Tesla Australia Launch Event – Video


“New Tesla owners, fans, and enthusiasts gathered at Sydney’s Star Casino on December 9, 2014, to mark the first Model S deliveries in Australia.”

Here’s the official Tesla Motors video of the Model S launch event in Australia.

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Looks like quite the shin-dig. 😀

See this post in a New Zealand newspaper, what a load of BS. NZL has 90% of it’s power generated by hydro. trying to kill Tesla before it even gets to NZL.

It’s a very strange article and I’ve never seen a serious study come to the conclusion that diesel etc. would be better than ethanol or in any average electricity mix (since there are no places with 100% coal unless you go down to maybe city level).

But… one thing are you very wrong at. 90% hydro in New Zealand? *lol*

2012 electricity numbers for New Zealand:

Hydro 53%
Fossil fuels 27%
Geothermal 13,5%
Wind 5%
Others 1,5%

An EV in New Zealand would definitely be A LOT cleaner than a petrol/diesel car, but there are still things to be done in New Zealand and a huge number of countries with cleaner electricity.

*…and there is a huge number…

Thanks for posting the correct numbers.
Interesting to see the numbers for all counties.