Tesla Assisting LAPD, Fire Department With Model S Theft, Crash, Fire Investigation


Tesla Model S Crash via NBC LA

Tesla Model S Crash via NBC LA

Tesla Motors’ spokesperson Simon Sproule states that Tesla is now “assisting Los Angeles police and fire officials investigating the theft of a Model S sedan by a man who Friday led police on a high- speed chase before crashing the car in West Hollywood,” according to Bloomberg.

Sproule adds that Tesla “continues to cooperate” with authorities on this matter.  However, Sproule declined to provided detail in regards to how Tesla is “assisting.”

Some additional information has leaked out via the LAPD, which indicates that the Model S was stolen from a “dealership in the 5800 block of Centinela Ave.”

As we all know, Tesla has no dealerships, so the more likely scenario was that the Model S was stolen from Tesla’s Centinela service center, located at 5840 Centinela Ave.

Tesla Centinela Service Center Details

Tesla Centinela Service Center Details

The Model S thief reportedly remains in critical condition.

Update (July 10): Driver of Tesla Model S has succumbed to his injuries and died at hospital

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in one of the videos you could see a guy in a suit with recognizable mannerisms.. probably elon

Still impressed the Model S didn’t ‘wrap deform’ around the pole (like most cars), but resisted warping until the shearing forces were too high at the contact point, where physics finally won over excellent engineering.

Volt: I would be shocked if Elon personally went on site to consult right after an accident. Then again, few execs care about their products as deeply as he clearly does…

It will be interesting to see what happens when Soccer Moms hit the streets in their new Model X’s.

The internet is littered with images and stories of cars that were sheared in half by utility poles or trees. I don’t think that it is accurate to conclude that “most cars” would wrap around a utility pole when impacting it sideways as the Tesla did.

The internet is littered with trolls who’ve never researched what they retort over, too.

If you had an ounce of any rationality, you’d grasp how amazingly intact both sections of the Model S were, after a >100 mph collision with a pole. Google “wrapped around pole”, and compare those images against the Tesla Sedan.

Adults can disagree on viewpoints and still act respectfully. I suggest that you try it.

Let me know when you become an adult..

If you can leave a comment regarding ‘how amazingly intact both sections of the Model S were’, you’ve lost the plot!
Modern cars are built to have a ‘safety cell’. That’s the part of the car, otherwise known as the ‘passenger compartment’, that is supposed to remain intact to give the occupants the biggest chance of survival. NOT split in two along the centre line…

I’m guessing this video is very popular over at the Tesla design department…

Who was the thief? Where’s the name?

After that story on how few Teslas had been stolen, some genius had to prove he could steal one.
Too bad he couldn’t handle driving one.

What a stupid thief wants to do with a Tesla? Sale it by parts? sell batteries individually on eBay? what a fool.

Joy riders don’t sell the car, they just deprive the owner of it.
I think this is the proper way to ‘joy ride’.
I realise there will be a lot of pissed off drivers, but if each time a car is stolen, the thief winds up dead, it works for me!