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Splunk is a program that manages machine data. It takes inputted data and makes it more easy to access, organize, and understand. DeRage went to great lengths to use Splunk to create a dashboard that combines and displays his Tesla Model S data with solar home energy data.

As you can see, the video is quite long and in-depth. If you are a technology geek, you can get pretty involved in all of the setup and coding. But, Splunk is pretty intuitive, and you can use it for just about any data-related purpose, with simple adaptations.

DeRage uses is to show his cost savings of driving electric, versus ICE driving, coupled with the home energy data. It is an excellent platform, because it transforms all given data to charts, graphs, and  color-coordinated customizable displays. You could set it up in such a way that you would be able to pull up real-time information on your device at any time.

Splunk is an excellent platform, because it transforms all given data to a myriad of charts, graphs, and color-coordinated customizable displays. (click to enlarge)

If you are familiar with Splunk, or have used it for purposes similar to this, let us know what you executed and how it performed. If not, and you are curious, check it out and share what you come up with. We can only imagine that it could surely iron out some of the many disputes found in our comment thread.

Video Description via DeRage on YouTube: I put together a couple Splunk dashboards to display the data which I collected from my Tesla Model S so that I could compare it without Solar generation.

Here are a couple of Splunk Dashboards which I created for my Tesla and Enphase Solar system.

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Pretty in depth. I also have Solar PV and 2 electric cars. All I do it check my electric report from my Utility each month. I make over 100% of the energy I use each month. For the years it’s 110% A few moths in the Spring and Fall I have over 250%.
I don’t use any other fuel except Solar at my home. It’s really pretty simple.

Could you go off grid if you added some storage?