Tesla Again Alters Model S/X Options/Pricing, Adds Premium Upgrades Package


Buy a Tesla today, expect price changes tomorrow. It’s getting to be annoying, say some current Tesla owners.

We’re referring to Tesla’s policy of constantly changing pricing/options/packages on the Model S and X. It’s here today, gone tomorrow.

The latest changes happened last night. Here are the highlights:

Premium Upgrade Package

  • $5,000 option on Model S
  • $6,000 option on Model X

Premium Upgrade Package For Model S

Premium Upgrade Package For Model X

New cream interior color – $3,300 option for both Model S and X

Cream Interior On Model X

New wheel upgrades with prices ranging from $2,500 to $5,500

Upgraded lighting

Hit up this link to begin designing your own Tesla or to explore more on the new changes to the Model S/X .

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17 Comments on "Tesla Again Alters Model S/X Options/Pricing, Adds Premium Upgrades Package"

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Smart Air Suspension is standard now.

Try “Mandatory”, to those who prefer a normal coil & shock suspension.

“Premium” also seems a price increase, as it bundles the previous XM radio plus better audio, previously a $2,500 option, with the $1,000 winter package. That looks like a $1,500 increase to me.

If you were predisposed to getting an air suspension automobile anyway, the price looks like it might add up the same:

old way to get to new Model S:
coil zero, audio/xm 2500, cold pkg 1000 = 3,500

air $2500, audio/xm 2500, cold pkg 1000 = 6,500

air zero, audio/xm and cold pkg = 5,000

It looks like “Cream” is replacing tan leather. Lighter wasn’t the way I’d go. More like a cocoa, or natural brown. If this wasn’t the interior upgrade some have talked about, I don’t think one is coming. I always thought the crude, Spartan dash was because of a small company that didn’t have the “parts bins” for a more convenient interior. I guess I was wrong.

Have to agree about the mandatory thing. SAS was never one of the upgrades I was interested in. Seems like something that would be sure to break over time and cause major headaches. Good old coils would have been my choice.

Aldo towing hitch is now standard for Model X.

Basically, they bundled the audio upgrade, the cold weather package and the original premium upgrade package into one.

I don’t see any wheel upgrades. Only thing I see is they removed the silver 21″ and 22″ for the S and X respectively.

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For us that don’t know, it would be nice to know the previous prices. I don’t even know from the article if these are increases or decreases.

Yes, a very confusing and terse article that did not explain changes well or prices. Why not a clear before and after table.

There is no real discounting happening yet on the S & X. The current Tesla options upgrades, are huge value added bonus factors however. But, if you want some significant savings, look into the super LOW mileage almost new (2016-17) Pre-Owned/loaners, that Tesla has in inventory, available today for delivery.

Previous Pricing:
PUP=$3500 for S ($4500 for X)
Upgraded Audio=$2500

New Pricing:
PUP=$5000 for S ($6000 for X), Now includes Upgraded Audio and SubZero
Power Liftgate=Standard as of April 2017 (Required PUP or Tech Package previously)
SAS, Fog lights, Turning Headlights=Standard as of late July 2017 (Upgraded lights were packaged with PUP previously)

Basically you get a lot more for the base price and for the PUP (although it’s more expensive it contains more features now).

If I were to get another X … I was on the fence on whether I would get the Premium Upgrade package before but I definitely going to get the cold weather package. Now that cold weather is bundled in the package I am no longer on the fence.

Seems like Tesla is transitioning slowly to trim levels like other manufacturers.

Seems like even less “a la carte” offerings than a traditional car maker, at this point.

Tesla got dinged a while back for having dim headlamps (curious since the Roadster had the best set of Incandescent Headlights I’ve ever seen – 240 watts worth – but then that might be what the standard Lotus offered anyway – along with 25 watt front amber turn signals) –
so that partially explains the LED light option.

Yeah. It does seem like a response to the poor headlight rating.

No X trailer hitch for Germany (other countries?) anymore? For USA it is listed under “Convenience. On the DE_de page it is missing. I hate those inconsistencies 🙁

So glad to see the heated seats and wheel become a part of the pack… Our LEAF SLs have had them forever… My kids didn’t want a Tesla without them. Back seat heaters are essential. The wheel is a nice luxury on cold days. Saves power in the long run.

I like the consolidation generally. For variety… how about more interesting or aero wheels and paint options.