Tesla Autopilot Data: 1.3 Billion Miles And Counting


Tesla has provided some updated data on the number of miles logged both passively and actively for its autopilot system

According to Tesla. even if autopilot isn’t engaged, the system still logs those miles and learns from the driver’s input. For example, the system will record data on speed, steering angle, etc. as a Tesla without autopliot engaged navigate a corner. These passive miles now exceed 1.3 billion

On the active side, Tesla says it has more than 300 million miles of data with autopilot engage. Most of this data focuses on driver correction to autopilot plotted courses. For example, autopilot enters a turn, but midway through the turn it record driver correction. Autopilot then remembers this corrected act for the next time it navigates the same turn.

Both of these mileage figures are increasinf exponentially. In fact, it was just in May of this year that Tesla reported 780 million passive and 100 million active miles. With more and more miles under its belts, autopilot is sure to improve. And with both hardware and software updates coming constantly, the system will surely become more and more accurate.

Source: The Street

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The data collected by Tesla is probably INCREDIBLY valuable.

Yes, certainly it is very valuable for perfecting the autonomous driving software. But wouldn’t you also love to know where wealthy consumers like to go and spend their money? That’s a gold mine.

I just hope Tesla is ethical with their use of all this information by using anonymization and other techniques to protect the privacy of the Tesla owners.

Is already tracked by Facebook voluntarily, google, Apple, Microsoft and so on.

Unlike the others, Tesla’s population is already filtered as wealthy.

It’s already known where consumers travel to shop — AMAZON. )

One can spend their whole life worrying about which user hashcode they are in some terabyte cloud spreadsheet, or they can just live and enjoy the benefits.

Rich people don’t spend money. That is why they are rich.

It’s what computer do best, crunch numbers. More data equals improved piloting if the data is interpreted correctly.
Certainly Tesla is far ahead of competitors in a number of areas and this is one of them.

Scaryy, those amarican companies are all about spying on their Customers and yet the lemmings celeberate it as headway

This is why Tesla allows Autopilot on roads it was not designed for, despite the danger: for the correction data. It hopes that existing “intended use” case law will shield it from crash liability. As per usual, Tesla is “ethically challenged” when it comes to Autopilot.

Let us see GM Ford etc do the same. They are already years behind. No one in his right mind will by a Bolt now. It will only take a few months and the M3 will have a perfectly working level 5 autonomous car.

I sure wish that Tesla and Google would team up in autonomous car development – Google’s been at it for over five years of continuous city driving (a more challenging environment than highway driving) with its fleet of hybrids and low-speed BEVs and has also amassed a wealth of data. Put the two of them together would be a winning combination IMO.