Tesla Announces Store / Supercharger Expansion Plans For Europe

MAR 6 2014 BY MARK KANE 24

Superchargers in Europe - Gray Dots Denote "Coming Soon"

Superchargers in Europe – Gray Dots Denote “Coming Soon”

Tesla announced at the Geneva Motor Show that Europe remains a priority market for the automaker and stated that high growth of service centers, stores and Superchargers are expected.

The short term plan is to open 30 new service centers and stores across the continent.

Additionally, the Supercharger network will be expanded from the current 14 stations to a level at which most of the western part of Europe will be covered.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk highlighted all this by stating:

“By the end of this year, we expect you will be able to travel almost anywhere in Europe using only Superchargers.”

Tesla expects that combined sales in Europe and Asia will be almost twice as high as sales in North America. One of the reasons is the UK, where Tesla expects to gain some momentum.

“In 2013, Tesla delivered 22,477 vehicles to customers worldwide. By the end of 2014, Tesla expects combined sales in Europe and Asia to be almost twice as high as sales in North America. Part of that projected growth will come from the UK, where right hand drive versions of the Model S will soon be introduced. Highly competitive leasing and financing options, similar to a program the company recently launched in Germany with rental company Sixt, are also expected to drive growth on the continent.”

Tesla announced these additional Model S successes:

“In 2013, Model S was named Car of the Year in Sweden and Norway, Most Stylish Car in Switzerland, and it won the Car of the Year Prize of Honor in Denmark.”

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‘By the end of 2014, Tesla expects combined sales in Europe and Asia to be almost twice as high as sales in North America.’

At the moment the European leg of this tripod depends unduly on Norwegian sales.

US sales were around 20,000 in 2013.
Norwegian sales in Feb were 563, which gives about 7,000 sales if projected out for the year.

German sales for Feb though were only 66, and French 20!

The remarkable performance in Norway, contingent on almost as remarkable incentives, provides an astonishing boost considering the size of the population, but sales elsewhere in Europe seem to indicate that 20,000 sales if Europe is to provide around a third of the total is optimistic.

Model S in Norway was 431 in February and 563 ytd.

I expect 5000-5500 Model S in Norway this year.

Cat – how do you get 5K out of a two month average of 564? Q4 was up and down as well like Jan/Feb. Better to estimate low and hope for higher deliveries – maybe 3700? Let’s consider (563 * 6) * (1.1) for 3700. There is also a limit on EV tax subsidies in Norway and other EVs are eating into that. Isn’t it 40,000 in total with hopes of it expanding?

The total annual car market in Norway is only 130-150k. With 5000 cars per year, you will be in the top 5 most sold models, maybe top 3.

Current tax rebates are for the first 50000 cars, which might be get filled next year. So I expect a run on the Model S before the rebates might end. That’s why I expect growing sales to the end of the year.

Looks like you do not understand difference between deliveries and sales…

If you have better figures, please share.

I tend to work off of the best available, whilst acknowledging their imperfections.

What do you do?

“The remarkable performance in Norway, contingent on almost as remarkable incentives…”

Norway has a few incentives, but what really does it is their dis-incentives (is that even a word?).

EVs are not much cheaper that anywhere els; gas cars are very much more expensive.

They don’t reward being gree as much as they punish being polluting.

So if 20k were sold in U.S. last year doubling that gives us 40k which Tesla expects to sell in China and Europe combined this year: 2014.
So half in Europe then back to 20k then 13k if Norway sells 7k.
Seems doable.

Massive sales in China could make them hit target although sales in the US have been droopy recently.
I can’t see it otherwise.

Why do sales in US slow down and at what level?


Tesla bulls are arguing that somewhat lower figures recently were due to diverting cars abroad, Tesla bears said that demand was weakening.

We should know what’s what beyond peradventure in another couple of months.

Here is what is worrying about Tesla model S demand http://www.greencarreports.com/news/1090601_has-u-s-demand-for-the-tesla-model-s-electric-car-stabilized It might be that Tesla is tapping out it’s high end market and needs to grow the car pool by cutting prices.

Sales in US last year was under 18K and this year should be far less. This is why they are giving guidance of 35K worldwide and “doubling” US sales outside of the US, which could be 30% less than 2013. The US backlog of reservations appears to have been drawn down considerably.

Yeah it is sort of iffy. I agree with that sentiment.

Does Tesla has anyone native European in the top management?
I fear Musk does not understand how conservative and brand addicted the European market is. It took the Japanese brands over 10 years, before they were accepted to build quality products and not only moveable things for people, who can’t effort a real car.

Well Musk is South African. Not sure but he probably is descended from Boers. And due to all the focus/time spend in Europe, he is probably fully aware of certain challenges, such as the brand identity, you mention, in the plans to sell Tesla’s in Europe.
I doubt if we will see equivalent commercials from Tesla like the Elr one from Cadillac. Though that is unfair, since they don’t make commercials.

Not saying that Musk is infallible or all knowing, but at this point I wouldn’t bet against him.

Is that map of “coming soon” actually from Tesla? I thought I read on a TMC forum that that map and others were speculation by European forum members.

They had a map in geneva but it wasent that one.
On the geneca map they had surtain roots that would be upp for the summer. And surtain that would be upp befor the coming winter.
Their were no exact locations on their map.
If i can recallcorectly they will conect Oslo – Stockholm and Göteborg – Oslo untill this summer, allso down to northen italy and france.

My WAG is that they may sell around 13-14,000 in Europe in 2014, so China would have to go some to hit Musk’s world target of tripling sales.

The big market still to come in Europe is the UK.
I don’t see sales there being much better than in Germany or France though, in spite of the $15/day London congestion charge which the Tesla will be exempt from.

The problem is that the Tesla is a bit big to use as the commuter car in the city.
The BMW i3 IMO is likely to be the one that sells, which is small, exempt, and can nip around London traffic in an economic and fashionable way to join the herds of Fiat 500s in Knightsbridge.

They seem likely to stick to the Range Rover for weekends in the Cotswolds.

So I would guess that Germany, France and the UK would be in something like the 50-100 sales a month range, with the other countries in Europe ex Norway being at similar figures.

China is the wildcard. What do we know?

Forbes: “At the same time,Veronica Wu, Vice President of China operations, said that Tesla planned to open stores in 10 to 12 Chinese cities by the end of this year, including its flagship store in Beijing, and that China would account for one-third of Tesla’s growth in 2014.”

If sales grow to 35000 from 22442, that is a total growth of 12558. If China is expected to be 1/3 of that growth, sales may be “guided” by Veronica Wu at 4000. Which is a reasonable number.

Hong Kong (considered separate from China sales, maybe?) already has about 400+ reservations and a new “No tax” EV registration for the next 3 years.

They really need to start building those super chargers if they want european sales to increase.
Germany, France and UK need to be covered soon. And not covering the north of Norway or giving Norwegians a passing way in Sweden (to Stockholm and down to Gothenburg Malmoe) even though they have bought and will buy a lot of Teslas.
I know they will do it but they need to start opening chargers soon to show progress.