Tesla Autopilot Deals With Merging Semi With Ease


Watch as the Autopilot system on this Tesla Model X detects a lane ending and an abruptly merging semi-truck.

We recently shared YouTuber Jeremy Visnesky’s video capture of a semi crossing the line and Autopilot reacting. He feels that had the semi-autonomous system not alerted and reacted, he may have been in an accident. This newest video paints an even better picture of how successful Tesla Autopilot can be in certain situations.

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As you can clearly see from the above video, the lane comes to an end rather quickly. It almost appears as if two lanes come to an end, but this is because of the additional on-ramp lane that is shortened.

The Tesla Model X driver can’t see that the lane is suddenly ending since he’s about to drive past a large semi. However, the Autopilot system seems well aware of the lane situation and also detects the merging truck. The system’s chime informs the driver and he’s able to make a safe move.

Had he not been warned in advance, there’s a chance he could have veered more aggressively at the last minute. This is surely a recipe for disaster, especially when traveling at high speeds.

Jeremy notes that the truck comes over rather abruptly and without using a turn signal. At least that’s how it looks to him as he’s following. But, honestly, it really just appears that the semi driver is casually following the ending lane. Generally, people don’t signal when a lane ends.

Regardless, this is more proof that a system like Tesla Autopilot can help driver awareness in some situations. While many of us consider ourselves safe, alert drivers, we all know there are many people out there that are distracted or simply not paying enough attention. Systems like Autopilot could help keep these drivers save (or keep you safe from such drivers).

Video Description via Jeremy Visnesky on YouTube:

Driving the Model X in Richmond VA and the right lane ends. I cannot see the land ending because the truck is blocking the view. The truck did not put on any turn signal etc. just merged the second the land ended with no warning. Auto Pilot slowed the car a little and then I disabled and went around.

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And yet it can’t avoid a fixed concrete barrier, a stopped ambulance, the outside wall of a building, etc..

Can you guys tell us what the point is of these articles? Is there value in posting any and every situation that AutoPilot did what it was supposed to do, what people paid a boatload for it to do (although not everything they paid for actually)??

Where’s the videos of SuperCruise handling a similar situation, or what about ProPilot, or Waymo or other actual self driving systems??? Maybe it’s just me but this site is becoming more and more of a Tesla advertising outlet as the months go on. I mean heck you even rerun the same Tesla drag race stories on the following day for some reason.

That’s fine I guess if that’s what you want it to be just don’t go touting how you have balanced reporting or anything like you guys like to say you do…

Aww heck, I was going to start the vote downs but I can’t vote down my own post 🙁

We report the good and the bad for all automakers. We do the same for Tesla. One day we’re called Tesla fanboys, the next we’re told we hate Tesla, undercut sales, and give them a bad name. If there were plenty of videos of SuperCruise or ProPilot, we’d share them. We have to remain neutral and share what we find. If you don’t like Tesla, you don’t have to read those posts. The Tesla drag races generate a ridiculous amount of Google traffic, which keeps us afloat. Otherwise, we’d have to pack our bags. We will always make every attempt to provide variety, despite there being about 50 times more Tesla news than any other automaker that builds EVs. If we wanted to, we could post 20 Tesla stories a day like many rivals, but we don’t choose to do so (although we’d have plenty more traffic, generate a significant amount more profit, make more money, and compete better against other sites). That goes completely against everything we believe in at InsideEVs. Anyhow, thanks for your input.

You wrote about Musk telling folks their factories will be the safest in the world in February, but i could not find any report in April, when most big newspapers started to claim Teslas reported injury rates were undercounted (faked) and basic safety measures like colored high visibility floor areas did not exist in some areas, cause Elon did not like it.
Or did i miss that?

I don’t know if we covered it or not. The hardest part with Tesla stories is that we have to determine if it is a true story backed by hard data or something to do with either pumping or diminishing stock value. With that being said, sometimes we avoid stories from certain outlets or those that are just as easily being proven false as they are proven correct. It’s surely a slippery slope, I hear you on that. It becomes increasingly hard to know what’s right and wrong.

There is concerted effort to attack Tesla on every front. It’s not really anything new, though it has become more virulent, and widespread, as the inability of the traditional auto industry to stop Tesla, or even slow it down has become readily apparent. Since they are not able to compete with Tesla, as their ev offerings are inferior, and their ice are just not comparable on any level..
The Tesla ev is simply a better vehicle, though it is expensive.

After a fashion I think it is actually a good thing that Tesla is incessantly attacked on all fronts since they must strive to be perfect in every way or they will just get lambasted for any foible or misstep, and they have made a few. But it hardly matters since the traditional automakers alternatives are so substandard to the new Tesla paradigm.

Better give DJ a napkin, cuz I think he just got served.

While on the topic, could you clarify all the posts from EVANNEX? Are they operating in the role of an advertiser? An independent person? A company posting Tesla-friendly content? I feel there should be greater transparency on their numerous posts and relationship to INSIDEEVs.

I have addressed that several times. They are not paid. We provide two disclaimers in every post. They generate a significant amount of traffic, which we need to survive.

Isn’t it amazing how serial anti-Tesla trolls keep coming in to whine about how InsideEvs runs stories about Tesla that they can’t avoid by themselves apparently?

I mean, I don’t like the Trumpsters tweets so I don’t choose to read them, cant the trolls here do the same?

This is due to the fact that they want to change the Tesla narrative. It does not fit their story line that Tesla is the wave of the future, crashing into the corrupted, lackadaisical, legacy auto industry, eroding it’s hold on power. Just looking at recent factual occurrences should be enough to convince anyone that will take the time to reconnoiter. There is little demand for sedans. Ford just announced they are scotching their whole line of sedans and mid sized cars,, sans the irrepressible Mustang, and the low rent Focus. GM is dropping almost all their ice sedan models, over the next few years.. Nissan sedan sales are crashing. The entire auto industry is remarking on the death of the sedan, and yet Tesla has pre-orders for half a million of them. What I don’t get is people that don’t get this. I just think they don’t want to, and talk is cheap. You construct a narrative or adopt one, and then completely disregard any information that contradicts your thought edifice, no matter that the foundation is cracking, the walls, are crumbling. A coat of paint and a bag of concrete is all you need. to fix it. Just… Read more »

Steven its that it looks like it more Tesla since their the only EV makers in America. Have more of your staff look at other blogs and youtube, i usually i find more stuff of other evs on thier

Very true, but we search far and wide to assure that the other companies are covered. The easy way out is to just cover mostly Tesla and throw in a GM article here and there, like some of our main rival sites. But, we try to cover many other vehicles and even obscure companies. That’s always our goal here.

I think you genuinely feel that but it’s obvious it isn’t the case. Case in point, every day it’s a Tesla drag racing something.

Meanwhile there are Leaf drag racing videos that never get posted. I don’t find any of them particularly interesting frankly.

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xJr1C1CGV_4 (You’re welcome 🙂 )

You guys post the same stuff over and over and over again when it comes to Tesla. That isn’t simply posting the good and the bad but rather an obvious effort to post more articles about them many of which are a simple regurgitation of prior ones.

Again, if that’s what you want this site to be fine as it’s your guys site after all but you need to stop claiming otherwise.

A 5 sec search on YouTube brought up amateur videos on Supercruise as well. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CH8BoF5nXnw

I’m not seeing the difficulty in having balanced reporting and finding stories on other makes for the ones you seem to post over and over with regards to Tesla.

Can’t edit (which BTw is a great improvement) but take this example. Type Hellcat or Challnger in search and you will get a bunch of Tesla drags Hellcat or Challenger articles. Same goes for a myriad of other cars. We get it, Teslas are crazy quick in a straight line and up to a certain distance. No real need to say the same exact thing in a different way over and over. Why the need to report the same thing over and over? Is it that a different color on the Tesla or Hellcat warrants a new article?

Again, those articles draw an immense amount of Google traffic, which, in this business is the only way to survive. Without Google traffic, the site dies. Google could care less about obscure models, charging infrastructure or even the Nissan LEAF half the time. But, a racing video with a Tesla in it means massive returns. The EVANNEX articles function the same way. So, in order to be the only EV site out there that really tries to write about all the other automakers, charging, etc., we have to appease the Google gods or we won’t be able to afford to keep the site alive. It’s just part of the business. As I said before, if we were really smart (joke), we’d just publish Tesla stories all day long and get tons of traffic and makes loads of money, but we don’t roll that way and we refuse to do that. So, with that being said, a daily EVANNEX post and some Tesla racing videos gets Google on board, ramps up traffic, pays the bills, and allows us to roll out all the other content as well. It’s a tough balance.

So to recap, it isn’t about reporting the good and the bad as you claim but rather the good, the bad, and the regurgitated crap that generates clicks and therefore $ so you can keep the site going. Again, I get it, and if that is what you guys want fine, just be honest about it which you are being here :hug: I do respect the fact that you guys do report the bad news about your sites Sugar Daddy as really I think it’s best to see all sides of the coin. I don’t get how some people can claim reporting news articles makes you a hater unless you have a history of reporting obviously negatively biased stories. If you reported them over and over and over again sure but that’s not at all what you guys do. So to the people who call you Tesla haters it’s obvious they’re a few brain cells short as it’s very much not the case. This isn’t also some crusade against Tesla. If you guys posted the same article over and over about how Nissan Leaf batteries suck compared to everyone else or if the i8 somehow was a drag race king… Read more »

Well you can always go back to watching Faux News if you want “fair and balanced” the motto that they dropped BTW.

DJ — If you find compelling recent stories with SuperCruise, ProPilot, or Waymo videos, why don’t you just send insideev’s a tip here: https://insideevs.com/about/

That seems more productive than complaining.

Thanks for identifying the problem! It’s not that there aren’t compelling recent stories about these things, it’s that they get lost among all the uncompelling regurgitated Tesla stories. If only compelling and/or original stories even were written about here I wouldn’t have anything to complain about. Well except for the block feature now that edit is there 🙂

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

I just watched a video that does not show the steering wheel.
Determining who/what took action isn’t possible.

anyone else see the same thing?


I wondered the same thing about the sheep on the side of the road today. I saw only one side of the sheep had been sheered. How do I know if the other side were also sheered? The guy sheering the sheep could be lying and only sheering one side of the sheep.

You own the internet (and the trolls) today!!

Flat Earth Sheep, are they? 🙂

The sound in the video tells you *exactly* when autopilot was engaged (0:14) and then later when it responded.

I could make a video showing the road and comment that my dog steered me away from the truck.

“he’s able to make a safe move.

Had he not been warned in advance, there’s a chance he could have veered more aggressively at the last minute. This is surely a recipe for disaster, especially when traveling at high speeds.”

Had he not been warned? Seriously, unless he is sleeping at wheel or get distracted, any “good attentive” drivers would have changed the lane early or slow down as the closing speed is extremely high in this case.

With another lane on the left, why risk getting so close to the semi at high speed anyway?

“Auto Pilot slowed the car a little and then I disabled and went around.”

So, Auto Pilot did what it should have, by slowing down!!!!! It probably detects a huge object in its field as it should have. The problem is that why is this driver so terrible that he didn’t see the huge object himself!

I would have change lanes before hand

so autopilot is not good on merging lanes