Tesla Announces “Ticket Avoidance Mode” For Model S – Video

APR 1 2015 BY JAY COLE 14

Time To "Deploy Counter-Measures"

Time To “Deploy Counter-Measures”

As per Tesla Motors today:

“No more parking tickets for Model S owners. Today we’re introducing: ticket-avoidance-mode. Watch how it works.”

The new system automatically detects “the presence of a meter maid or law enforcement officers” and deploys “counter-measures” to deter the ticket writer – from activating the windshield wipers to autonomously driving around the block under the “threat” has subsided.

+1 to Tesla today

Hat tip to Josh B!

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Bet the future Tesla upgrade will save on parking fees too … car just drives around in autonomous mode with window tint darkened, until the owner is ready for pickup. 🙂

An inflatable AutoPilot, would be awesome…

Otto from the Airplane movies!

Gotta Love April fools!


When you press the 5 button on the steering wheel the car can jump across huge gaps in the road.

And next April 1, Tesla will introduce the “Hover Mode”. If your Model S or X encounters a traffic blockage or other obstacle, just enable Hover Mode, and quietly glide over unmoving cars and other obstacles for up to 100 yards, before returning to earth. (Refilling the pixie dust reservoir is a bit pricey, however.)

The long anticipated Pixie Dust Swap Stations are a scam…

Until, not under. Until the threat has subsided.

Next April 1 2016 they’ll announce the release if the Model X. April Fool’s!


It really must hurt, the company that would fail, now out sells the BMW 5 and 7 series.

35,000 cars at 100,000+ THOUSAND DOLLARS.
-Consumer Reports “Best Car Ever Tested”.

Go Away Troll.

“…parking tickets, or as we like to call them, receipts for premium parking.”


That should Be on the Funniest Videos..The wipers & all …Its Hilarious !