Tesla Autopilot And Summon Featured In Fully Charged

MAY 22 2016 BY MARK KANE 5

A recent episode of Fully Charged presented the Tesla Autopilot, and given all the focus of late on the Tesla Model S operating on its own, we figured it would be a good time to pass along the episode.

Robert finds a situation perfect for "summoning"

Robert finds a situation perfect for “summoning”

Truly Autopilot is a pretty useful feature on boring highways or in traffic jams.

Bonus:  Fast charging the Tesla through the CHAdeMO adapter, and ademonstration of Summon feature ends the complementary episode.

“Would you let a car drive itself? Is it even possible?
Will robots take over our lives, exterminate us and rule the world?
Are we doomed? Probably not just yet.
Tesla autopilot really does work though. And summon is very useful.”

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Always good to see Robert. Well, mostly.
Cool earth-sheltered building.

Assuming the restrooms are in that cool earth-sheltered building, did Robert just take a piss on that full-sized Nissan ICE pickup truck? I thought that the UK and Europe used lorries and not pickups as work trucks. Perhaps it belongs to an American ex-pat.

Probably. It’s the mandatory, it seems, loo references and bathroom humor, I find annoying. It’s like it’s ingrained in the British psyche.

Excellent video. Good explanation of some of the finer points of autopilot. Learning feature….ie after it has driven the same stretch of road over and over it gets better at it.

Didn’t see the double tap on summons mode though….maybe he just left that part out.

If you are only vaguely familiar with autopilot it is a must watch.

Lovely video explaining the finer points of autopilot and summon features.