Elon Musk: Tesla Autopilot In Model 3 To Be As Advanced As Model S, X


Tesla CEO Elon Musk says that Autopilot in the Model 3 will be just as advanced as in the Model S and X.

Tesla Model 3 Spy Photo

That’s the latest from Musk in his still-ongoing Tweetstorm that’s revealed all sorts of new information.

This is welcome news as some had thought the Model 3 would be equipped with a dumbed-down Autopilot system to keep costs in check.

That’s apparently not the case though, according to Musk.

In addition to revealing that Autopilot in the Model 3 will be just as advanced as in the Model S and X, Elon Musk reconfirmed that those who reserved their Model 3s on the first day reservations opened will receive “something cool for sure.”

Any guesses as to what this “something cool” will be?

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Ice Cream


Scetch of model Y


Free supercharging? Lots of cheapskates out there, no doubt willing to use superchargers instead of charging at home. This reaffirms my fear that free will kill EV adoption.


Free charging only for those who stood in line wouldn’t be a big deal, either for Tesla or fellow owners.


It didn’t say for those that stood in line. It said for people who reserved on March 31rst.


I hope they make it free and build for the demand.

NCTC barely impacts availability in the PNW and the DCQC infrastructure is so much more sparse.

Would be epic!

Murrysville EV

I live 35 miles from the closest SC, and 60 miles from the next closest one (in the opposite direction).

I’ll still be charging at home 95% of the time, using SC only a few times a year for long trips.

Mister G

Tesla shirt


Free FSD?


Free oil change for life? πŸ™‚

Scott Franco

I’ll take a car please. The m3. willing to pay.


Free vehicle delivery charge to Mars


“…some had thought the Model 3 would be equipped with a dumbed-down Autopilot system to keep costs in check.”

Those “some” people were not paying attention. Elon says the Model 3 is designed with full autonomy in mind, and that is his excuse (or one of his excuses) for the car not having an instrument cluster.

If it’s intended for full autonomy, then the Model 3 is going to have to have sensors, software, and automated control interfaces every bit as good as the Model S and X… or even better, since I personally doubt any Tesla car is yet equipped with all the sensors it’s going to need for reliable full autonomy.

As I have said numerous times, a fully functional autonomous car needs active scanning (radar or lidar) in all directions, not just the forward-facing radar sensors that Tesla is currently putting in its cars.

Alonso Perez

I don’t think the jury is in on that. Humans have two eyes and no radar and are fully autonomous. These cars have front radar and 360 degree vision. So it’s a better sensor package than humans and it never gets tired or drunk.


to be fair (most) humans can also swivel their heads around to quickly and easily change the direction and orientation of their “cameras” which fixed systems cannot.
We can also quickly change focus from a distant object to a close object and back.
All of those things are super difficult for fixed direction cameras and automated systems.
So really eight cameras is about the minimum required to replace a human who can use mirrors etc

“So it’s a better sensor package than humans and it never gets tired or drunk.” Nope. The “brain” in a self-driving car that’s watching never gets tired, distracted, or drunk, but the sensor package is definitely inferior to the human “sensor package”. Let’s not confuse the two. If the goal is to reduce the accident rate by 90%, as Elon says, then the car needs better sensors than humans have. It needs sensors which can “see” at night and thru fog, neither of which the human eye can. More importantly, computers don’t have humans’ highly developed visual processing centers. The human brain does not, for example, confuse the white side of a semi trailer with a “brightly lit sky”. Tesla Autopilot’s reliance on cameras and far-from-perfect optical object recognition software has already resulted in one death in a Tesla car. That’s why the self-driving cars from Waymo (formerly Google), Lyft, and others use active scanners such a lidar, and don’t rely on the inadequate ability of software to recognize objects from camera images. Active scanners “tell” the computer “brain” just how far it is to an object. With camera images, the best the “brain” can do is what amounts to… Read more »
Murrysville EV

As a “March 31” reservation holder, all I’ve gotten to date is a nice Tesla folder thanking me. OK so far.

What would I really like? $1000 credit toward an option upgrade, like more battery or something.


Free Supercharging would be Awesome. Much better than another sketch or badge.

AP just as good = just as expensive. Oh well. Still gotta check that box!


I say the cool thing will either be free supercharging, or a HUD. πŸ˜›


How about a little Tesla/SolarCity brand portable solar powered cell phone charger? You can buy one for $15, but it would be cool if it said Tesla or SolarCity on it.


> some had thought the Model 3 would be equipped with a dumbed-down Autopilot system to keep costs in check.

Well, “some” are stupid.

It isn’t cheap to develop the system and it needs to be as good at the tough stuff (the decision making) whether in a cheap car or an expensive one. Inventing two solutions would be dumb! You try to make it run on the least expensive hardware possible and maximize volume so the development cost doesn’t contribute more than it must to the unit cost. As we learned this week, Tesla is using hardware that the supplier (Nvidia) doesn’t think capable of working full autonomy – though Tesla must think it can.

Personally I’d prefer to buy the car at a lower price, prepared for the required circuit board but not actually installed – except that safety features like AEB should be operative from day one and uses that hardware.

All-Purpose Guru

Take a look at any of the prototype cars that are being used by Google, Apple, and anyone else looking at full autonomy. “a circuit board” is about 2% of the autonomous system.

Most of the money is in sensors-and adding them to a car would be very expensive. This is why the sensor package is designed in to the vehicle.


I am hoping that something cool is a hot blond. πŸ˜‰


I was hoping the Tesla Model 3 was going to be low maintenance. After working at The Mansion today, I can see what Hugh has been up to, definitely maintaining “something cool”!

Jim Whitehead

Something cool? I still think they may get a free Heads Up Display upgrade, installed when that is finished, probably in 2018.

One Black Hat hacker in a Tesla article recently claimed that there is a provision for a HUD in a diagnostic mode on the Model S or X (I forget which). Others dispute the interpretation. Its possible its just not ready yet. I myself would love an overlay of an infrared image outline for night driving, but I don’t know if this is practical and would require an infrared sensor or two.

Like a seductive magician, Musk teases us with partial reveals and doesn’t show his tricks, er, trucks too fast. πŸ™‚