Tesla To Assist Chinese Model S Buyers With Trading In Used Cars


Tesla Model S Design Studio In China - Company Owned & Operated

Tesla Model S Design Studio In China – Company Owned & Operated

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Tesla Website China

Sure…why not, says Tesla Motors in regards to assisting Chinese Model S buyers with trading in their old, used cars.

As Bloomberg reports:

“Tesla Motors Inc. (TSLA) will help Chinese buyers trade in their old cars if they buy a Model S, part of the automaker’s latest efforts to spur sales of its all-electric sedan in the world’s biggest vehicle market.”

“The electric-car manufacturer led by billionaire Elon Musk will liaise with used-car traders to buy vehicles from customers in Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou, it said in an e-mailed statement. The company will deduct the value of the sale from the price of the Model S, which starts from 648,000 yuan ($104,000) in China.”

It only makes sense, right?

There’s nothing unusual or groundbreaking here.  Just business as expected and an effort to drum up sales in an area of the world that CEO Elon Musk said was “unexpectedly weak” during a talk last week at the NAIAS, which easing the buying/trading in process should achieve.

Source: Bloomberg

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Why is InsideEVs blocking comments to this story?

Are links no longer allowed?

Hey Sven, we don’t block comments on any story (other than on the Formula E live race videos…so no one can spoil the ending).

As for why your link may have disappeared. The spam filter thinks your link is
Far East spam given the site’s odd name “dailykanban”) for English writing, so whenever it sees it, it gets thrown back into moderation/spam. Whoever decided on the name for that site didn’t do their homework how filters and search engines work.

I fished it out of the spam filter, I will attached your comment (and link below).

Sven said:

According to this apparently wealthy foreigner who lived in China for 10 years, Tesla is facing much bigger problems in China.


Sidenote: After fishing out your link, we noticed that the site you referenced doesn’t allow comments at all on their stories, which is also kind of odd given the day and age…and because sometimes readers know more about a particular subject than the author – which can only help to make the story (and the site) better

They should do this for US buyers too.

You can’t trade in a car to Tesla to get a Tesla?

No, you can’t. Tesla Motors has no dealerships, and thus isn’t set up to buy or sell a used car that a buyer wants to trade in.

In a day in which so much trading happens online, I’d argue that Tesla Motors has no need to buy a customer’s old car. With Craigslist and cars.com and other venues, there are plenty of places for a customer to sell his old car. Trading in your old car as part of the “deal” to buy a new car provides just one more way for traditional auto dealers to practice “sharp” trading… or to be more blunt, to cheat the buyer.

However, it does seems like a good thing for Tesla reps (both showroom reps and online reps) to be willing and able to help someone sell his old car thru existing online services, for those who either don’t know how to use those, or else don’t have confidence they’ll get a good deal with an online trade.

Although I agree that public charging is currently a nightmare in China, one must also be careful looking at things through American eyes.

If the Central Government decides that EVs will happen, they will happen. Authoritative governments are like that. Think Chinese Ghost Cities.

I don’t know how much of a priority EVs are to the Chinese Central Government. But it’s very risky to base future sales demand on Chinese consumer surveys. The Chinese will buy EVs, and the charging infrastructure will be built, if Beijing demands it.