Tesla Autopilot Update Bumps Autosteer Speed Up To 90 MPH

Tesla Autopilot


Tesla continues with its incremental over-the-air software updates to second-generation Autopilot vehicles.

The most recent update brings Tesla Vision, the automaker’s own proprietary technology which replaced Mobileye, just about to complete parity with first-generation Autopilot vehicles. It also takes away Autosteer’s speed restrictions.

The new maximum speed for Autosteer is 90 mph (which is the same maximum from the original Autopilot system), up from the 80 mph limit that was imposed by Tesla’s 8.1 update that occurred in late March.

Tesla Autopilot

Tesla Autopilot

Tesla CEO Elon Musk just announced during last week’s Q1 earnings call that Tesla created its own proprietary Tesla Vision version of the Mobileye chip in just six months. Since then, some have argued that Tesla has been working on the technology for a much longer time. Also, when Musk made the announcement, the Autopilot system in second-generation vehicles was still not truly at parity. Based on this update, it is much closer, but it still isn’t quite there yet.

Elon Musk said on the call (via Electrek):

“We had a bit of a dip, obviously, because of the unexpectedly rapid transition away from Mobileye, where we’d expected to have the Mobileye chip on the board as we transitioned but Mobileye refused to allow that. So then we had to basically recreate all the Mobileye functionality in about 6 months – which we did.”

The Tesla Vision Autopilot system will need automatic wipers and perpendicular park, to reach full parity with the first-generation system. This is, of course, as long as the update to Autosteer works to its full potential, without any issues.

The release notes pertaining to Autosteer speed limit read as follows:

For greater driving flexibility and comfort, we’ve increased the speed limit for Autosteer and Traffic-Aware Cruise Control when driving on and off the highway.

  • On highways: Autosteer and Traffic Aware Cruise Control have speed limits of 90 mph.
  • Off highways: Autosteer is no longer restricted to 35 mph.
    • Autosteer has a speed limit of 5 mph faster than the detected speed limit, unless you’ve specified a lower speed limit offset.
    • If Model S does not detect a limit, then the maximum speed the vehicle can drive is 45 mph.

Source: Electrek

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Why is automatic windshield wipers still not implemented? This seems quite simple and cars with much more basic abilities have had this for many years.

They are doing it without additional rain sensors like other cars. They are leveraging the cameras.

If it works, it will be a cost saver for Tesla.

But it was done without additional sensors before, was it not?


That’s almost 150 kmh, would have been nice if the article used metric measurements as well.

+1… for all of us non-americans.

Us Americans bow to no standard other than the old English method of measurement. Why? Because it is old and traditional and makes not the least amount of sense.

7 barley corns = 1 nail

2 1/2 nails = 1 inch

12 inches = 1 foot

3 feet = 1 yard

220 yards = 1 furlong

8 furlongs = 1 mile


1 meter = 1/10,000,000 of the distance from the equator to the north pole.

Now, you be the judge of which system is better matched to the “human scale”…

By leaving Mobile eye , Tesla has lost one year , and possibly more in a crucial development .
Now Mobile eye is Intel , mightier from far than Nvidia .
Not a great move for the Eleonardo Musk , always trying to reinvent hot water .

Right? Just like this battery instead of gas thing.

This was not Tesla’s choice, this was Mobile eye protecting its Image by not allowing Tesla to use MobileEye technology while Tesla transitioned to new technology. It is clear the Tesla is way ahead of MobileEye even loosing a year. Nobody else has been able to get the level of Tesla’s autopilot using the same MobileEye chip!

AEB (automatic emergency braking) is in every second cheap Honda. Tesla doesn’t have it for almost a year after MobilEye plugged the plug, despite promised December delivery. Did they finally come with AEB, and preferably something that doesn’t hit brakes before bridge on interstate, endangering everybody around, and doesn’t try to teleport across big trucks?

It extremely stupid to talk about leadership in this context, Tesla is lagging behind econoboxes, not even talking about Waymo that is as far as Mars for Tesla.

Wow, the desperation with which Tesla short-sellers are grasping at straws, in trying to find something, anything to criticize Tesla for, is reaching epic proportions!
😀 😀 😀

So how much money have you lost on shorting Tesla stock, zzzzzzzzzzz? Hmmmm?

See: “Tesla’s Stock Success Has Cost Short Traders $3.7 Billion This Year”


It’s astonishing the lengths to which you can go to justify attacking those with valid concerns about Tesla’s de-featuring.

Who decided you were the one to say what’s safe enough and complaining about not having more (as the car did before) is just trying to make a buck short-selling?

Objectively, I don’t object to short-selling. I understand it’s an important market correction device.

I certainly do object to people going out of their way to find an Internet site that’s pro-EV, and choosing that place to post their Big Lies and anti-EV FUD.

Fear, uncertainty and doubt (often shortened to FUD) is a disinformation strategy used in sales, marketing, public relations, talk radio, politics, religious organizations, and propaganda. FUD is generally a strategy to influence perception by disseminating negative and dubious or false information and a manifestation of the appeal to fear.

If you, Unlucky, don’t have a problem with people specifically targeting InsideEVs for their anti-EV FUD, their disinformation strategy and their Big Lies… then why the heck not?

What is your agenda? Hint: It does not appear to be pro-EV, from where I’m sitting. 😐

Almost a year? Is it October already? Drama queen much?

There are other features besides AEB. Please name ANY production car that competes with the other features that are live right now with HW2?

It was Tesla’s choice to switch. It was Tesla’s choice to not prepare their own solution before even trying to switch.

This is all on Tesla. Other companies can manage transitions.

“Euro point of view” said:

“Not a great move for the Eleonardo Musk , always trying to reinvent hot water .”

Well, if you were trying to demonstrate that you are entirely clueless on this subject, you certainly succeeded.

If there is any personal flaw which Elon has less of than anyone else in the world, it’s a tendency to try to re-invent the wheel. (In fact, Hyperloop eliminates wheels! 🙂 )

> If there is any personal flaw which Elon has less of than anyone else in the world, it’s a tendency to try to re-invent the wheel.

??? Aren’t we talking about the guy who made his own TBM (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tunnel_boring_machine) when they already existed?

“Everything has been done before” is a common refrain. Thus a lot of innovation is really reinventing something someone already made. Whether it’s a TBM, an evacuated tunnel transport or making your own AC Propulsion T-Zero, a lot of what is seen as new is really just a refinement of an invention that existed before. And this is the case for Musk as much at least as much as anyone else. The only way to not end up reinventing the wheel is to simply not innovate at all. And Musk isn’t really into that.

Unlucky — Sadly you don’t even realize that Elon is improving on even the tunnel bore.

Old tech was that the borer did the boring, then other equipment put in the concrete walls. Elon’s new bore is designed to do the concrete walling right at the same time. Between that and narrowing the bore, they are hoping to cut boring costs by an order of magnitude.

You know how you keep getting insulted? It is because you keep saying things that are worthy of insult at such a rapid and predictable pace that you earn every insult. If you don’t like the results, change your behavior.

Actually, TBMs put the walls in at the rear of the machine (where the shield ends). There is a People are involved though, are you suggesting this happens without people? If not, then you’re just mistaken, it’s the same as the current process.

Here, you can watch a video of the process. From 2006.


I’m not sure what narrowing the bore means. Are you trying to imply that TBMs aren’t available in the sizes that customers want right now?

Getting insulted? I don’t get what you’re saying. You being deluded doesn’t amount to me being insulted. As to changing my behavior, I didn’t cause you to make your errant post. So how would me changing my behavior end it?

“…a lot of what is seen as new is really just a refinement of an invention that existed before. And this is the case for Musk as much at least as much as anyone else.”

That’s correct. And if that had been the original assertion, I certainly would not have refuted that assertion.

Stop trying to move the goal posts.

I’m not moving the goal posts, you are. You asserted he doesn’t reinvent the wheel. He most certainly does. He does it all the time. It’s one of his favorite things. He doesn’t even sell cars like others sell cars. Another wheel reinvented.

From a former AI research guy: Hello Euro Point of View. You claim that Intel is mightier than NVIDIA or Tesla and so whatever they do must be better than Tesla? SP Size always wins? (Not even in the Old Testament. Moses defeated Pharaoh and David defeated Goliath. Can you explain that?) The last guy who argued to me that size is quality, was a high school dropout who was laying tile outside a rich lady’s house. I told this guy, that by his logic, McDonald’ has the best food in the world, because they are the largest. The other worker, his buddy laughed. I said: “You know they don’t have the BEST food. They just have massive amounts of cheap food everywhere.” By size alone, Goliath Motors (GM) and their first modern electric car the EV1 and its descendants should be dominating the world by now. Instead, we get to watch the youtube video: “Who killed the Electric Car?” Intel does have some great chips, some of the best in the world. But not the best software. But somewhere along the way, Intel lost their leadership in some things. In graphics cards, for example, NVidia has been their David.… Read more »

Now that is a lunch box worth having!

Another great idea would be to give us All around view like my LEAF has… wonderful feature that could use the 8 cameras to be even slicker that Nissan’s implementation. We love the feature.

“Who decided you were the one to say what’s safe enough…”


Last I looked, Unlucky, we still had freedom of speech in this country. Last I looked, we can still post Truths and real Facts — not “alternative facts” — to refute the Big Lies and FUD repeatedly posted by others.

Perhaps you would be more comfortable living in a country where people are not free to refute lies posted by others.

Interesting parsing of words. Yes, you can say anything you want. When someone asks “who are you to say” they are asking why is it you believe what you say defines anything for anyone else.

And if you’re going to move from calling people who disagree with you obviously corrupted by money then I’m not at all surprised to hear you’re now moving to calling people fascists.

Is this really where you want to go? Are you that kind of person? Do you really want to present that image?

There was no lie posted here. Someone posted a true comment and you came along to say that a person couldn’t possibly want a car to have safety features that the person must instead just be trying to make money off shorting TSLA. No lies, no alternative facts. Nothing except you inventing a reason to attack someone and then doing so.

Oh yeah, and then you doing it again. Claiming that I’m anti-EV. If you don’t have good grounds on which to refute someone else, maybe you could say nothing at all instead of calling them names?