Tesla Autopilot Vice President, David Nistér, Lands Key Job At NVIDIA

Tesla Autopilot


Tesla Autopilot

Former Tesla Autopilot VP, David Nistér, has yet to officially update his LinkedIn page with the new position at NVIDIA.

We can now add former Tesla Autopilot Vice President, David Nistér, to the list of “shifters.”

When it comes to Silicon Valley startups, it is not at all uncommon to see a periodic shifting of top talent. Nistér just accepted a top position at NVIDIA.

Tesla Autopilot

Chris Lattner, Creator of Swift and LLVM, is Leaving Apple to Accept a position as VP of Tesla Autopilot. (Image Credit: flickr via KisMe Nepal)

NVIDIA is one of the most well-known and successful chip makers and tech companies in the industry. The company’s primary focus surrounds mobile processing and video graphics cards. NVIDIA has been a key supplier for Tesla since the first-gen Model S, and today supplies its supercomputer for the Model S, Model X, and soon-to-be Model 3.

Nistér was with Tesla since 2015, and is considered in the industry as one of the top names in self-driving related research and development. He previously headed the augmented reality group at Bing Mobile, as an employee of Microsoft. On LinkedIn, he lists former work as a computer science professor, and also as an engineer at Ericsson.

The new position at NVIDIA will allow Nistér to work with the company’s development team for super high-def map software. The goal is for the maps to be accurate down to the centimeter, in regards to lane markings and traffic signs. This is one of the most integral components of self-driving adoption, and something that Tesla is already hard at work to achieve, through its logging of Autopilot data.

Nistér’s replacement comes from none other than Apple. We reported news awhile back that Apple’s Chris Lattner would be joining Tesla as its newest Vice President for Autopilot. As the Autopilot division is being revamped, Lattner is said to be the person taking over Nistér’s duties. Lattner came on board during a time that Tesla was suing its former director of Autopilot, for revealing trade secrets.

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I own stock in both. Go David.