Tesla And Model X Falcon Wing Door Parts Supplier Agree To Settle Lawsuit


Tesla Model X Falcon Wing Doors

Tesla Model X Falcon Wing Doors

In January, Tesla sued Hoerbiger, the company originally responsible for supplying Model X falcon wing door parts, due to the electric hydraulic door system being faulty, overheating, leaking oil, sagging, and not fitting symmetrically. The lawsuit was basically filed by Tesla to stop Hoerbiger from demanding payment for what it says was services rendered and unpaid.

In the end, the problems with the doors (via Hoerbiger apparently) added time and difficulty to the vehicle’s assembly process. Musk had already stated the the Model X was the most difficult vehicle to build, and this added an unmanageable complication.

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Reuters has reported that Tesla, and the U.S. subsidiary of Swiss-based Hoerbiger, have decided to settle the suit in court. However, the two companies each have a few weeks to sort out statements and terms. The filing has been delayed and is not going to be up for dismissal because there are still some undisclosed conditions that haven’t been met.

Tesla moved to a different supplier that is now providing an electromagnetic Model X falcon wing door system, which also had problems initially, but were able to be solved by Tesla engineers. Tesla pointed out that the Hoerbiger doors caused an impossible engineering challenge and wasted a year of the company’s time.

Hoerbiger reported that Tesla was incorrect, and that it had built the system to Tesla’s specs. The company also claimed that it had no responsibility for issues related to the doors symmetry or overheating concerns.

The two companies are working on figuring out reasonable compensation for the problems. Intially, Tesla was also looking for additional monies to cover punitive damages for Hoerbiger’s supposed negligence. Reports agree that Tesla has since dropped that claim. The two parties have until October 13 to file the joint statement disclosing the terms and status of negotiations.

Source: Reuters

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And a certain CEO boldly claimed:

“Musk claimed not to know of Hoerbiger when asked by Reuters during a first-quarter results conference call in May.”

Musk must have a very selective memory for a genius.

Meaning what, they signed an agreement already and one of the clauses is not talking about the case?


Lawyer Stuff ™ too difficult for some. 😉

No, Musk could have easily answered something like “legal obligations prevent us from discussing ongoing cases”.

Instead, he said he never heard of that company.

Read the transcript of the conference call, it’s (still) online.

That’s pretty strange for a CEO who claims sleeping on the production line.

Why did I bring this up? Musk keeps bending the truth, that’s just one example.

tftf said:

“Why did I bring this up? Musk keeps bending the truth, that’s just one example.”

A serial FUDster accusing someone other than himself of bending the truth?

The hypocrisy here is thick enough to cut with a knife.

And what is your version Pu-pu? Do you imply that Musk is an idiot who doesn’t remember a company that according to him contributed to 2 year delay of Model X? It would be odd to hear such from a Musk cultie.

The settlement terms and possible the sum Tesla will be paying to settle will be disclosed later this month.

Does the issue you raise, actually matter, in any tangible way? Other than trying to smear the CEO of Tesla Motors.

No. It does not.

I often forget how negatively biased your posts are concerting all things Tesla, until I read one again. And, I’ve been told my IQ scores were in the upper 5%, compared to the global human population.

Does it really matter? No, it does not.

“Does it really matter? No, it does not.”

Bending the truth matters a lot in his function as a CEO of a public company.

Musk is dependent on fresh money (debt, bonds or more stocks issued soon), so he has lots of incentives to spin Tesla, Solarcity and SpaceX.

1 million people on Mars by around 2060? Pass the bong…

TO: tftf
What about bending the truth as a presidential candidate? Does it matter?……..:)

? You would think so… Yet, a great many of people will vote in someone who they know lies, steals, kills
and sell off the USA to the highest bidder! Sadly, even when they know the truth. ?

Stephen Psaila-Rodriguez

Musk… is smarter than the whole bunch put together … He is using distraction while focusing on his electric car okay…He is using the ideation the dream of colonizing another planet and You and 99% have fallen for it…That is His Game…Yes…He’s a Genius and He knows it…I love Him for that
He does not care a hoot about you or anybody else okay get it wake up and smell the roses smell the coffee whichever you prefer…

Albert…, Musk is “No F00L” there is “Method” To his Madness!Just in case you are wondering!

Good that Tesla has agreed to settle the lawsuit. Tesla suing one of its own suppliers isn’t good for its public image, nor is it good for future business with other suppliers.

At least this isn’t as embarrassing as Tesla suing Fisker over an accusation that Fisker deliberately created poor car design(s) for Tesla.

The purchasers of Fisk Automoble, do they still drive there cars ? I wonder?

Musk takes risks he should not.