Tesla Auto-Pilot Feature Disabled For All Model S In Hong Kong

NOV 19 2015 BY ALEX WAI 8

Hong Kong owners are disappointed again over an email sent by Tesla Hong Kong updating them regarding the Auto-Pilot situation.

The local Transport Department has still yet to approve the Autosteer and Auto Lane Change feature. Tesla is informing local owners they will temporarily disable these two features. It is unknown from the letter whether version 7 will be officially released again with those two features disabled.

Auto-Pilot feature disabled for all Model S owners in Hong Kong

Tesla Hong Kong informing owners Auto-Pilot feature disabled for all Model S in Hong Kong

After receiving the letter, owners with version 7 at first launch have been discussing among themselves how Tesla can disable these two specific functions if the owner ignores to update.

But as of the following morning (Nov 18th Hong Kong local time) owners with version 7 reported that Tesla gradually initiated a remote wipe style command that disabled both buttons that activate those features. Owners are no longer seeing the steering wheel icon or white lines on the dashboard representing the road markings detected by the hardware sensors.

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big government little people

Nothing wrong with a government trying to ensure that big 2-ton machines that drive themselves can do so with minimal risk of injuring someone.

AutoPilot has been released world wide, and so far…


Hong Kong just isn’t as modern or democratic as it claims to be.

Hong Kong is a small city state with not that much open road to drive long distances. You could cover the distance of HK island with just one charge in a Model S. If anything, they should allow the vehicles to engage autopilot if the driver has a dual license plate (Shenzhen and HK) and can drive their vehicle into China. Just track via GPS if they are in China or HK.

Nonetheless, poor move by HK Transportation Department and even worse on the HK government for pushing innovation but allowing this.

Oh look, more people who think Hong Kong is just like the snoozefest that is the typical US highway. Protip: Hong Kong is just like Manhattan. At least, Manhattan if you replaced every taxi with a lanesplitting scooter, thus questioning the very existence of the lanes. You could cover the distance of HK island on a bicycle, which is why they do.

Oh look. It’s the guy who thinks there’s magic in Hong Kong and we’re all morons.

No matter what religion you believe, machines will eventually run all cars. Tesla is a small step and it’s perfectly capable, especially since it’s controlled (on/off) by guys who paid so much money (ie, rich, ie, have stuff to lose if they’re not responsible).

If I’m rich enough to drive Tesla in Hong Kong (or anywhere), I certainly hell not going to turn on autopilot unless it’s absolutely safe. Needless accident could cost dearly or ruin me.

This is the one drawback to OTA updates- under government pressure, manufacturers will alter your vehicle without your consent- and there’s really no question as to where this could lead (if you doubt governments capability, think of PRISM, which completely lays the framework for an Orwellian nightmare- all that’s needed is someone to flick the switch).

I would be much more happy if Tesla simply released their source code with every update so that different branches could be made to allow open development of the car and circumvent any one orchestrated attempt to subjugate the cars capabilities to Big Brother control.

Funny! 😀