Watch Tesla Model 3 Autopilot Tackle Holland Tunnel Exit: Video

JAN 12 2019 BY MARK KANE 10

Autopilot can conquer a difficult tunnel exit, although it’s still a bit jerky.

Tesla Autopilot continuously improves. This is reflected in more videos from drivers such as this one showing a tricky tunnel situation.

Here is a video with a Tesla Model 3 Performance. The car is going through the Holland Tunnel in New York City, but this part is boring. The action starts after 3:10. That’s when the Model 3 managed to pass all the tricky corners in the exit, staying within its lane.

From the video description:

“Driving on Autopilot in Holland Tunnel. Interesting to see how the software handles the exit on Manhattan side where the car needs to take quite a sharp right hander and then a long sweeping left turn. Athough autopilot is jerky at that moment it pulls through the whole way. I did not touch the steering wheel until the very last moment where I had to take an exit onto a local street. Watch till the end to see this. Software Version: 2018.44.2”

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And constantly improving!

That made me nervous.

Yeah, because it totally relies on that bright white line painted on the road. Take that away and see how it performs then. I still don’t understand why this system is allowed. It’ll steer you to a concrete wall when the white line points to it…

You assuming that the center line is it’s only visual cue to go on, when other videos showing what the auto-pilot sees, is that it also sees the sides of the road, other cars, and also relies on prior positional data, by other Tesla’s cars that have driven that route.

Anyway, you criticize a system because it has a strong visual cue, when it will of course have those visual cue’s in many places that it drives.

You criticism would be similar to telling a hiker. Ah, you only could climb those hills because of your legs. I bet if you didn’t have those legs, you would not be able to do it, and yet, I think any determined person could also climb that same hill without their legs.

Go back to the old world. No point in advancing anything. Sail across the ocean! That’s just nuts, as you will just fall off the edge.

Skip the first 3 and a half minutes

I’ve wondered about this exact stretch plus getting to the uptown leg on 6th Ave. Very excellent. Now do it again in the more common heavy traffic.

Those A pillars are huge

Drive a Chevy HHR and get back to me. Its pillars make the Romans jealous.

Ok so why would I want to be driving autonomous under this circumstance? Makes no practical reason to use AP here.

Constantly and consistently improving in capability. Some will point to how the car does or does not remain centered in its lane. They seem to ignore the fact many humans seem to suffer from the same problem for various reasons. Autonomous vehicles sharing the road with humans. It’s the human that will pose the greater risk in the very near future.