvotes?? It’s a simple fact! Musk said so, himself, that the level of automation that they were hoping for in Model 3 production failed. He also said, in a leaked internal email to all employees last Fall, that the costs for a base Model 3 at the time were about $38k, so they needed to keep working to get the $35k Model 3 out.

“Why the down votes?” First I never believed Musk when he said the cost would be $38k for the SR Model 3. I think he was exaggerating to elicit more help from his employees. More realistically, they wouldn’t have made a decent profit going below $38k. But they have been working hard to reduce costs, not just by laying off people but also with more automation and improvements in assembly process. To say the level of automation was never achieved is true if based on the fully automated dreadnaught machine Musk wanted, but obviously the level of automation achieved is close enough to make M3 SR profitably.

More galleries. No stores.

I weep a little for Tesla Sales Reps or whatever they call them.

Only a handful will survive as Gallery Curators.

Yup. Most Tesla reps working in stores are gonna be getting pink slips over the next few months. 🙁

“No more galleries – did I get that right?”

Sorry, you got it wrong. Quoting from the press release:

“Over the next few months, we will be winding down many of our stores, with a small number of stores in high-traffic locations remaining as galleries, showcases and Tesla information centers.”

Note it doesn’t say Tesla will be closing existing galleries/ showrooms.

What do you think “winding down” means? Yes, I’d say it’s quite obvious that a majority of their stores will be closing, while their service centers will be increasing.

It may be a reality in the not too distant future where you can reserve a demonstration in your driveway, and a driverless demo Tesla just pulls up to your house with connectivity to a human in case you have any questions. Crazy time we live in.

I‘m really impressed. The 37K variant looks like a good deal for most. Higher performance and top speed for the performance model will also be thrilling for existing Performance owners. They’re going to love it. I’m really impressed. And finally it’s time for the Tesla Trolls to troll away. The 35K Model 3 is here.

No, unfortunately trolls will find something else to find fault with. But it did convince several reasonable people to admit they were wrong. I am most definitely getting my first EV this year, only question is Model Y or Model 3. After this announcement I think Model Y will be possible by summer!

Model Y will not be available this year.
Maybe a pre-order will be possible, but deliveries will not start this year.

Those trolls are just like Trump, Pruitt and Wheeler that are owned by the fossil fuel industry.
There not interested in saving the planet.

“No, unfortunately trolls will find something else to find fault with.”

Yup. I think the anti-Tesla trolls had their response written in advance.

The serial Tesla basher who calls himself “TeslaInvestors” has already posted over on the InsideEVs Forum:

“Haha Mr. Elon Tusk! Ran out of customers and money, did you now? Falling sales, no economy of scale. The $35k car (is it really) will devastate your margins.”

That’s exactly what I predicted they would say, just yesterday! Serial Tesla bashers are soooooooo predictable. 🙄

It is going to sell like hot cakes in California. After Federal and State incentives, it is $30K (including delivery and destination fee).

Huh, so is this where we cross the threshold into the future? We’ve been holding our breaths with anticipation since 2015 and this is good, but the feeling is ‘welp, this is here now’; but maybe I’m just getting bored at being old.

AP is only $3K!

Yep, and the gateway to full auto is only an additional $5k!

You do miss out on NOA, summon and Autopark though

Yes, but read the small print: “Enables your car to steer, accelerate and brake automatically for other vehicles and pedestrians within its lane.” If you want lane change, autopark and summon, you need to pay another 5k.

I will reserve judgement on whether closing many of their physical retail spaces is a smart move. Maybe enough people know about Tesla now? I have no doubt that it will significantly cut overhead, but will it be conducive to sales once all of us EV-savvy people are sated?

Delivery by Amazon?

I suspect eventually by Tesla trucks…

Free next day delivery for Prime members.

They cannot get rid of service centers.

No, they are expanding those.

We — and Tesla — will have to see how this plays out. It may be that Tesla will reverse course on this. I’d call it an experiment, and I won’t try to predict the outcome. I think it could go either way.

I would not buy any car that did not have a physical floor space somewhere. No way do I sit waiting for some hauler to drop a car off at my house.

they’ll still have delivery centers and service centers

And you will have seven days to return it with full refund if you don’t like/adapt to it…So no big worries about that.

Which is 7 days more than any other new vehicle sale allows

yeah I bet the bank gives a full refund. and the state for your tags you just applied for…..

um so a test drive and to see a live one I have to drive 300 miles? can you even drive one at these places?

I always thought that I won’t be able to buy stuff online. I was not geared that way. And then Amazon happened.

Yea, who buys stuff on the internet? Nobody! Now let’s all get back to watching Matlock, he’s the bee’s knees. 23 Skidoo!


Lots of changes.

Notice the RWD Long Range now has a 225 mile EPA range.

They are shutting down most showrooms to be Internet-only for ordering.

Partial premium is unexpected. All cars getting glass roof/folding mirrors/custom driver profiles is an unexpected bonus for those that waited for the standard/non-premium car.

325 miles

Yes, I mistyped. I can’t edit my posts.

So I guess the steel roof is no longer planned to be an option, ever.

I would not be surprised if it showed up at GF 3.

That would be interesting, even cheaper models than Standard. I think they mentioned something like that for Shanghai Gigafactory, didn’t they?

Did they? I guess I missed seeing that news.

Agreed – I’m intrigued, and initially impressed, with the current combinations of included features at each trim.


YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!

Laughing my head off at all the naysayers.

Kona and other EV’s will have to drop their price to compete!

They are already $3750 cheaper until Jul 1. Then they will be $5625 cheaper. Not saying it’s fair, just the facts.

I doubt they’ll drop there price because they hardly build a tenth of what Tesla does.

If you are in the market for a $30k to $40k car, I cannot imagine someone thinking their $32k Kona was somehow near equivalent to $37k Tesla. Any sensible person will find the extra $5k.

The Model 3 Standard and Plus are nice cars, but if you want features like adaptive cruise and Autosteer ($3k) and a color ($1.5k) you are up to $40-$42k. In the US, the base Kia Kona EV for $37k comes standard with those and has more range and a larger tax credit.

However, I would still get Model 3 for the complete package. Superchargers, OTA, FSD capability, better resale, etc. However, the Kia is actually a very reasonable value if you aren’t getting FSD or won’t need OTA updates and supercharger network. Its CCS charging is still really fast (80 kW, which might be similar to 3 Standard), but network is a bit more hit or miss.

“And our products are the reason we continue to rank #1 in Consumer Reports owner satisfaction survey and have every single year since Tesla was first eligible to be included in 2013.” Poking a stick at Consumer Reports, nice!.

The pricing is great, but it sounds like they will be shuttering lots of stores (but expanding service).

So excited!

Not… so excited that anything other than black costs another 1500. Black isn’t exactly an ideal choice where I live unless you are planning on baking cookies every day in the car.

Did you see the enhanced security mode video with Cookie Monster?

Heh. Yes I did, I have to admit.

That’s been the case before this announcement – Tesla has always gouged for paint options.

Yeah, I just wasn’t aware. I never played around with the configurator before today, since, honestly, I couldn’t afford a lot of the vehicle options before now. Just surprised that there’s a 1500 dollar difference, that’s all. Not trying to detract from how awesome the price for the base car is, and a black one would be just fine.

Eternally dirty, but just fine.

I suspect as tax credits disappear paint costs will drop to help reduce impact of tax credit. I could be wrong if demand remains high though.

I hate black also, and in Canada White paint (Pearl White Multi-Coat) is $2,600!!! Nuts!

Red Multi-Coat is $3300!!!!!!

Other colors are $2000.

I guess I would then get Grey over the White, and save $600.

I miss the Midnight Grey…:(

This is the way for Tesla to disincentivize people from buying the absolutely cheapest version possible. This shows margins on absolute base version is less than ideal for Tesla and they are hoping people would upgrade thus enabling better margins.

I would like to see at least a plane white paint for free.

It used to be free, but sadly they got rid of the free plain white a couple years ago.

White was never free. You might be thinking of BMW.

Great news for the hundreds of thousands of reservation holders and latecomers who have been waiting for it.

Better pricing too for those that waited. My same car configuration from last April now costs $1750 less, even accounting for the drop in Federal tax credit.

I will be interesting to see if all the people who said they were waiting on the $35k model now order. There are no excuses now.

As one of the very early reservation holders (drawn in by the dream of a $35k T3, w/ $7500 fed tax credit) I waited until June of last year before cancelling and leasing an i3. I’m glad to see Tesla doing well and applaud their price cuts. Great for the EV industry as a whole. But after driving a colleague’s AWD LR T3 I don’t regret my decision to go with an i3 for 3 years at all. It’s simply a funkier, more interesting car to me that has plenty of range for my daily commute and is quick enough to be quite fun.
May still get a Tesla someday, but more likely my next EV will be a Kia Soul or VW iBuzz microbus. cheers!

Problem is I’ve waited so long my Tesla fund has grown well beyond $35,000 and lead me to target a dual motor instead… More waiting!

Tesla did it.

They had to, really. With the full $7500 tax rebate gone sales would naturally slow. Very smart move on Teslas part to tease the $35k version until that got cut in half.

I’m going to be bitter and pessimistic to the very end… not one of these cars have been delivered yet! VAPORWARE.

Actually on my drive home yesterday I thought the same thing. They did it. Well done Tesla. There are going to be Model 3’s everywhere now… I wonder if I should buy a gas guzzler to be different.

All you have to do is come to California now to see Model 3s everywhere. It is was the best selling sedan in Cali for several months. With this boom dropping move by Musk I predict that the Model 3 will eventually become the best selling vehicle in all of California.

@ Eric Loveday

What about customers in Europe?

Can they also order NOW a Standard Range Tesla Model 3?

Or is it just available to customers in the US?

Just US for now. Just been on the Dutch site and it is LR and Performance only.

Yes still only LR AWD and Performance, but they did lowered the prices by 3200 euro. And the AP price is changed.

“they did lowered the prices by 3200 euro”.

That’s good news.

In 3 to 6 months to order in Europe according to electrek.co

Said by Mr who on Twitter as well.

I hope that the hundreds of thousands of first-day orders will get a chance to order theirs before everyone else. They’ve been waiting 3 years, after all.


One thing is for sure, we will see how real is that $35k pent up demand.

Every outstanding deposit holder should be ordering this month. If not, it will be interesting to hear why not.

I want to continue saving for a dual motor.

Some leased another car and have to wait for that lease to end. Some thought they had 4-6 months (or more) to get the down payment together and so forth based on Tesla’s web site.

A few changes to S & X:

Model S: SR=$79k, 270mi; LR=$83k, 335mi; Performance=$99k, 315mi & 3.0s; +$15k for Ludicrous Mode (2.4s).

Model X: SR=n/a; LR=$88k, 295mi; Performance=$104k, 289mi, 3.5s; +$15k for Ludicrous Mode (2.8s).

Does anyone else feel kind of screwed that bought a car at the end of last year? First they decreased the price 2K, ok no biggy I guess, compensate for taxes. Then they decreased the price of auto pilot 2k? I’ve had autopilot less then a month since the trial and it’s already $2500 cheaper then I paid.

Also, wish they would have just added the standard interior to all the other models.

They also reduced features of AP, they took out Navigate on Autopilot, Summon, and Autopark and moved those to FSD.

With all of the downgrades, Autopilot should really be renamed adaptive cruise control now.

I think it is comparable to what AP1 was, isn’t it? I always wondered why Summon and Navigate on Autopilot weren’t part of FSD, they really seemed like they should have been.

You are paying for getting stuff sooner.

I bought in November and I do not regret it one bit 🙂

You should feel fortunate. I took delivery a month ago, and the price has dropped $4K. I got 6 months of SC referral credit, which I probably won’t use. Still love the car, tho.

Yeah but I think the cost reductions are over. I’ll bet a year from now you’ll see a 3% increase across the board.

Very probable. They’ve hit the self promised low end target, from here on it is all about inflation, just like everyone else,

(Although it would be nice to see the end of that exterior/interior color profiteering).

Inflation rate has been around 3%, so a 3% increase in price would actually effectively be keeping the price the same in Real Dollars.

Traditionally Tesla has added free content, adding new features and improving cars over time. So even a 3% price increase with more free content would effectively be a cost reduction in real dollars. But that fed. incentive likely isn’t going to come back, so that right now is the biggest factor.

I feel screwed that the price of the laptop I bought last year dropped by 4%. Then they decreased the price of the docking station by $80.

^same logic

Model 3 is technology. Early adopters pay to play. In just a year or two you’ll want to replace it with the next greatest thing. Google “what it’s like to own an apple product” by The Oatmeal.

Bro1999?? Are you there?? Testing, testing.. (is this mic turned on??)

you’re late to the party, John.

Yeah I admit I wrote that based on what you told me about it never happening a short 24 hours ago, before scrolling and reading you owning it. So I apologize and respect you for wasting no time to admit you were wrong.

You’re an honorable man, bro1999.

Maybe he will finally pay off his unpaid betting debts he racked up by betting against Tesla here in the forums…..

He’s there, being entirely reasonable.

Let’s give Bro1999 credit here; he manned up and admitted he was wrong, without any qualifier, and not hemming and hawing about it.

Good for him…. thumbs up! 🙂

Totally agree!

Likewise, I applaud you Bro for your posts here.

This will totally kill KonaEV and other limited availability cars with dealer markups. Also kill Bolt after subsidy reduction and Leaf e+. They had it all wrong; not Tesla killer, but Tesla the killer! March sales report card will be “interesting”.

Now about that CCS…

Madman Musk, destroying profits for all, ha

Yup, was seriously considering the Niro Ev and the Kona EV, but with the games Kia and Hyundai are playing, I’m more than happy to purchasing my new Model 3.

And this is why Kia didn’t order too many of those cars… 🙂

Or why they still haven’t announced the pricing for the Niro EV….

It’s great to see Tesla making the Model 3 more competitive by expanding the options and the price range.

But that’s not going to “kill” sales of other plug-in EVs, any more than sales of those cars has “killed” Tesla’s sales.

I don’t think we should need to keep pointing out that new EV models, and new options for existing EV models, will continue to “steal” sales mostly from the 98% of the market which is gasmobiles, and not the 2% of the market which is plug-in EVs!

Yep, I want a BEV with higher ground entry level than a car provides. Either waiting for the MY or something else..

It will kill some, the newly announced EVs that have the full tax credit will live, but the Bolt is a dead model walking at this point, perhaps the Leaf too. Nissan I see as less likely to kill the Leaf, but I don’t see their pricing as competitive anymore.

PuPu, you’re going to buy Niro/Kona or even Leaf e+ SL or Bolt Premier when they cost more than Tesla 3? I’m sure there are fools out there, but “kill” doesn’t mean zero sale.

As for not “stealing” from other EV, more nonsense. All cars are in competition, especially the EV market. If you’re looking to get EV, you’re not just going to throw dart to choose. As with everything in the real world, you look for value, not just lowest price but bang for buck. In that, Tesla 3 wins, hands down.

As a note, base Kona EV is much better equipped than Model 3 standard configured at $35k…

Great. I like the looks of the Kona & am a real fan of hatchbacks. I have cash in the bank. Where can I pick one up while on Spring break beginning of April? Will I be able to drive it back to Albuquerque using DCFC? Checking the internet, it appears that coming to or from Albuquerque will require charging it in campgrounds a few times.

I just read the new prices for the 2019 BoltEV they RAISED the price of the premium, and the LT is still 2500 more than the Model 3. I see almost no chance of the Bolt surviving, they can’t sell it at the current MSRP.

Three basic options.

A. Deep discounts
B. Deep price cuts
C. Kill it

A is a GM staple so not out of the question, but C is really in line with Mary B’s MO, here’s my prediction there won’t be a 2020 Bolt.

At least for Mar, Bolt on sale is about $7K cheaper than Tesla 3.

Bolt: $32.5K-$7.5K = $25K
Tesla 3: $35K+$1.2K-$3.75K = $32.45K

Next quarter, the gap shrinks to about $3.5K, assuming no further discounts on Bolt.

Chevy has to cut price / give discounts. They can’t simply kill Bolt since I don’t think they want to buy ZEV credits from Tesla.

No they probably don’t want to buy credits, but will they be able to cut the price enough to still make not paying for the credits worth it.

I’m glad the LR RWD model is back. That’s the one I was waiting for. Snow tires are far cheaper than AWD. I was surprised by the separation of Autopilot and Self Driving, but then noticed that the price of those features are offset by apparent price drops when you don’t select them. It looked like a price increase at first. Hopefully Tesla has made the premium interior a bit more premium with some better sound deadening.

It still won’t handle as well in the snow as an AWD

Snow tires on RWD will handle better than AWD with all season tires on snow. Best is obviously AWD and snow tires. People don’t understand performance of snow tires. We have had twice average snow fall this year and my RWD i3 Rex with snow tires had no trouble going down my street where people were getting stuck with AWD SUVs with crappy tires.

Honestly, I’m not worried about snow. Maryland keeps the roads plowed enough, and I no longer have a need to drive through rural Pennsylvania during winter. My daily driver is an RWD. I’ve found that a good set of winter tires outperforms an AWD with all season tires. I’d rather buy a set of snow tires and rims than pay extra for AWD and a range reduction. Your use case and location is probably different than mine.

Good. Still no CCS, and unfortunately, it looks like they are at least partially tying range to upgraded (i.e., more expensive) interiors.

I don’t expect built-in CCS until at least a year at the earliest. Maybe an adapter will arrive sooner.

I bet it’s not a coincidence the the upgraded SR 3 slightly cheaper, slightly more range than the base Bolt.

Wow! I mean…

WOW! I mean…

WOW! That’s a lot of info to digest all at once.

So, online sales only, with a limited number of “showcase” or “gallery” locations… which are no longer “stores”. Take that, Tesla doubters! They said that Tesla would eventually be forced to move to traditional dealerships. Instead, Tesla is moving even further away from the legacy dealership business model!

“You can now return a car within 7 days or 1,000 miles for a full refund.”

Another game changer!

Keep going Tesla!

I think the Return Policy was up to 3 Days, if you never had an Official “Test Drive”, before, so this adds 4 more days on that, and gives up to the 1,000 Miles Included in ‘Sampling’ the car!

I want to know where I can buy a rejected car with a 1000 miles for a discount… 😉


Tesla has traditionally sold cars like that as “New Inventory” cars. Goto any Tesla CPO website to see Tesla’s “New Inventory” cars and you will see S and X cars like that.

That’s pretty shady, if a vehicle has been titled it shouldn’t be able to be sold as new.

The “New Inventory” are service loaners and test-drive vehicles. As far as I know, titles were never exchanged.

Wut? All auto dealers sell their demo cars as new, at least in the USA. It’s not at all shady so long as the seller is up front about it having been used as a demo or service loaner.

It has been standard practice for Tesla to sell its demo and service loaner cars at a slight discount. There have been multiple stories here at IEVs about Tesla trying to sell off as many of those it can at the end of every year.

If you think it’s “shady” then you haven’t been paying attention.

They can only do that if they are not titled, but remain in inventory with a certificate of origin.

Once titled, it is legally used.

And to add more thing: if it’s been titled, then the tax credit can only go to that original person/buyer.

It’s not shady, it’s standard practice in the industry. Car companies and dealers have lots of demo and loaner cars that have never been sold and that have low mileage. They are sold as such and usually at a decent discount. My own Model 3 Performance was a demo, in fact the one I took a test drive in, and had 4000 miles on it when I got it. I got $5000 off the price which was pretty much why I could get the Performance version. I get the tax credits as it is “new” in the sense of “never sold” so I’m the first owner. Since I think these cars will last several hundred thousand miles and since they probably use nice examples for demos, I’m happy to have the discount in exchange for some trivial wear.

“Never sold” is they key. Once the certificate of origin is used to title the vehicle, it is a used car.

Yeah that was my point, maybe Tesla is holding off of the title paperwork for a week, but if it’s titled it’s used.

Maybe they will just park the car until the rebate disappears and then sell it for a small discount in a state with no incentives. I would think fewer people would return the car after having gone through the titling paperwork.

New Inventory cars have not been titled. Tesla isn’t the first company to ever offer a return period for a new car. I highly doubt they would put through the title transfer request until the 7 days are over.

I checked the laws in a couple of states. Depending on the state, dealers have as long as 60 days to submit the title work after a purchase.

yes, when I took delivery a month ago if I didn’t test drive it was 3 days (up to 500 mi) and an added 3 months of SuperCharging (9 months), although that hasn’t shown up in my account yet… and with the stores being downsized, so no wonder I haven’t heard from my salesperson yet today…

Yeah, that return policy is amazing!

Yes, but it’s also necessary, in the business sense, since Tesla apparently won’t be offering test drives at its Tesla stores anymore. 🙁

Looks like there will a few used Model 3’s out there now for people wanting to go that route.

I dunno. Unless the cars are obviously damaged in the process, maybe these returned cars won’t be resold as “used”; perhaps they’ll be resold as “demo” cars, and thus qualifying as “new” under law.

Depends on how the laws read. Maybe a car once sold can’t be re-sold as new? Or it may vary by State law?

I think this is a subject for further investigation.

Once the certificate of origin is used to title a vehicle, it is a used car.

With these different range numbers for each trim, I wonder how many different packs there actually are? Are SR and MR both using the MR pack and are just software-limited? Or, to the logical conclusion, are they all throttled LR packs…?

Yes, with 220, 240, 264, and 310/325 mile options, I’m surprised that doesn’t complicate production.

I bet at least a couple of those options are software limited, maybe not, but it would fit their past structuring and would avoid the production complications.

If they want to reduce costs as much as they need to, they will have different packs, at least eventually. Probably with similar modular design—increase or decrease length by a certain amount. Remember how the GF1 was getting new machines & tooling to make battery packs?

“…are they all throttled LR packs…?”

No, the Mid Range definitely has fewer cells in the battery pack.

And Elon has previously said they would be using a new pack architecture for the Standard Range Model 3 pack. I presume that is still the case, altho we’ll have to wait for details to appear on that subject.

What we don’t know is when the MR and LR will be moved to the new pack architecture too. A cell improvement would also allow them to reduce the number of cells. They have been on the same cell design since they built pre-production Prototypes in Q1 2016. It is now 3 years later.

Good points, thanks Nix!

Given the similarities, I’d presume that the SR and SR+ are the same small pack, the MR would be a mid-sized pack, and the LR/3D/P3 all have the large pack.

After this latest welcome launch news, there will definitely now be a new meaning for the term “Base Jumper”,

…not to also mention the phrase “All In!”

I’m more of a Nissan fan then a Tesla fan. But I have to say this Model 3 will be a real game changer now. And it’s got to take the wind out of the sails of Nissan with their recently released Leaf Plus. Will anyone even remember the Leaf Plus was released today? I hope Tesla sells thousands and it comes to right hand drive countries sooner then expected…

The pricing is very attractive. Lots of cities can survive with RWD and standard range. And at $25k for standard interior, can’t be all that bad.

Also, poor Polestar. They got 2 days of hype.

They still have a nice car and okay price, they can adjust pricing before launch if they need to. I still say Tesla will “win” first round as they likely have lower costs than any of their competitors now.

As I said though, Tesla times announcements like this to squash hype of other companies. They did this right before Geneva show when everyone is launching their new EVs. Way to land the smackdown, Tesla 🙂

Agree – P2 is being built in China. If they can control costs and get battery supply, it may have some labor cost advantages vs Tesla’s Fremont/Nevada factories. Now once Tesla gets China factory online not sure how that will change things. Things are getting interesting.

I assume the China factory will mainly produce for the Chinese market?

China and Pacific Rim nations only.

I don’t think they timed this announcement. It is (hopefully) a result of them actually being nearly able to fulfill the promise of selling a $35,000 Model 3.

Hype is irrelevant. The important thing is that the manufacturer produces it, the car sells, and it gets onto the road (and hopefully displaces a polluting ICE vehicle).

I suspect a huge jump in production. Only guessing, but I think they might have been sandbagging for awhile. Anything up to the 7,000 promised by years end would not surprise. Any way you slice it, the future just arrived. Hold on, here we go!

At the very least we’ll see what the demand is for a $35k+ electric sedan. Is it 100k, 200k or 500k a year?

I’m very surprised. How long is the wait for people who had them reserved already for years? A key question for me is how many can they deliver by June before the credit goes down.

I know I’m going to get down-voted into oblivion for saying this, but the base Model 3 is not a good car. Tesla did exactly what I feared they would: take the worst quality of the higher-end Model 3s and make it even worse. That interior is economy car cheap, but this time the performance is mediocre and doesn’t make up for it. There is almost no competing $35k car that isn’t better than the base Model 3. Unless you are really really committed to the EV cause, the vast majority of buyers would be better suited with something like an Accord at this point.

The only difference in interior “quality” is cloth seats. Granted, no power/heated seats in SR, but SR+ has the power/heated/better-than-cloth seats. All models still have heated, auto-folding, auto-dimming side mirrors – that’s a nice, practical touch.

I’m impressed that they offered a true base model, and that the upgrade to many of the things that people like is reasonable ($2k) for which you also gain 20mi of range and a little quicker acceleration (probably the same battery pack, just software-limited in the SR).

The performance is great! 5.6s is almost identical to my Wifes (high trim..with the big ICE enginer option) 5.5s BMW X3

Hard to say the cloth interior won’t be nice without actually checking it out. And with incentives that price is much lower than 35K. But I agree, I personally wouldn’t skip the upgrades. I think it is nice to see Tesla offering something for those who are on a budget, and giving them a choice at least.

What’s your experience in the auto industry, I’ll take Sandy Munro’s opinion over some rando on the internet.

You must be talking about some other Model 3… not the Tesla Model 3, which is rated #1 for Customer Satisfaction in Consumer Reports‘ latest annual survey.

Or maybe you’re just trolling.

Yeah dream on you loser “Bay Area” mechanic.

This obviously very unhappy POS pops in here occasionally and is a total serial anti-Tesla troll and probably works for another industry being seriously disrupted by Tesla. Maybe a German luxury dealership or shop or he is just another shorter and all around icehole.

Those overpriced and unreliable German luxury makes are getting killed by Tesla in California especially.

How many orders for a Standard Range Tesla Model 3 (for $35,000.-) and for a Standard Range Plus Tesla Model 3 (for $37,000.-) will Tesla receive from customers in the US in 2019?


Maybe even more.

150k maybe

Would say 200,000 SR will be sold in in the next year.

I would say that will exceed Tesla’s ability to make them.

That’s where having kept your reservation becomes valuable again.

When will customers in Europe also be able to order a Standard Range Tesla Model 3?

Will that be made possible in 2019 or 2020?

In 3 to 6 months.

An additional benefit of this news, is now with more Teslas on the road, the charging infrastructure will only get bigger and better.

I agree, but might have some growing pains too 🙂

Yea… near me, the Supercharging station is always 9/10 full, starting at 8 am until nighttime. Even on weekends. Silicon Valley next to Apple campus – folks getting their Starbucks, etc.

Hopefully they do better in the future than what is presented in this article.


A Tesla check bounced? Really? Haven’t heard that one before!

I wish Tesla the best, but I guess only time will tell.

Nice to see the prices coming down, but hope customer service doesn’t suffer because of it.

Just FYI, CNBC makes an effort to dig-up negative Tesla news or put a negative spin on it.

Noted, but it’s not much of a stretch if customer service is lacking.

Take these reviews, the common complaint is on Tesla’s customer service, not as much on the car itself. I myself have been treated like crap by the south Florida store.


Like I said previously many times, I wish Tesla the best, but I think they have to put more effort in customer service.

It’s certainly true that Tesla’s service centers have in the past not grown fast enough to keep up with Tesla’s growing sales, at least in some regions; hopefully not in all regions. Tesla keeps promising to do better on that; I see they’re repeating that promise in this latest press release.

Growing pains. *Sigh*

Just a thought, but how many times do you go to sales centres to get service done? This quarter Elon is also focused on service aspects of the product. If he says he will do it, he will. Even if people think he is late getting it done, it will happen, you just might not notice until months later.

Depends on the location. I think in most areas, the Tesla Store and the Tesla Service center are not co-located; but here in Kansas City they are.

“If he says he will do it, he will.”

Unfortunately, Elon has previously, and repeatedly, promised to fix the problem with not enough service centers, and with service centers being backed up. If the problem had really been fixed, then he wouldn’t need to keep promising the same thing.

I’m a strong Tesla fan, but let’s not pretend they don’t have some problems.

Just to play devils advocate a bit, but just because it’s not fully fixed doesn’t mean they haven’t been working on it. The growth curve has been so steep that prior efforts haven’t been adequate, I don’t know that it’s fair to count this a broken promise (not that you explicitly said that, but I feel it was implied), but rather a promise not yet fulfilled.

Exactly my point. Problems like proper parts inventory management are going to be addressed according to the Q4 2018 conference call. Working on problems in technology are seen by customers later on, but not always immediately.