Tesla Applies For Model ☰ Trademark


Application For Tesla Model ☰ Trademark, Image Credit: Tesla Motors

Application For Tesla Model ☰ Trademark

Tesla submitted the application on March 18, for the intended Model ☰ logo. This character is the same one used in the “E” in Tesla’s official company logo.

Mock Tesla Model 3 Rendering (via Stumpf Studio)

Tesla Model 3 Rendering (via Stumpf Studio)

It has been known for awhile (or at least assumed) that Tesla’s Elon Musk planned to have the model lineup spell out the word “SEXY”. Musk’s sense of humor is well-known with his references to the movie Spaceballs, with the likes of “Ludicrous Mode” and “Maximum Plaid”. Who could forget the Merry Model X Christmas light show?

It is speculated that the Model “Y” will be the next release. However, Ford claimed rights to the name, “Model E”, and upset the cycle. Musk complained:

 “Ford tried to kill sex.”

Fortunately for Tesla, making the logo for the upcoming Model 3 actually looks like an “E” (T☰SLA), could be a solution to the problem. The logo also has ties to China, as it closely resembles the Chinese character for the number 3. Musk has admitted that the vehicle is likely to be built in China at some point in the far0off future.

The Model ☰ reservation process will start worldwide at the unveiling, Thursday, March 31st at 8:30pm PT.

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I love Spaceballs too. One of my favorite movies.

Okay, I see the “☰” character isn’t the same as the “≡” character (in Windows, ALT+240) which I’ve been using to designate the Model 3.

So, how do you type that on a keyboard?

um… copy/paste?

On my non-US keyboard ALT+240 doesn’t work. Neither UniCode ALT+ xxxx

But I found this little utility for Windows:

No installation, hold ALT and type “+” then you write the unicode you want.

The one you’re looking for is :

2263 ≣ Oups!

2261 ≡ Oups!

2630 ☰ AaaH! 😉

Lets see…

Ah, so the unicode didn’t work but the html code did. For html it’s:


Don’t include quotations.

Please just use the numeral 3. The three lines is a logo and not a character.

It’s also the capital of the 14th letter in the Greek alphabet .. pronounced “ksee”

It doesn’t matter, because it’s called the Model 3. The only people to whom it should matter are people producing material for Tesla who need to print the stylized 3.

In Linux OS’, you type ctrl+shift+u then type in a code, which is 2630 for the symbol. Feel free to ruin the rest of your day exploring: http://unicode.org/charts/
But it is the Yijing trigram for Heaven. You’d probably recognize it in martial arts.

Thank you!

It’s kinda unsettling, learning that the logo for a car that’s been long discussed but now about to be presented– only just had an application for copyright, a couple weeks before.

Is this risky, calculated behavior? Or, some last minute scrambling by Tesla, while they prep for the stage presentation?


Anon asks: “Is this risky, calculated behavior? Or, some last minute scrambling by Tesla, while they prep for the stage presentation?”

Tesla is a new company and sometimes forgets the obvious, but they fixed it fast.

They remind me of my Boy Scout camp-out, which was planned by the the three Stooges. Two Stooges each bought all the food for everybody, so we had double the food but it was in cans and they forgot can openers. A Stooge in a another squad brought all the tools but forgot to bring any food. We traded cans of extra food for a can opener and everybody was happy.

My former Scoutmaster, from WWII, told me this stuff happened in the Pacific war all the time with their young inexperienced men. They had a ship with 3 anchors (it can only use 2; the extra was on deck). They traded their spare anchor to a ship that forgot one, for lots of extra booze and partied.

I agree seems very late.

Ford could have gotten the last laugh by applying for the trademark in front of them.

☰ it worked on my Pavilion PC ,Cool

Can anyone name few ICE cars that go for 35+ k $ and are sedans?

I wont to know how will price translate in my country, checking similarly priced cars should do the trick.


I don’t know about a MSRP of precisely USD $35,000, but the Model S has been compared to the BMW 3-series (MSRP $33,150) and the Audi A4 (MSRP $37,300).

But due to the vagaries of international currency exchange rates, the average of those two may give you a misleading indication.

probably should give them another American car in that price bracket, the German cars will change the equation

Now, if the boys up in Dearborn would only build a Model E Ford…

The E-Series (E-150, E-250, E-350) was used commercially on the Econoline vans. Simple trademark protection issue.

Model ☰

The Alt+2630 doesn’t work for me. I’ll have to do the Copy & Paste …

Looking forward to Thursday!

Who used the trademark first, Tesla, or Plugless? Can’t help but see it in all the ads on this site for wireless charging.

It’s also similar to the Chinese character for 3, so there’s that.